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It"s about two cops: wunza straight-arrow by-the-book type, and the other"s an insubordinate slob v some wild ideas about how to get the task done.
she walk in and also out & in and out & in and also out & in and out"CUZ SHE"S PLAYIN all NIGHTAND THE MUSIC"S all RIIIGHT

This track was yes, really puzzling once I remained in my teens. Ns didn"t know what a squeeze box was, yet I figured it had actually something to carry out what Mama had on she chest, yet then i couldn"t know what was box-y around them. So was it introduce to miscellaneous else? Also, she "wears" the squeeze crate on she chest, for this reason she deserve to take it off...which sound weird if we are talking about boobs. The in-out-in-out business, I can figure out. As soon as I learned the some speak to an accordion a squeeze out box, it resolved nothing. It"s a really dumb song! execute the that still beat this live? keep in mind that though it"s dumb ns kinda love this song: once it spontaneously comes to my head (like the did a minute ago) it"s a good time. An excellent bridge also (maybe the just "objectively" great part that the song).

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You had to work a lot more difficult to it is in dirty back then

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Sexually blunt country lyrics

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The who By Proxy Squeezebox, a tune written by Pete Townsend and also performed by The that tells the tale of a “Squeezebox” a an allegory defining the antithesis that a lovable other or other. Clearly undefined v undeniable intrigue, this “box” grips this household to the core through both pleasantries and also exasperation. Worn on Momma’s chest, v the fruit of life revealed herein as she, “the to express Box” goes in and also out and also in and out and in. Townsends “Squeezebox” celebrate the family members through the wonder of life, together seen v the eye’s that a kid the husband and also his wife. In truth most people would agree with David from Lubbock, Texas, together quoted in Songfacts. “Squeezebox is a slang term because that an accordion, but it is additionally slang because that the vagina. The band simply wanted to see if they can get away through singing about the joys of clearly sex.” Or you have the right to take one more common, although much more ambivalent interpretation, like Ian from Tiverton, joined Kingdom. That believes, “This song is around what ever before the person listening wants it come be. You want it to it is in clean, okay, it is around a mom who doesn’t feed or let her family sleep and doesn’t care around noise affecting her next-door neighbors or its about sex. It’s as much as the listener.” To controversy Townsends lyrical intent is pointless without factoring the bands music accompanyment. The who’s Kieth Moon and also John Entwisle offers the songs strong back beat. The upbeat tempo compliments Pete Townsends banjo’s bright cord progressions nicely, while i get it Daltry’s distinctive vocal prowess fuses the sound and also lyric. The result, a celebratory song without a note of melancholy or satire i beg your pardon undermines the contradictions discovered in renowned opinion. Together contradictions would be inherent and require derogatory connotations punctuated through the track to support interpretations and claims the ambiguity and metaphor. The that released the intrinsic form of the abstract art that music through their lyric and musical accompanyment thereby offering the track Premise and also overall meaning. The track unfolds like a riddle indigenous the beginning and also continues transparent its entirety. “Mama’s got a squeeze crate she put on on she chest and when dad comes house he never gets no rest.” In the build of this song, the squeeze box would certainly show up to it is in an “albatross” of part sort. Hanging from her neck and also placed squarely on she chest, all the if (the albatross) goes “in and also out and also in and also out and in and also out and in and also out.” In and out of sleep since she cant remain awake “She” no say to express me “she go squeeze me, come and also squeeze me, come on and tease my prefer you do, ns so in love through you.” The Who records aura, lovable unspoken articulate dialoge and also atmosphere enshined in moments favor these wherein the loved that love and would be loved make their mark. The Squeeze box is a cherished newborn that has the rest of the life ahead of it. If such an endearing family felt the love of their priceless baby, who went “in and also out that sleep” end the food of weeks and months complying with her newly-found life, one could easily understand why they would certainly brag around being “up every night,” and also why the “music’s every right,” Its reason “Mamma’s acquired a squeezebox,” (daddy’s little girl) “daddy never sleeps at night.” - David, Oakland, NJ

this song is about what ever the person listening desires it come be. You desire it to it is in clean ok it is about a mom who doesnt feed or let her family sleep and doesnt care around noise affecting her neighbors or its about sex. Its as much as the ian, tiverton, unified Kingdom

The banjo in this song is awesome. Nearly have the nailed! one of the best bands in rock history.- Pillow, Milwaukee, WI

This song"s metaphors are rather funny ns think...and perhaps we should just leave it at that uneven we"re gonna talk much more about the music. By the method Tenacious D walk a great version of this ~ above VH1"s rock Honors tribute come The Who...maybe that"ll begin some type of far better conversation.- Roy, Granbania, MA

started listening come the that in 1969, ideal group of leads to ever before strike a note. Your music is timeless every bit as relavent to this generation together it was to mine squeezebox is simply another good song through rocks best band of every time- mike, wichita, KS

Uhmmm yea, put on a "squeezebox" on her chest...definately daddy squeezing her tits together and putting his diddling fiddle stick right into her make-shift "box" walk "in and out and in and also out" LOL I recognize Pete created it understanding the double meaning of the lyrics cause he addmitted come it in one interview i watched a couple of years back.- TJ, Halifax, NS

this track is around sex, it"s obvious, the music is probaly mama "moaning and also groaning" - ty, aafaf, AL

"Get a fixed people. Why have to you always think song must have subliminal and an enig messages? The song"s lyrical content way just what it means, it"s about the mother playing an accordian. For this reason why lines like "the youngsters don"t eat and also the dog don"t sleep, there"s no escape from the music in the whole damn street" have actually nothing to execute with sex-related references. And also thinking the repeated "in and also out" lyrics refer to sex is simply stupid since that is just how you play an accordian. If the track does have the right ingredients to make you think it is about sex, you have to think about what it from the other side too. Keith Moon"s north in the track as constantly great." - Mark, Cincinnati, oh Um, Mark--the tape itself admitted the song has many innuendos, in the liner note to "The who By Numbers." probably a little bit of research, or maybe simply a little thought, would certainly be in order before you go roughly labeling others as stupid.- Cole, NYC, NY

The banjo in this song provides the tune. It yes, really does. There is no the banjo I would certainly not turn this track up. Due to the fact that I turn it up when I hear the banjo. Lengthy Live Bluegrass. - Heather, Los Angeles, CA

it is obviosly about intercourse. They included t=that she wears that on she chest for this reason they might get away through writing it. "the youngsters don"t eat and the dog don"t sleep, there"s no escape from the music in the entirety damn street" is from all the noise mama renders (for obvios reasons- ty, phillipston, MA

I discover myself laughing reading these short articles ... Trying to number out who"s serious and who"s being facetious. While I never ever stopped (until now) to probe the meaning of the metaphor, that was always pretty noticeable to me the this song is around either sex or masturbation. And I always got a kick the end of just how overt the is there is no coming right out and saying it. Who says rockers can"t it is in literary?- mark, boston, MA

Pete has actually succeded in making united state wonder what the tune is about! ns dont care,it sound great. The is common Who. Joseph, valve Nuys CA- Joseph, valve Nuys, CA

People. She wears a squeeze crate on her chest. Might even it is in wearing the sideways, on end on hers, one finish getting compressed by his, if you have to be technical. Yet as they"re "doing it," it"s do a racquet. Why is she wearing a squeezebox on her chest? Um... Dunno. Many women simply moan and also sigh. Maybe she"s mute there is no it?- Joe, Seday, KS

Listen to the tune Jim. It"s not that simple.- Stefanie, rock Hill, SC

Well, I simply heard this track for the very first time yesterday in my car. Ns couldn"t think what ns was hearing at first! It"s so evident that it"s talking around breasts, particularly the ton of the in and also out part. The made me blush! i cranked it up. Maybe I"ll come to be a who fan now!- Traci, Wichita, KS

Yeah its around bonking and shagging. Gotta love The Who, full of dirty references. Songs about wanking (Pictures that Lily) and also now a song around real sex. An excellent stuff. BTW, ever before see the episode of "Freaks and also Geeks" whereby the Weirs hear to "The that By Numbers"? Funny! - Malicious Matt, Squatney

see they are using the squeezebox thing on her chest together the accordian... Climate talking around her play it well... As soon as they room really just layering this hardcore an allegory about momma and also poppa obtaining down and also dirty haha. Ns love the who- renee, southern lyon, MI

Get her minds the end of the gutter. Momma loves playing the accordian, and daddy obviously likes listening.- Jim, Philadelphia, PA

Man, ns love the guitar (or is the banjo?) in this one!- Paul, Marysville, WA

She goes, squeeze out me, come on and also squeeze me Come on and tease me like you execute I"m therefore in love through you Mama"s acquired a squeeze crate Daddy never sleeps at night that verse should provide it away - Stephen, Bellport, NY

this male wrapped it increase in a few words. Oh love those breasts! right here comes a pearl necklace. :) IMO: This track isn"t around vaginal intercourse; it"s about the sexual act the the woman squeezing she breasts with each other while the guy "makes love" come them... That"s why momma"s got a sqeezebox she put on on her chest. The motion she provides is akin to the of play an accordian. - Vez, State College, PA - greg, Huntington Beach, CA

This tune reminds me that a child"s interpretation of adult humor. Ns can picture his dad make a joke around mamma"s "squeezebox" the the child overhears and also takes literally. Due to the fact that he thinks dad to be talking around the accordion the goes around telling civilization that "Mama"s acquired a squeeze box, daddy never ever sleeps at night." then he exaggerates the remainder (as kids often do) saying the no one top top the street sleeps and he doesn"t eat since of it. Too bad he just doesn"t gain it.- Kim, Calgary, Canada

"Mama"s acquired a Squeeze crate she attract on she chest, and also when daddy comes home, he never gets no rest" accordians room played in ~ chest level... "Cause she"s playin" all night, and the music"s alright. Mama"s acquired a to express box, Daddy never sleeps in ~ night. Fine the kids don"t eat and also the dog can"t sleep. There"s no escape indigenous the music in the whole damn street. "Cause she"s Playin" every night, and also the music"s every right. Mama"s gained a squeeze out box, Daddy never ever sleeps at night" clearly lyrics about playing and listening come music She goes in and also out and also in and also out and in and also out and in and also out. The action of play an accordion She goes, squeeze out me, come on and also squeeze me Come on and also tease me choose you execute I"m for this reason in love with you Mama"s gained a squeeze box Daddy never ever sleeps in ~ night ok, this lyrics are slighttly about sex- Nick, new Haven, CT

I constantly thought the this track was about breasts, I think you are appropriate Joe D. Largely because, that the heat "Mama"s obtained a squeezebox she put on on her chest" how can that be around a vagina?- Robb, Wantagh, NY

I always had the impression that Pete Townshend simply wanted to compose a funny small pop tune, together a rest from the rock operas and "statement" songs (like "Won"t gain Fooled Again") the group had been doing. It"s fun to hear to and well made, however it doesn"t really mean anything, IMO. - Ken, Louisville, KY

Pete gotcha! girlfriend all space doing exactly as he wanted you to. That"s the pure genius Pete Townshend is. ""Squeeze Box" can be taken in any method you please. But knowing human nature they will watch this together a song about sex in one type or another. Hell, also the Partridge family songs can be understood wrong. It"s all in exactly how you look at it."- John, Tampa, FL

Often, when human being write lyrics, they"re allegorical. Granted, occasionally the words liked for lyrics room literal in meaning, but to think that "squeezebox" is just an accordian, in the paper definition of this song, is naive. I don"t say this come be median or harsh. Ns doubt the Who chose to make a song about somone play an accordian. Think context, think tape history, and also then use it to the tune in question. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion.- Vez, State College, PA

Get a fixed people. Why have to you constantly think song must have subliminal and mystery messages? The song"s lyrical content way just what the means, it"s about the mom playing an accordian. Therefore why lines like "the children don"t eat and also the dog don"t sleep, there"s no escape indigenous the music in the entirety damn street" have nothing to perform with sex-related references. And also thinking the recurring "in and out" lyrics describe sex is simply stupid given that that is exactly how you beat an accordian. When the song does have the best ingredients to do you think the is around sex, you have actually to consider what it from the various other side too. Keith Moon"s drums in the track as always great.- Mark, Cincinnati, OH

IMO: This track isn"t about vaginal intercourse; it"s about the sexual act of the mrs squeezing she breasts with each other while the guy "makes love" to them... That"s why momma"s obtained a sqeezebox she attract on she chest. The motion she provides is akin to the of playing an accordian. - Vez, State College, PA

Well if Momma has large breasts then yeah she could have a squeeze crate (vagina) on her chest...- Clayton, Blount County, AL

I know what you mean vincent.- Stefanie magura, absent Hill, SC

What one odd song!- Stefanie magura, rock Hill, SC

Iam tho a Virgin, (Iam only 16!), so ns dont know how this track relates to the real thing. But this song, has offered me a an excellent impression!- Vincent, St. Davids, England

this track is not mediocre through Who criter (very high requirements admittedly). Listening come it "The who Ultimate Collection" (a collection of 37 that songs in chronological order) you deserve to see it as a go back to the previously off-the-wall-Happy-Jack-Boris-the-Spider that of the 60s. It might not be their greatest, but, to me, it reflects that their the very same band. I.e. That didn"t offer themselves- Greg, asheville, NC

I know you don"t stay a vagina on her chest, but think around it guys. It has a dual meaning. The in-and-out describes thw squeevebox, or it can refer come sex. The line "Mama"s got a squeezebox she wears on her chest" refers to the accordian. Those are simply a couple of examples.- Stefanie magura, rock Hill, SC

lol ns heard this song once i to be young and never really taken it unitl i acquired into the who and also ive to be tryin to number it out since then, it is a good song tho- Shana, Pembroke, Canada

I believe the squeeze box is an ext a metaphor for her playing v her breasts, no anything else. She squeezes them, in and also out! Makes much more sense come me- Dereck, Cardiff, Wales

well joe, possibly the momma is just really flexible- Jonathan, Ann Arbor, MI

I always thought this was about a vibrator, not a vagina. Ns think the makes much more sense the way.- Tom, Trowbridge, England

You don"t undertake a vagina on your chest....think about it.....- Penny, Orlando, FL

in and out and also in and out and in and also out and also in and also out and also in and out... ...dirty pete.- Nick, san Francisco, CA

This song additionally has some points that make you wonder if the is about sex. "Momma"s obtained a squeezebox she put on on she CHEST" exactly how do friend wear a vagina on her chest. It is all i think of since I similar to taking a stand on something versus other human being :)- joe d, Hamden, CT

i know, this song is for this reason hilarious!- Mason, san Antonio, TX

i constantly laugh out loud when i hear this song, it"s one impulse, ns guess lol. C"mon it"s therefore obvious!- nicoletta, bronx, NY