McDonald’s is among the world’s height fast-food restaurant chain. The company serves over 60 million customers each day in more than 100 countries.

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Facts around Working at McDonald"s

Minimum period to work-related at McDonald"s: 14 year old (How old perform you need to be to job-related at McDonalds?)

McDonald"s hours of Operation: hrs vary by location

Available location at McDonald"s: Cashier, crew chief, crew manager, crew member, customer service representative, maintain technician, night manager, change manager

Printable Application: Yes. Publish McDonald"s application (PDF) or Search task Openings.

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McDonald’s employed Opportunities

How execute you apply for McDonald’s at 16? In numerous cases, McDonald’s will hire promising candidates who possess little to no food organization experience. Entry-level candidates are frequently high institution students and young adults, but the firm employs world of all ages.

Those in search of a task at McDonald’s can stop through their regional restaurant or examine out the company’s website.

McDonald’s Positions and also Salary Information

What work are accessible at McDonald’s?

1.9 million workers reap McDonald’s careers at end 30,000 global locations. As among the most prevalent companies in the world, work are always available.

Crew MemberThese associates keep restaurants clean and prepare all food selection items.They space expected come take accurate orders and keep provides stocked.Crew members can work both full-time and also part-time.Applicants must be at the very least 14 year of age.CashierCashiers work front counters and also take orders indigenous customers.They additionally serve dine-in customers and also handle money.At times, this associate run the drive-thru.Use that a cash register requires a minimum age of 16.Shift ManagersTheir goal is to make sure customers have actually a great experience every time lock visit.Shift managers are responsible for food safety, inner communication, and scheduling.This McDonald’s career offers 25 come 40 hours weekly.Workers need to be 18 or older.Maintenance TechniciansMcDonald’s maintenance technicians clean food prepare equipment, such together oil fryers and also grills.These workers also preserve the exterior grounds, change light bulbs, and also unload trucks.

How much Do McDonald’s Employees do an Hour?

The beginning wage because that McDonald’s employees varies based upon their position. Crew members, maintain technicians and cashiers commonly earn about $9.00 come $10.00 per hour. However, transition managers or those in super positions can receive salary packages of as much as $26k every year.

How perform you apply for a task at McDonald’s?

Does McDonald’s have online application?

The firm website is the best resource when in search of a McDonald’s job. The page has a job portal wherein prospects deserve to search for open up position in their area.Interested candidates can use online for multiple positions.

Can you use in human being at McDonald’s?

Many McDonald’s restaurants sell in-store record job applications for those who might not have actually internet access. Those looking to apply in-person can request an application at their nearest location.

Job Interview Status

Upon submitting a McDonald’s application form, candidates deserve to expect come hear ago from hiring managers within 2 weeks. Prospects are contacted via phone call or email if preferred for interviews. Project hopefuls can inspect the career portal at any type of time to testimonial a McDonald’s task application status.

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Job Benefits when Working at McDonald’s

In enhancement to occurring job skills, there are various other employment services to being a McDonald’s worker. Associates regularly enjoy:

Flexible schedulingEducational assistanceCost reduce on both offered and brand-new cars

Additional perks encompass childcare discounts and also decreased menu item prices. Full time associates deserve to earn job benefits such as:

Healthcare coveragePaid time off401(k) retirement plans

Additional background on McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a proud member of the White House’s Joining forces Coalition. The program has actually awarded end 100,000 career paths to veterans. G.I. Jobs Magazine establish the restaurant chain as a military-friendly employer.