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Lyricist Bernie Taupin -- the man who wrote the words because that Elton john -- talked about how that turned together phrases into solid gold rock"n"roll. "I"m a title freak," explained Bernie. "My usual method of writing is by titles. If i come up through a really good title, climate I"ll build a song approximately it. I"ll it is in walking under the street, or in the bath, scrubbing mine back. I"ll think the a line and also say, "Now that"s good. I"ll have to develop a song roughly it." Or, I"ll just think of a subject." Bernie has explained that the track is about a futuristic rock’n’roll band consisted of of identical-looking woman David Bowie types, the reaches the peak of the charts. The refers subtly come a “hip” early girlfriend of Bernie, Sally Bennington, “Bennie”.In 1974, there to be one subject that Bernie and Elton might hardly save from reasoning about, and that to be the an international record industry. Together the hottest single performer the the seventies, Elton obtained to witness and also experience far an ext of the multifaceted music scene than practically any various other participant. The was, in ~ once, a popular music fan, record collector, record producer, performer, singer, songwriter, spokesman, musician, actor, and also owner-director the his own label (Rocket Records). He to be also, come millions, the logical successor to Elvis Presley and the Beatles -- a type of bizarre however beloved musical messiah. "Bennie and the Jets" was written as a satire, lyrically poking funny at the trendy nature that the mid-seventies music scene. Oddly enough, though, the was virtually not pulled together a single. MCA completely intended come release one more album track, "Candle in the Wind." However, WJLB, Detroit"s number one black color station, started playing "Bennie" experimentally as an album cut. In ~ a issue of days, 80 percent of all phone inquiry were because that "Bennie and also the Jets." rival CKLW then added the song, and also MCA was compelled to problem it as a 45. That remained in February 1974. Through April, "Bennie and also the Jets" to be a yellow record, and America"s number-one hit, both pop and also R&B. Elton aided that follow me by visiting both type of deejays, and also making a rare TV figure on the dance show, "Soul Train." "Bennie and also the Jets" clung come the charts for an ext than 4 months, offering over two million copies. The album it to be off didn"t perform too poorly, either. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road stayed in the LP optimal 10 for three-quarters the the year. "It is prefer the can be fried album for me," said Elton.

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"It take away in whatever I"ve ever before written, or sound like. Currently I"ve gained to start all over again." Bennie and also The Jets lyrics by Bernie Taupin / Music through Elton John"Hey kids, shower it loosened togetherThe spotlight"s hitting somethingThat"s been well-known to adjust the weatherWe"ll death the fatted calf tonightSo stick aroundYou"re gonna hear electrical musicSolid walls of soundSay, Candy and Ronnie, have you watched them yetBut they"re so spaced out, Bennie and also the JetsOh however they"re weird and also they"re wonderfulOh Bennie she"s really keenShe"s got electric boots a mohair suitYou understand I review it in a magazineBennie and also the JetsHey kids, plug right into the faithlessMaybe they"re blindedBut Bennie makes them agelessWe shall survive, let us take ourself alongWhere we fight our parents out in the streetsTo find who"s right and who"s wrong"