pan love well known dogs, and Milo from 1994"s "The Mask" is no exception. Sure, viewers also loved Cameron Diaz and also Jim Carrey in the film, and the film"s true origins make it all the an ext interesting. But let"s it is in clear: the doggie love in the movie to be a huge hit.

Milo saved the day much more than once, very first by helping his owner Stanley acquire out of jail, then by fighting some bad guys when wearing the Mask himself, and also finally by snatching the mask the end of the clutches that a poor dude, swim away v it to carry out who knows what.

and though Milo didn"t make an figure in the "sequel" -- more of a spinoff -- "Son of the Mask," fans never ever forgot him. His likeness was additionally used in the animated series that followed "The Mask."

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but what about the real-life pup who played Milo?

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"The Mask" wasn"t the highest-budget or highest-paying movie of Jim Carrey"s career, yet it was a substantial opportunity for Milo the dog.

Well, his real name was Max, according to IMDb, and the Jack Russell Terrier grew to call the exact same as countless of his canine colleagues. But his route to fame wasn"t straightforward one, argues IMDb. "The Mask" to be Max"s only big Hollywood hit.

In fact, IMDb erroneously argues that Milo additionally appeared in "Son the the Mask," however that"s not the case. Multiple resources confirm that the sequel"s dog, named Otis, to be played by be affected by each other the Dog. It"s true the dogs look alike, and the film"s trajectory entails the dog swimming right into a river to discover the Mask because that a human owner once again.


but Max wasn"t in the sequel, though the various other dog"s surname is a nod come "The Adventures that Milo and Otis."

IMDb does suggest out that Max had few other Hollywood gigs in his day, and that his owner said he had actually a hard time nabbing roles because of his size. Producers either claimed he was "too large or too little for a role."

However, Max did appear in "Mom and also Dad save the World" in 1992, says IMDb, play a room alien in disguise -- just like an additional famous doggie. Then in 2000, Max play a female dog in "Mr. Accident," in 2000.

after that, Max dropped off the celebrity radar. IMDb states it is assumed that Max passed away at some time in the beforehand 2000s, offered that the average lifespan the his each other is 13 come 16 years.


In a long-ago post from EW, the pup"s owner talked around attending the premiere that "The Mask" through Max; the doggie star even got to ride in a limousine! Max, who was remembered for his ability to improvise through Jim Carrey in funny scenes, will plainly always be a pan favorite canine actor.

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