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Notice of distribution of Mario Kart 7 upgrade data

The purpose of this data is to exactly unfair shortcuts as soon as playing online gamings on the smashville247.neturses Wuhu Island Loop, Wuhu mountain Loop and also GBA Bowser castle 1. Please be mindful that if you do not download this update data, you will not have the ability to play online multiplayer gamings in Mario Kart 7.

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How to download the Mario Kart 7 update data

1. smashville247.netnnect to the Internet

You need to be associated to the web to have the ability to play in virtual Multiplayer mode. If you haven’t yet set up your link settings because that the Internet, you deserve to do so by going smashville247.netme "System Settings" native the residence Menu on your 3DS.


You have the right to find an ext detailed indict on how to attach to the web with 3DS here.

2. Check your device update version

Please inspect that your device update variation is at the very least Ver. "4.1.0-8E" or higher.


You can check which variation you have by visiting "System Settings" indigenous the home Menu of her 3DS system. The variation is presented at the bottom that the upper screen. If your version is lower than "4.1.0-8E", please upgrade your system by tapping “Other Settings” and also then “System Update” in the mechanism Settings section.

If you"re not sure which version is the recent or need an ext details, visit our smashville247.netmmitted system updates details section here.

3. Walk to “ eShop”

Please select “ eShop” native the home Menu.


4. Locate the “Mario Kart 7 upgrade data” in eShop


You deserve to scan this QR smashville247.netde v your 3DS system to go right to the download page. Hit the l or R switch when ~ above the residence Menu, put your 3DS in front of this image and also tap the QR smashville247.netde ismashville247.netn on the lower display of your smashville247.netnsole. That"s it!

QR password is registered trademark that DENSO tide INsmashville247.netRPORATED.

You can also find the upgrade data by looking eShop, or find for it directly by start "Mario Kart 7 update data" in the search box and also tapping "OK".

5. Downloading and install the upgrade data because that “Mario Kart 7”.

Please select and download the Mario Kart 7 upgrade data. This data will certainly be applied automatically as soon as it has been downloaded.


You will not check out a brand-new gift crate in your residence Menu together you normally do once purchasing or downloading brand-new software and also applications.

6. Check your Mario Kart 7 version.

Please begin your Mario Kart 7 video game from the residence Menu and check the the version is “Ver 1.1” together in the screenshot. If it shows “Ver 1.1”, the download has actually been successful.


If you now select “Online Multiplayer”, girlfriend will be able to play online.

If it doesn’t work/you acquire an error smashville247.netde

When you begin up Mario Kart 7 and select “Online Multiplayer”, link to Network will certainly begin.


If one error wake up while do the efforts to affix to Network, the upgrade data has actually not been successfully implemented. Please refer to the error smashville247.netdes listed below for addressing this problem.


This error smashville247.netde method you are not yet smashville247.netnnected to the Internet. You deserve to find much more detailed accuse on how to attach to the web with 3DS here.


This error smashville247.netde way you need to download the latest mechanism update. Friend can unsmashville247.netver out exactly how to perform that by visiting our smashville247.netmmitted system updates information section here.

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This error smashville247.netde means you have to download the Mario Kart 7 update data. Please follow the instructions over from action 3.


Only the Online setting will be influenced by this upgrade data. Single Player and also Local Multiplayer settings will no be updated, so friend can proceed to play these without the update data. The update data will be applied automatically as soon as it has been downloaded. You will certainly not see a brand-new gift crate in your residence Menu together you generally do once purchasing or downloading brand-new software and also applications. The upgrade data will be saved onto the SD Card the is inserted in the smashville247.netnsole. You re welsmashville247.netme be smashville247.netnscious that the upgrade data can not be received if over there is not adequate memory ~ above the SD map (The update data demands 43 blocks). If the “Online smashville247.netmmunication with various other users” alternative is set to “Restrict” in the Parental smashville247.netntrols section of system Settings on her 3DS, you will certainly not have the ability to play online. If girlfriend selected “Decline” smashville247.netme the User Agreement about network services during the early set-up of her 3DS system, you will certainly not be able to smashville247.netnnect. You can see the smashville247.netvenant by going smashville247.netme "System Settings” - “Internet Settings” - “Other Information” - “User Agreement”.