The Carmel Mission

The Carmel Mission (Mission mountain Carlos Borromeo), started June 3, 1770, by father Junipero Serra, to be the 2nd in the California mechanism of missions.

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Situated end the hill native Monterey and now surrounding by the city the Carmel-by-the-Sea, the is a rich historical source and a reminder the the early on days of California.


Mission Carmel, formally known as Mission mountain Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo, sits at the southern end of the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea which thrived up around the mission.

Father Junipero Serra had actually originally developed the mission in Monterey, yet relocated it to Carmel the following year to defend the natives from the Spanish soldiers.

In the 240+ years because its founding, this mission, like many of the various other California missions, has seen times of decline and rebuilding.


In 1821 Mexico yielded from Spain and also acquired every one of California. The missions and their home were taken native the Church and distributed to private individuals in 1834.

The buildings of Mission Carmel to be left come decay and also by the 1850"s when California entered the Union, the key church and the other buildings were in ruinous disrepair.

A "temporary" roof was placed over the church in 1884 and remained there to protect it until Harry Downie was liked by the pastor in 1931 to restore the church and also the various other mission buildings.

Downie ongoing on the task through the 1970"s until his fatality in 1980.


The Carmel Mission is unique among the California objectives for that arched ceiling. The shape of the arch is dubbed a "catenary" i beg your pardon is the shape of a chain once hung indigenous both ends (here reverse of course).

It is likewise one the the couple of California objectives which was built of rock instead the adobe brick.

There is a significant restoration project underway i m sorry will allow the mission to continue to stand up to the ravages the earthquakes and time.


In addition to the key church, over there are countless other locations of interest.

There room on display screen some of the rooms as they would certainly have appeared in the 18th century. This is the refectory or dining room that the Franciscan friars. There is also the cell or personal rooms which look very "spartan" and lacking in amenities i m sorry we today take for granted.

This mission was the favorite of father Serra, and this is whereby he died in 1784. Serra, in addition to several other Franciscans, are hidden in the sanctuary the the key church.


One of the beautiful and interesting things in the museum section is the cenotaph (empty dig or memorial) of dad Serra. As stated above, Junipero Serra is hidden in the sanctuary that the church and also memorialized by the cenotaph developed by Jo Mora.

Mission mountain Carlos is taken into consideration to it is in the very first library in the state.

Just come the phibìc of the key church is the take care of Downie museum, which was the workshop and office i beg your pardon Downie used throughout his renovation of the mission.

Behind the church is a reconstruction of a 19th century settler"s house that is complete of period furniture and the day to day artefacts which gives an interesting insight into the lives of human being of the time.

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Depending on her level of attention in central California background a visit come the Carmel Mission can be a short one or a complete afternoon that transports you earlier to the time of the birth of the state and enjoyable in one of two people case.

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