"He looked choose he was simply laying over there sleeping," a cousin in ~ the viewing and also the private funeral speak smashville247.net



The night prior to the world paid tribute come Michael Jackson, close family members viewed the entertainer’s human body in an open casket at forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills.

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“He looked favor himself. The looked favor he just was laying over there sleeping,” says David Fossett, 50, a cousin the Jackson’s who thrived up through him and also still resides in Jackson’s hometown the Gary, Ind. “He looked peaceful.”

Relatives gathered roughly the casket, “talked to every other and cried” throughout the viewing on Monday night, Fossett tells smashville247.net. Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joe Jackson, to be not among those gathered, yet after the viewing, mourners went earlier to the Jackson residence in Encino.

“It was a somber mood,” Fossett says. “Even though he’s this big entertainer, he’s tho our family.”

But there was some levity as well as relatives reminisced. Fossett claimed he recalled for the group when Jackson, family and friends descended on Disneyland for the cool opening the the Captain EO movie, i beg your pardon starred Jackson. He also talked about the time in 1972 when Michael and the rest of Jackson 5 went back to Gary to perform at West side High School.

Fossett and also others continued to be the night. Tuesday morning, the household had a quick breakfast and then obtained into their vehicles for the convoy come the 30- to 40-minute exclusive service. Around 70 loved ones gathered at woodland Lawn, wherein Jackson’s cousin Wendell Hawkins performed a Jehovah’s evil service, follow to Fossett and another cousin, Myron Hawkins, that is Wendell Hawkins’ brother.

Fossett, who is not a Jehovah’s Witness, explains the service as “spoken in a method that their belief is that he is going to be back on this earth.” Wendell Hawkins “addressed guests and said he to be glad that his life was associated with Jehovah.” throughout the service, john 3:16 to be read, the Biblical passage the speaks to God so loving the human being that he provided his only son, and Ecclesiastes 9:5, which describes the living learning they will die, however the dead being mindful of nothing.

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Jackson’s three children, Paris, 11, Prince Michael I, 12, and also Prince Michael II, 7, were crying throughout the service. “They shed their father,” Fossett says. “They were sad.” however the youngsters were comforting each other, holding every other’s hands and also hugging, and also in turn were being supported by family, the says. “All of united state were comforting every other.”

Mourners were handed lyrics to a song entitled “Life there is no End/At Last” and the team sang it together a cappella.

During the exclusive service, Jackson’s elaborate, yellow casket to be closed, through a spray of flower on top, the very same ones as checked out at the public memorial company at the Staples Center. from Huffington Post James Franco Pokes funny At self PHOTOS: LeBron James join Moguls In Idaho

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