My good buddy Milo Ventimiglia who was nice sufficient to invite me to be on the present #thisisus #harleydavidson

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Sylvester Stallone is ready for his close-up! The veteran actor reunited with his Rocky Balboa costar Milo Ventimiglia while filming scenes because that season 2 of This Is Us.

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Stallone, 71, took to Instagram on Saturday, respectable 12, to share photos indigenous the collection of the NBC drama as he began working on his one-episode role. He will certainly play an actor that helps Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) change to call on the collection of a period war film directed by Ron Howard.


Milo Ventimiglia and also Sylvester Stallone in ~ the human being premiere the ‘Rocky Balboa’ at Grauman’s Chinese theater in Hollywood in 2006. E. Charbonneau/WireImage for MG

Ventimiglia, 40, revealed ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this month the he referred to as the Rocky actor to see if that be willing to appear on This Is Us. Stallone shared a photograph with the Emmy nominee ~ above Instagram on Saturday, writing, “My good buddy Milo Ventimiglia who was nice enough to invite me to be on the show.”

Ventimiglia opened up up around Stallone’s role in a recent interview. “It’s pretty to know that the material attracts the greats also like Sly,” the told entertain Tonight. “And to recognize that he’d want to it is in a part and play through us, the a very great feeling, so we’re thrilled.”

on the THIS IS US set with Justin Hartley , this is a fantastic show and he is good to occupational with!#thisisus

Stallone additionally shared some behind-the-scenes snaps with other members that the cast. “On the THIS IS US set with Justin Hartley , this is a an excellent show and also he is good to occupational with!” the captioned a picture with Hartley, 40.

The three-time Oscar nominee climate posted a photo of Chrissy Metz playfully punching that in the face. “Getting punched out by the remarkable

It is unlikely the Stallone and also Ventimiglia will share the display again, though. Ventimiglia’s lover character, Jack Pearson, passed away prior to the contemporary scenes ~ above This Is Us.

Still, Stallone will play a “father figure” come Hartley’s character, creator Dan Fogelman stated at the Television critics Association press tour. “We required a large star because that this movie, and also we’re really excited for the script,” Fogelman said on august 3.

This Is us season 2 premieres on NBC top top Tuesday, September 26, at 9 p.m. ET.

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