Probably the most renowned antagonists the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood room the 7 Homunculi. Merely put, a Homunculus (singular of Homunculi) is one artificially created human being, carried to life by the strength of alchemy. The Homunculi are distinctive antagonists in the each of castle is the living personification of one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Thus, one Homunculus is the personification that pride, one more lust, one more greed, one more sloth, another wrath, one more gluttony, and another envy. They room each named for the sin the embodies them.

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Not only is each Homunculus the embodiment that a details sin, yet they are likewise virtually immortal, your bodies being powered by the energy of the mystical Philosopher’s Stone. Thus, they never ever age, and also they can withstand the most destructive of physical injuries.

But lock can it is in killed.

The creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, Hiromu Arakawa, has the heroes that the story defeat the Homunculi in methods that room epic, clever, and also sometimes very violent. It’s straightforward to get lost in the excitement and violence together you clock Alexander luigi Armstrong hammer far at Sloth, or watch Colonel Mustang totally annihilate Lust or Envy. However, if us take a step earlier and contemplate the manner in which we see the seven Homunculi die, we space able to realize the mastery v which Hiromu Arakawa speak a story, and also the symbolism and irony she locations therein.

Let’s look in ~ the death of each Homunculus in turn.



Although the first Homunculus to dice is technically the “old” Greed, ns think that reasonable to say that Lust is actually the very first (…because she doesn’t come back!).

The sin that lust is characterized as “An inordinate or disordered desire for sex-related pleasure”. Even if it is or no Arakawa based Lust’s character turn off of that definition, ns don’t know. However, it’s clear that Lust’s character is a have fun of the definition, whether intended or not. Portrayed as a beautiful woman v long, wavy black color hair, too much cleavage showing, and also a deep, tempting voice, she embodies the guilty desires the a man could have. The sin of lust, through nature, tempts, and also often succeeds in forcing men to bow to their desires, make them servants to their very own sensual wants. Lust is something deceptive the plays top top the naturally great desires that a man, and turns them into something selfish.

The Homunculus Lust offers her attractive nature to woo the heart of Jean Havoc, a lieutenant functioning under Colonel Mustang. Destruction is constantly looking for a girlfriend, and also Lust takes benefit of that in bespeak to obtain intelligence concerning Mustang’s plans.

Eventually, Lust and the various other Homunculi relocate in come assassinate Mustang. In a room beneath an alchemical activities in main City, a fiery battle ensues. Mustang is the fire Alchemist, qualified of setting the air chin on fire, and so that repeatedly incorporates Lust in a torrent that flames.

Again and again, Lust tries to rise and counterattack, endeavoring to pierce Mustang v her “Ultimate Spear”—basically, she finger nails, which are extremely solid and able come extend and retract earlier into her fingers at will. At last, Mustang defeats her by at some point wearing the end the energy of her Philosopher’s Stone.

What’s so fascinating around Lust’s death? She die on her knees.

It should additionally be known that (although more so in the manga), Colonel Mustang is other of a womanizer. And also yet here we watch Lust, the personification of the sin that makes males kneel to her, dice on her knees before a man. The symbolism is undeniable. It took an unstable amount the fire, yet Mustang, a man, defeat Lust through incinerating her, eradicating she from existence. Is this no what every male should perform to remove the sin of lust indigenous his life?

(Although i won’t enter it here, it’s exciting to keep in mind that there might be a relation in between the fatality of Lust and also the trouble of pornography in Japan . Is over there some kind of message in this scene that Arakawa is trying come send come the males of her country and the men of the world?)



Gluttony is characterized as “excessive indulgence in food or drink”. Although certainly not the worst the the 7 Deadly Sins, St. Paul condemns it as soon as he condemns those civilization “whose god is your belly” (Philippians, 3:19). In the instance of Gluttony native Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, such a blame is definitely the case. Gluttony is depicted as very large, ever-ravenous man, v a especially innocent attitude. One of his signature lines is asking humbly, “Can ns eat him?”

Oh, and that’s one more thing: he is a cannibal.

What’s noteworthy about Gluttony’s fatality is that, an initial of all, a hero doesn’t defeat him. Rather, the Homunculus pride is the one that kills Gluttony because that good. And also how, you might ask?

By eating him.

There is no heroic symbolism here, as far as I have the right to tell. However, it’s noticeable that Arakawa thought it would be nice come throw part irony right into her story when she determined to have Pride—who was hungry for power—eat Gluttony. How fitting, to have the one that eats everything and also everyone acquire eaten!



The next Homunculus to dice in the collection is Envy. The sin the envy is characterized as gift angry with the joy of others, or wishing to damage the items that someone has, simply because you don’t have them. Envy is capable of finding its means into a person’s life, and it is often a an extremely deceptive sin. Us can discover ourselves wishing for the downfall of others, and thinking ourself justified, without even realizing the envy is the source of ours feelings. When again, it’s a very sneaky, deceptive sin.

Thus, the fitting the Arakawa depicts Envy as a shape-shifter, capable of looking prefer anyone.

Envy is the Homunculus that nearly always spies top top the great guys, getting intelligence because that the other antagonists or functioning as one assassin. He is defeated by Mustang, who is lastly given his opportunity to avenge his girlfriend Maes Hughes, a victim that Envy. In the fiery fight that follows, Mustang, in his rage, defeats Envy, no issue what face Envy choose to stay in order come trick Mustang.

Envy’s fatality is most likely the many prominently symbolic. Why? since Envy commits suicide, after learning that he has actually been envious that humans. Throughout the series, Envy was constantly criticizing humans, looking down on them because that being “weaker” creatures. And also yet, the is Edward Elric, the key protagonist that the series, the points out to Envy (after he is been defeated by Mustang) the the whole time, Envy has really been jealous of humans. Jealousy for the relationships and also companionship that human beings have. Jealous, just because he wants to be prefer them.

And so, having actually realized this, Envy caves in on himself. His whole identity has been turned within out, and he no himself because that being envious the humans. In the end, Envy himself pulls out his own Philosopher’s Stone, finishing his life.

Thus, the death of Envy.



Sloth is casually defined as laziness, however there is a deeper meaning too. Sloth is being upset the doing the best thing is hard; the a certain form of depression or laziness the we allow to fill ourselves, making us unable to act in the method that we should.

Therefore, it’s quite fitting the Arakawa depicts Sloth as a meat-headed, dumb giant. Sloth’s number one heat is, “What a pain!” Sloth no doing noþeles that calls for effort…and the sin that sloth provides a person feel the specific same way too. The character Sloth is likewise depicted with chains, one apt depiction of exactly how the sin the sloth have the right to make us servants to our very own laziness and depression.

So, how does Sloth die?

Sloth is sent out to death Oliviae Armstrong, the sister the Alexander louis Armstrong, the “STRONG equipped ALCHEMIST!” luigi fights with his sister, and also is ultimately joined by Mr. Siggs, an additional man that impeccable muscular stature. In the silly but epic fight scene that follows, Armstrong and also Mr. Siggs hammer far at Sloth, wearing the giant’s Philosopher’s rock out.

What is unique around Sloth’s death? that seems choose Sloth has the capability to rise and also keep fighting, however eventually, Sloth decides the living is “too lot of a pain”. The large gives up on living because it takes too lot effort. In other words, Sloth dies due to the fact that of his very own sloth.

How fitting, and yet an additional lesson learned at the hand that Arakawa’s story-telling. Sloth, in its many intense form, reasons a human being to destroy himself by make him do not want to proceed in life. It’s additionally worth noting that Sloth declares himself as “the more quickly Homunculus”, also though that prefers come do whatever slowly, since it requires less effort, Sloth it is provided the more quickly attack. Is this much more symbolism, perhaps, indicating that the sin the sloth is able to be cursed easily and also quickly?



Wrath is characterized as intense anger; many especially, anger because that the not correct reasons. There are great things to acquire angry at, such as an unjust a person can be witnessing. And then there is selfish anger, anger that is impatient, anger that exists only for the pure satisfaction of gift angry and taking it out on someone: this form of anger is wrath.

Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the only Homunculus the is qualified of aging, since he requirements to be more human 보다 the others. Because that the services of spoilers, I will certainly not explain why. Wrath is depicted as one elderly male with a left eye that is capable of see every single movement approximately him in detail; thus, Wrath is nearly invincible, so long as the is able to see whoever is attacking him. Other than being simply plain, old cool, over there isn’t any type of notable symbolism present in the idea the Wrath’s “Ultimate Eye”, as far as I deserve to tell. Perhaps, the is a referral to exactly how we look at others and judge them, fueling ours inner wrath?

The death of Wrath, however, is interestingly ironic, much like the death of Lust.

It takes many heroes to finally defeat Wrath, but the one who finishes the project is Scar. Scar is a serial killer, whose thirst because that revenge led him come find and also kill every State Alchemists. Scar’s nation was damaged by State Alchemists, and so he was established to escape the people of them. But Scar joins the next of the heroes and gives up his desire because that vengeance as soon as he realizes the there is a threat to the world much bigger 보다 the State Alchemists, a threat, in fact, that has been behind the violent action of the State Alchemists.

Thus, the fight is in between an ex-murderer, and the personification the the sin of wrath.

Wrath is beat when irradiate is reflect from his very own sword right into his eyes, and also Scar offers alchemy to blast turn off his arms. Wrath, indirectly betrayed through the weapon he provides to assert his feeling of anger, is eliminated by a serial killer: a serial killer who has overcome his own wrath.

The story of Hiromu Arakawa simply hums v irony and also symbolism. Her genius continues to shine as the collection progresses!



Pride is the only Homunculus that doesn’t die. However, the is defeated, and also it appears that his feeling of pride vanishes thereafter. Maybe then, the is still best to say the Pride dies.

Pride is “the extreme love the one’s very own excellence”. The sin that pride causes us to look inwards, focusing only on ours own personal ego, and also to look down at others, and how they have actually failed, and additionally to look over others, reasoning them unimportant. Proud is “the dad of every sins” because, as the story goes, the adversary thought himself much better than God, and thus sin and also evil were brought into the world.

Thus, that is fitting the Arakawa provides Pride one of the most an effective Homunculi, if no the many powerful. Ominously, pride is depicted as an innocent little boy, who acts prefer a normal kid in one moment, yet then in the next, has actually the voice of an angry spirit, and also the rigid of one who is possessed. It all makes sense: pride, gift the father of every sins, is so quickly overlooked, favor an innocent, small boy. And yet, favor an evil spirit, that is may be to own us.

Pride is beat by the main protagonist, Edward Elric (Ed). Pride’s body is nothing much more than a “flask” that includes his Philosopher’s Stone. Unfortunately for Pride, his body has started falling apart, as result of the size of his life and also the intensity of the battles he has actually been in. The plans on acquisition Ed’s body, because his is deforming. However, Ed is may be to revolve himself right into a Philosopher’s Stone, going inside of pride in order come diffuse the Philosopher’s rock that empowers the Homunculus. Edward is just able to execute this, however, when Pride is distracted.

Philosopher’s Stones are comprised of souls that have actually been sacrificed with alchemy. A specific soul in Pride’s Philosopher’s Stone, an alchemist named Kimblee who had actually been functioning for Pride prior to Pride spend him, speak up as Ed and Pride fight. Kimblee accuses proud of stooping from his dignity together a Homunculus to take it the body of a human. Proud is distracted, unsettled by Kimblee’s words, offering Ed the diversion he demands to loss Pride.

Pride’s defeat is lot like Envy’s. Envy want to be like humans, and also thus he eliminated himself; pride stooped for something lower than what he actually was, and lost his edge in the battle. Ed doesn’t kill Pride, however rather to reduce him to an innocent tiny fetus. The following time we check out Pride in the epilogue that the show, the would show up that his pride has utterly vanished. The is additionally worth pointing out that, previously in the series, Ed always seems to be a prideful, tiny brat. And also now, in the finale that the show, his character has actually obviously get an impression a little more humble…and humility is opposing of pride. That sure appears fitting then, the the newly humble Ed defeat the personification the the sin the pride.



The critical Homunculus to dice is Greed. Greed is one “inordinate love for riches”. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Greed “demands the finer points in life…money and women, power and also sex…”. He wants to be every powerful.

Greed’s character, in it’s relation to the sin the greed, is fairly obvious, if no the most evident out the the other Homunculi. The is blatantly the embodiment the greed. Greed, because that the many part, is in reality on the next of the an excellent guys, since he shares a body with Ling Yao, a girlfriend of Edward.

What’s exciting to note around Greed’s fatality is the he no defeated. He sacrifices himself. The end of any of the Homunculi, it’s basic to admit that Greed’s death is the most meaningful, and also even touching. Exactly how does Greed die, and also why does that sacrifice himself?

Because every he ever wanted to be friends.

Yes, in the end, Greed dies because he realizes that his friends are all he ever needed to be satisfied. That doesn’t need power or riches. Greed yes, really isn’t so greedy once he dies. After ~ weakening the human body of the can be fried antagonist, his Philosopher’s stone dies out, and he fades away right into the sky. Greed’s fatality is for this reason wonderfully symbolic due to the fact that Greed himself solves the trouble of greed. In order to defeat greed, we needn’t look at far and wide. The prize to gaining rid of greed is come look in ~ what us have and also be thankful, and also focus on bettering the lives of others, rather of ourselves.

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The critical Homunculus die as a friend to the heroes…because they space his friend too.

Hiromu Arakawa’s story is filled with symbolism and irony. Many lessons, as we learned, room able to be taken far from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The sins of lust, gluttony, envy, sloth, wrath, pride, and also greed space all current in our people today. But, like in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, every one of them can be defeated. We deserve to all have “fullmetal” hearts!