Sheryl crow is a singer and songwriter who has come to be famous for her soulful voice and also her genre-bending popularity. Crow is effortlessly able come switch in between country and also pop music, earning brand-new fans wherever she goes.

The artist has remained in the music service for decades and also has operated with many of the biggest names in entertain — including, perhaps most notably, the King of pop himself. Raven sang backup for Michael Jackson because that a time and has revealed several exciting details about the late, controversial legend, including the truth that Jackson apparently had a solid mischievous streak. 

How walk Sheryl Crow get started in the music industry?

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Crow was born in Missouri in 1962. Elevated in the small town that Kennett, raven excelled in high school and was energetic in athletics and scholastic pursuits. Crow went on to attend the college of Missouri, receiving a Bachelor the Arts level in music composition, performance, and education.

After her graduation indigenous college, Crow operated as a music teacher before getting connected in singing jingles for assorted television advertisements. She had some success writing and also singing jingles, with one of her early high-profile gigs being an advertisement for McDonald’s. 

In the mid-’80s, Crow began touring with number of big-time artists and musicians. This tours not only aided Crow to build her own stage legs however to get a sense of the sector that she eventually grew come love.

What go Sheryl raven reveal about Michael Jackson?

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One the the first artists the Crow toured with, and also undoubtedly the biggest, to be the King of Pop, Jackson. When Crow toured v Jackson as a back-up singer indigenous 1987-1989, Jackson to be fresh native the success that his Bad album, and also at the elevation of his fame.

Crow to be not only able to watch Jackson as an artist, but as someone who loved to have a great time anytime possible. Crow later revealed to Time magazine the Jackson preferred to play pranks ~ above tour, admitting: “I have actually so countless memories of that pranking me onstage. Our quick-change tents shared a side, and also as we were rushing to readjust our wardrobe in in between songs, invariably, a grape or a carrot would come rocketing end the top at me.” Crow likewise shared that the artist “rented the end amusement parks a lot,” and also loved to laugh.

Still, her most cherished storage of working v Jackson to be watching him song his hit song “Human Nature,” as Crow described to Time, “there to be something so genuinely delicate in his voice on that song, and watching the liberty with which the danced, doing the move he developed only do me more keenly aware of the greatness i was blessed to it is in witnessing.”

Sheryl crow is currently a bestselling music artist

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In the years following her tour v Jackson, Crow worked with several various other bestselling artists, consisting of Rod Stewart, Sting, and also Don Henley.

It didn’t take long before Crow was able to break far on she own, and by the mid-’90s, she was one of the industry’s most promising young stars. Crow’s albums have actually sold millions of copies, and she has actually been known by doubters on many occasions, winning nine Grammy Awards in total.

It seems most likely that she learned at least a small bit about music and fun from several of her beforehand influences — including Jackson.