anne Hathaway. Marion Curtis/StarPix for Amazon Prime/ShutterstockChop chop! Anne Hathaway has actually a successful career as an actress, but being a skilled hairdresser may also be in she future. The 38-year-old common in one interview v Radio Times the she picked up part scissors and cut her own hair throughout the pandemic.

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Her decision to spruce up her style sans a stylist occurred on the collection of her new movie Locked Down. The actress admits that she assumed the the hair stylist on set would have the ability to give she locks a little trim pre-filming.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Pair the with are afraid of bringing an exterior stylist into the film’s COVID-19 for sure bubble, and Hathaway to be left to her own devices.

“When ns started job-related on set, i assumed mine hair stylist would be able to give me a expert ‘do, yet then he informed me the he in reality didn’t reduced hair,” the Witches star speak the outlet.

She continues: “He inquiry me if I want to have someone else come to collection to clean it up, however I was so freaked out by the believed of gift in contact with someone exterior the filming bubble the I claimed no. My hair in the movie is the hair I cut myself, i beg your pardon felt very 2020.”

From what we deserve to tell, her brand-new shoulder-length reduced looks totally chic. Challenge we to speak Miranda Priestly would be proud?

The pandemic-themed movie, i m sorry is currently accessible on HBO, to be filmed in just a short 18 days. Like many movies developed throughout 2020, we imagine the cast and also crew complied with strict coronavirus indict to store everyone safe and also healthy.

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Hathaway admits to Radio Times the while it to be “chaotic” come film during the pandemic, she’s exceptionally grateful because that the opportunity.

She also took come Instagram in January 2021 to display her appreciation. She captioned a photo of herself and costar Chiwetel Ejiofor: “It feeling strange come be fostering a movie – a comedy no much less – during such unmatched times … Interestingly, one layout Chiwetel and also I preserved coming ago to while making our film Locked down was exactly how it is about two lost and messy human beings finding the steel necessary to hit for pleasure in their lives, also in the madness of the current moment. I think us all feeling a little of that appropriate now. So the said, ns hope mine posting this is checked out in the light of the age-old heritage that the display must walk on.”

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