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"The Time Is Now" is a track by expert wrestler and also actor man Cena. It is the existing entrance theme supplied by Cena. Right now wrestling for WWE, Cena videotaped the song in 2005 because that his debut studio album, girlfriend Can"t view Me. The track was exit on April 9, 2005 together the lead solitary from the album top top Columbia and also WWE Music Group. The song was released together a single on the iTunes save on June 20, 2011. The track is widely known as being part of the internet meme "Unexpected man Cena". an ext »

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Your time is up, my time is nowYou can"t view me, my time is nowIts the franchise, Boy, I"m shining nowYou can"t view me, my time is nowIn situation you forgot, or fell off, I"m tho hot, knock your covering offMy money ridge fat, plus ns can"t revolve the puffy offThe franchise doing big business, i live thisIs automatically I success this so friend hear those horns who finishA soldier and I remain under girlfriend fighting"Cause I"m stormin" on friend chumps choose thunder and also lightningAin"t no way you break me kid, I"m harder than nailsPlus I save it top top lock prefer I"m component of the jailI"m slaughtering stale competitionI acquired the totality block wishing they could run v my divisionBut, they unable to do fishing v no baitCan"t her boy hold weight?I got my soul straight, i brush your mouth favor ColgateIn any kind of weather, I"m never better, your boy is for this reason hotYou"ll never catch me in the next man"s sweaterAnd if they hate, allow "em hate, i drop their entirety clanLay your ass down for the three 2nd tanYour time is up, mine time is nowYou can"t view me, my time is nowIt"s the franchise, Boy, I"m glowing nowYou can"t check out me, my time is currently (Yeah)Um, it"s gon" be, what it"s gon" beFive pounds of vessel buddy, base tan pants v a yellow teeUgh, it"s a war dance and victory stepOf every stances, a gift and you urge it"s mine repJohn Cena, Trademarc, you"ll are so so we talked about the bread friend makeBut don"t understand the recipe for dough thoughAiming weapons in all her photos, that"s a no-noWhen this pop her lip lock, your huge tocks a blatant no-showSee what happens as soon as the ice age meltYou financial status is not what matters, but it helpsI rock a time piece by Benny if anyThe same factor ya"ll deserve to love me is the same factor ya"ll blame to meA man is measure by the way that he thinksNot garments lines, ice cream links, leather, and also minksI spent 20 plus year seeking expertise of selfSo for now Marc documents living life because that wealthYour time is up, mine time is nowYou can"t check out me, my time is nowIt"s the franchise, Boy, I"m bright nowYou can"t view me, my time is nowYour time is up, mine time is nowYou can"t view me, my time is nowIts the franchise, Boy, I"m glowing nowYou can"t view me, my time is now

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john Cena john Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (; born April 23, 1977) is one American skilled wrestler, actor, rapper, and television host. That is right now signed to WWE, whereby he appears for both the Raw and SmackDown brands.Cena got fame in the WWE in the early 2000s, showing a trash-talking rapper. This success supported Cena come act as the company"s franchise player and its windy face, which later prompted a change to his current character, i beg your pardon he explains as a "goody-two pair of shoes Superman". Under his present incarnation, Cena has attained mainstream fame, and also has won 25 championships transparent his career, v 16 reigns together a human being champion.

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His 16 people title wins room tied through Ric Flair"s, per WWE records. Cena is a five-time United states Champion and also a f… an ext »