Titled 'India Wanna've she Betiya (India wants her daughters)', the tune tries to record the atmosphere of Durga Puja and of the critical bypoll where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is in the fray.

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Fusing Durga Puja vibes through the upcoming bypolls, Madan Mitra's song video has left netizens entertained.

With Durga Puja just roughly the corner, West Bengal is gearing up because that its greatest festival. Adding to the festive buzz is a sit MLA, who has decided to rap! Yes, Madan Mitra, a TMC leader, is making waves on the internet with his brand-new Puja rap, starting a laughing lytic online.

This is not the first time Mitra, the MLA indigenous Kamarhati close to Kolkata, has got human being talking online. For the recent music video, that shakes a leg in a traditional dhoti and also kurta. The music video clip begins with the line ‘Jago tumi jago’, the quintessential part of Mahalaya hymns, i beg your pardon marks the beginning of the festivities.

Although the song begins on a traditional note, it quickly veers right into hip-hop, as Mitra raps in a flashy outfit accurate adorned with fairy lights! “Don’t know my name? I’m MM, MM,” the politician sings.

Watch the video here:

However, it again moves earlier to the template of Durga Puja, together he likewise features together a monk in the video, through an actor playing the duty of the goddess.

Titled ‘India Wanna’ve her Betiya’ (India wants her daughters), the tries to capture the mood for the festival and of the an essential bypoll whereby Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is in the fray. “Bhabanipur come Kamarhati, West Bengal come desher mati, Bangla hobe ebar Delhi-r ghati, Mamata-r haath dhore samne haati,” Mitra sings, underlining TMC’s poll tagline “Bangla nijer meyeke chai (Bengal desires its very own daughter)”.

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However, the track is no without any kind of political clapback. It likewise pokes fun at the BJP, happen up element Minister Narendra Modi pointing out Bengali liberty fighter Matangini Hazra together born in Assam.

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