18 pounds in 4 days (18in4) is a load loss routine that was produced by James Zeta.

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In his search for the equipment to his own weight loss concerns, he says that he found a special mix of foods items that enabled him to shed weight rapidly.

Zeta claims that his program can show dieters just how to lose weight and even up come 18 pounds in 4 days. He says that he managed to lose 20 pounds in much less than a week just by following the ethics outlined in his plan.

18 pounds in 4 days or 4.5 pounds a day is one unrealistic goal and most will collection themselves up because that disappointment!

18in4 Diet Basics

There space two parts to the program. The first part is the diet and also the second component concentrates on maintaining the load loss.

The diet facet of the arrangement consists of a four-day too much calorie restricted diet, i beg your pardon is based approximately mainly vegetables with lean protein and little amounts the fruits.

He advertises his regimen as no requiring any kind of special foods, but rather as involving particular combinations of continual foods the supposedly jump starts the load loss process.

Zeta asserts that there is no require for supplements, enjoy the meal replacements, or practice in order to achieve rapid weight loss.

He gives a in-depth outline that what dieters should do because that the very first four job of his program together with a finish meal plan.

He then uses tips to dieters that will assist them to keep the load loss in the long term.

Breakfast every work includes half a grapefruit and also the remainder of the diet is focused on vegetables through some eggs, chicken and also meat.

Foods to lose 18 Pounds in 4 Days

Vegetables consisting of butternut squash, environment-friendly beans, broccoli, celery, and also lettuce. Beef, chicken, egg and little amounts of fruit including grapefruit.

Lean meats like details cuts of beef and also chicken breast., eggs and small amounts the fruit including grapefruit.

Also, eggs and tiny amounts that fruit including grapefruit.

Exercise Recommendations

Dieters are forbidden to exercise throughout the four-day program but exercise ~ is fine. During the an initial 4 days, the calorie level is also low to assistance exercise.

He says that his clients in reality achieve better results when they nothing exercise.

Costs and also Expenses

The program prices $27 and is received as an prompt download.

Here’s the official website.


Includes a in-depth 4-day enjoy the meal plan.Appeals to those who desire to lose weight fast for a unique event.Rapid weight loss might increase motivation to stick with a longer-term approach to load management.Offers suggestions to assist with maintaining weight loss.


Gives dieters unrealistic expectation in terms of weight loss.Any weight shed is likely to it is in regained as quickly as regular eating is resumed.No scientific proof is offered in stimulate to support his claims.Most of the support for the diet is in the type of testimonials.The author of the diet has actually no nutrition or health credentials.Expensive for a quick program.There are some reports of fail of the author to follow v with the money back guarantee.

Long-term Success no Likely

Even if the were possible to shed 18 pounds in 4 days, the is certainly not a healthy strategy to weight loss. If dieters experience any far-ranging results on this regimen this will certainly be greatly attributed come water quite than true fat loss.

Zeta is encouraging a fast fix mentality that will at some point leave dieters emotion discouraged once the wanted results space not achieved.

In addition, his lack of credentials and also the assorted reports of his fail to respect the money earlier guarantee brings his credibility and that of his diet into question.

There are several much healthier and also trusted techniques to achieve weight lose that have the right to be maintained for the long-term.

All have a good track record and also offer a healthy method to losing weight.

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I to buy this diet years earlier and although i didn’t shed 18 lbs in 4 days ns did however lose 8lbs i m sorry is more than I shed on any kind of other diet therefore I usage it for obtaining in shape for holidays or ~ Xmas. I would certainly say that the diet is healthy and all the food have the right to be to buy easily. The hardest component is no having any type of condiments such as salt, sugar, sauce etc. The is very motivating so check out the scales go down an extremely quickley. Ns think the diet works on the basis of it being short calorie, short carbs and also foods comprise potassium which help you remove excess water weight because of high salt intake from handle foods, likewise black coffee is a diuretic.

I remember do the efforts this once. There is a very big “con” to add to the list: the hassle involved in obtaining a refund. Zeta set up some stiff regulations: the only means you may qualify because that a refund is if girlfriend scan and also email (or snail mail a copy of) a grocery store receipt the every solitary item compelled on this diet, otherwise you room not licensed has been granted to a refund, also if the diet setup didn’t work. It’s not sufficient that friend paid because that the diet, you have to “prove” you yes, really tried that (although the doesn’t yes, really prove the you did, simply that you bought the forced ingredients). Normally I would not want a refund if it worked as promised. Yet I soldiered v the non stop hunger and fatigue and also stuck iut out for 4 days, I lost a scant 10 pounds that came racing back like a slingshot simply eating normally. I median it: it took fifty percent the time to reappear 보다 it did come lose. Ns cried. Climate I got peeved and also sought a refund. Zeta answered my email v a token apology and also a need to view the grocery store receipt. What grocery receipt? It to be then that i learned around his stipulation. Ns felt choose such a dope: when I an initial opened the diet plan, i was dazzling to discover that just around 90% of what it compelled was ingredient I currently had ~ above hand in the kitchen….I assumed that was the beauty of the plan! turned out, it’s the very reason I acquired locked the end of my refund due. He actually advised me to walk to the store and also buy the forced ingredients AGAIN, after ~ THE FACT, and send him that receipt. I tried to occupational my way around it, however he would certainly not budge, to be in reality quite cold and unsympathetic…even implying that ns didn’t monitor it correctly! Finally, he had the nerve to upsell me one more plan the his the he “thinks” would certainly work and would market it to me in ~ a “discount”…and that he’s providing it come me “out if sympathy”. After the fumes from mine head cleared, I decided to make tranquility with the fact that the was never going to let walk of mine money, and also decided not to respond…and rather posted his diet ~ above every black color hat forum I might find