LSU, George Mason and VCU completed the feat. But what seed were they as soon as they got to the last Four?

March insanity is all around Cinderellas, however rarely carry out they advance past the tournament’s first weekend. Everyone loved once No. 15 seed middle Tennessee knocked turn off Michigan State in 2016, however the Blue Raiders shed their next game to Syracuse. Therefore what is the lowest-seeded team ever to make a last Four?

A total of 3 No. 11 seeds have actually ever progressed out the their region to the last four: LSU in 1986, George Mason in 2006 and VCU in 2011. All three shed in the semifinal game. 

LSU’s operation was ended by eventual champion Louisville, George Mason shed Florida—which also went top top to success the title—and VCU was defeated by Butler, among three No. 8 seed to beat in the championship game. 

The lowest-seeded team to walk all the method and win the championship was the 1985 Villanova squad, a No. 8 seed. 


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