Every year, the social Security management (SSA) publication a perform of the most renowned baby names from the previous year. These are the most well-known names for babies in the U.S. Beginning in 1955.

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In 1955, Michael was the most popular name for boys and Mary to be the most renowned name for baby girls. Mary was among the most renowned baby names through most of the ahead 50 years as well.


Michael topped the list of masculine baby names again the adhering to year — starting a tendency for year to come. Mary was the most popular girl surname again together well.


Most popular: Michael and also Mary. For girls, the surname Debra, Karen and also Susan likewise ranked in the height five.


Michael and also Mary took the top spots when again. In 1958, Patricia slid right into the peak 10 girl names, as did note for boys.


Michael and Mary led the national rankings for 5 years in a row. In ‘59, the girl name Deborah, Patricia and also Cynthia likewise scored in the optimal 10.

In 1960, Michael slid under to the second most famous boy name as David took the an initial spot. Mary stayed the favorite an option for girls. James, John and Robert rounded the end the top five for boys while mar was followed by Susan, Linda, Karen and also Donna ~ above the woman side.

Michael climbed back up in 1961 as the most popular name for boys. Mary, when again, to be the top an option for girls.

The early ‘60s continued with the Micheal trend, however there to be a transition in girl names. Lisa was the 2nd most well-known name the year prior and also became the favorite in 1962.

Michael and Lisa topped the list again. Actress Lisa Kudrow, known for her function as the quirky Phoebe Buffay in “Friends,” to be born in ‘63.

In 1964, Michael and Lisa stayed the favorites yet John was a close second for boys. The 35th president of the joined States, John. F Kennedy, was assassinated in November 1963, i beg your pardon may have been a variable in the name’s popularity the adhering to year.

Michael and Lisa maintained their optimal spot. Because that boys, the name John, David, James and also Robert do it right into the height five. And also for girls, Mary, Kimberly, Karen and also Susan were the 5 most famous names in ‘65.

Michael and also Lisa conquered the list of famous baby names, coming in in ~ the optimal again, and also for a few years come follow.

The most popular names to be Michael and also Lisa. The surname David consistently ranked in the height three in the 50s and also 60s. David, which way “beloved,” is based off King David, who played an essential role in Christian, Jewish and Islamic scriptures. The spelling and also pronunciation might vary in between religions.

Michael and Lisa to be the most renowned names again, when Robert and Melissa both cracked the top five.

The most famous baby names to be Michael and Lisa when more. The surname Lori entered the national baby surname rankings because that girls.

The ‘70s ushered in fondue parties, disco and the power of the name Jennifer for infant girls. Jennifer surpassed Lisa in 1970 as the most popular baby surname for girl while Michael ongoing its stronghold on the title for the boys.

Most popular: Micheal and Jennifer. The name Christopher for guys was gaining popularity as the No. 2 surname for boys.

Most popular: Michael and Jennifer. Because that girls, Heather and Michelle to be climbing in popularity, together was Angela.

Michael and also Jennifer to be the top names in 1975. Rounding out the top 5 for girls to be Amy, Heather, Melissa and Angela. Parents in ‘75 were typically naming their guys Jason, Christopher, James and David together well.

Michael and Jennifer retained their spot while the surname Daniel for boys and Amanda because that girls were the 10th most popular.

While Michael and also Jennifer were still the most popular names, Jason and also Melissa to be the second favorites because that parents naming your babies in ‘77.

The No. 1 clues didn’t adjust — Michael and Jennifer to be still the peak choices. A couple of other girl names in the top 20 were Crystal, Rebecca and also Elizabeth. Timothy and also Eric faired well amongst boy names.

Michael and Jennifer were still going strong in 1979. The surname Jennifer was a favorite heading into the ‘80s, and it’s origins are indigenous a Cornish type of the Welsh surname “Gwenhwyfar.”

At the begin of the 1980s, over there were more than 700,000 boys named Michael and also close to 600,000 Jennifers — both tho claiming the No. 1 point out in the rankings. Christopher and Amanda to be the 2nd most famous choices.

Most popular: Michael and Jennifer. In 1982, shorter names like Eric and also Erin to be catching steam for boys and girls.

Most popular: Michael and also Jennifer. Jessica to be the second most famous for girls and also the name decision was additionally among the favorites in 1983.

The year 1984 was a banner year in history. Most notably, apple aired its top dystopian-themed Super bowl commercial for Apple Commuters. The ad was motivated by the standard George Orwell novel “1984.” The most popular names, however, were the same from the year prior — Michael and also Jennifer were still ~ above top.

For most popular girls names, Jessica ranked an initial in 1985, sending Jennifer come No. 3. Michael to be still top top top, through the name Christopher, Matthew, Joshua and also Daniel also in the height five. The other three top-five girl names were Ashley, Amanda and Sarah. The surname Meghan, which has actually seen a current resurgence, also peaked in 1985.

The most popular names were Michael and Jessica. Elizabeth ranked 10th in popularity for girls and also was amongst the 25 most famous names provided to girl for countless decades prior.

Most popular: Michael and also Jessica. The surname Kevin and Kayla rounded the end the height 20 most famous baby name in 1988.

The most renowned names to be still Michael and also Jessica, but the name Brittany was among the height three girl names heading right into the ‘90s.

Most popular: Michael and also Jessica. In fact, there would certainly be 462,327 boys called Michael throughout the ‘90s and also 303,094 Jessicas. The name Samantha also entered the top 5 at the start of the new decade.

The most famous names because that boys and also girls were now Michael and Ashley. Ashley interrupted Jessica’s power as the most popular name for only two years, but there to be barely a distinction in popularity. They would go on to it is in the No. 1 and No. 2 names of the decade with 301,803 Ashleys and also 303,094 Jessicas.

Jessica was as soon as again the top pick because that parents with baby girls in 1993. Names choose Emily, which would skyrocket in popular in a few short years, and Nicholas, a winter-themed named, were also among the top 20. But Michael to be the leading an option again because that boys.

In 1995, the most well-known names to be Michael and also Jessica again. Rachel was the 12th most well-known name because that girls, a truth that may have been influenced by the fight TV series, “Friends,” which remained in its early on seasons. The personality Rachel Green, through her fashion sense and humor, to be an increasingly famous figure.

In 1996, Emily was the most famous name for girls, if Michael was still the top pick because that boys. Emily to be joined in the top five by Jessica, Ashley, Sara and Samantha. Matthew, Jacob, Christopher and Joshua rounded out the top 5 for boys.

Michael and also Emily took the very first slots in the popularity contest. There to be 237,232 Emilys born in the ‘90s. 

Emily was as soon as again the leading name. Michael was the most popular baby name of either gender from 1955 come 1998, showing up at No. 1 on the SSA’s list 42 times.

Jacob took over the No.1 clues for boys in 1999, v Michael sliding under to No. 2. Emily continued to be the favourite for the girls.

At the beginning of the brand-new millennium, the most well-known baby names to be still Jacob and Emily. In fact, there were 273,844 Jacobs and also 223,690 Emilys born in the aughts alone.

Jacob for boys and Emily for girls continued to be the most well-known name. The name Madison for baby girls to be gaining heavy steam at second place.

Emily and also Jacob organized the first spot, but girl names favor Madison and Hannah were no too far behind in popularity. Because that boys, names choose Ryan, Brandon and also Tyler were making appearances in the peak 20.

Most popular: Emily and Jacob. In 2003, Emma to be the second most well-known for girl while Michael continued its grip on the list and was the 2nd most renowned baby boy name.

Emily was consistently famous into the 2000s. For boys, the exact same surname — Jacob (at No. 1), Michael, Joshua and also Matthew — were renowned year over year. 2004 was likewise the year Gwyneth Paltrow famously bestowed the moniker to apologize on she daughter.

Emily and also Jacob claimed the optimal spots in 2005. Popular boy names in 2005 were really biblical, v Michael, Joshua, Matthew and Ethan making up the top five. Emma, Madison, Abigail and Olivia were ideal behind Emily top top the list.

The most popular names in 2006 were Emily and also Jacob. To placed in view the popular of these two names, there have actually been practically a million babies provided each surname in the previous century — 915,562 Jacobs and also 820,233 Emilys.

Emily and also Jacob led the ranking again in 2007. This is the year the surname Emily peaked in popularity, with 19,355 babies bestowed the name. There seemed to it is in a trend for girl names finishing with an ”a” — the surname Mia, Olivia, Ava and also Isabella were becoming much more common.

Emily and also Jacob to be the height names again. Because that boys, names prefer Aiden and Jayden were acquiring some vapor in the late 2000s. For girls, Chloe and Alexis started to rise in the ranks.

Jacob because that boys, and also Isabella for girls were the most well-known baby name in 2009. The decade closed out v Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava rounding out the top 5 most famous names because that girls and also Ethan, Michael, Alexander and William perfect the top 5 most popular boy names.

Jacob and also Isabella were the most famous baby names when again in 2010. Native 2010 come 2018, there to be 152,020 Jacobs born, make Jacob the third most renowned boy name of the incomplete decade. There were 156,709 Isabellas born indigenous 2010 come 2018, make Isabella the 4th most renowned girl name of the yet-to-be-completed decade.

Jacob once again asserted the height spot for boys. Sophia — definition wisdom in Greek origin — to be at the optimal of the list for girl surname in 2011.

Jacob and also Sophia again, yet the names Mason, Ethan and also Noah were close behind because that boys. Meanwhile, Michael fell to saturday in the national baby-name rankings. Jacob peaked in popular this year v 19,074 baby boys offered the name.

Noah was the No.1 most popular baby young name in 2013, ending Jacob’s 14-year run. Sophia continued to be a hit for girl names. Between 2010 and 2018, there were 166,986 Sophias born.

Noah was still the most popular name for boys in 2014, through Emma leading the girl category. The name Emma has German origins and means “whole” or “universal,” if Noah has Biblical beginnings and way “rest” or “repose.” Emma has been a famous name because that girls because the 1880s.

Noah and also Emma to be still the most well-known baby surname in 2015. Liam, Mason, Jacob and William rounded out the top 5 for the boys. Olivia, Sophia, Ava and also Isabella complied with Emma in the top five girl spots. Michael was still hanging approximately in the optimal 10 at No. 9.

Noah and also Emma held solid at No. 1. The surname Ella, Scarlett and Mia appeared in the optimal 20 names because that girls. Jackson, Aiden and also Elijah were amongst the top 20 surname for baby boys.

The surname Liam and Emma were very first in the national rankings in 2017. The surname Aria was No. 20 ~ above the list, perhaps influenced by HBO’s “Game that Thrones,” in i beg your pardon the character “Arya” to be quickly becoming a pan favorite.

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Liam and also Emma were still in ~ the optimal in 2018. In fact, Emma was in the height three because that 15 consecutive years. But 2018 saw another trend: food names rising in the ranks. Though the most well-known baby names over the previous seven or so decades haven’t changed dramatically year-to-year, yes sir a whole other perform of old-fashioned baby names that could be make a comeback.

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