BASTROP COUNTY, TEXAS. The varied sites that scenic Bastrop County and its three historical towns have actually long sparked the creativity of directors, writers, cinematographers, and actors. All three of our towns – Bastrop, Elgin, and also Smithville – are designated film Friendly through the Texas film Commission (TFC). The county has been the site of end 100 productions in the last 10 year alone with some notable and iconic films. 3 of those Bastrop county movies have made the shortlists in 2 of three Texas movie Trails.

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The Texas classics Trail attributes two really different top movies.

Filmed more than 20 years ago in Smithville, “Hope Floats” (1998) highlights the lovely, historical homes and also downtown as Justin (Harry Connick, Jr.) court Birdee (Sandra Bullock), after her publicly damaged marriage. With civilization still comes to city to watch the sites, the Smithville Area chamber of commerce has a self-guided tour brochure ready because that you to monitor in Birdee’s footsteps, among other films.


The initial take that the “Texas Chain witnessed Massacre” (1974), filmed simply south the Bastrop in ~ The Gas Station, to fill theaters across the country with resounding screams as the guy in the mask, recognized as Leatherface, fired increase the chain observed to get to the stranded teens. Now, The Gas Station has actually barbecue on-site and also film memorabilia – you can even stay overnight!


The Richard Linklater Trail adheres to films created by Texan Richard Linklater as he supplies the well-off Texas backdrops because that his movies. In “Bernie” (2011), the historical Bastrop ar Courthouse is the scene of the san Augustine courtroom during trial scenes with district lawyer Danny Buck (Matthew McConaughey) versus Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) in this reenactment the the true Texas story.

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To see the complete scope the the state’s Texas Film Trails, click here. The Bastrop County movie are certainly in great company.

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