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Murphy & Jodi's anniversary plan / just how to pick a great Airbnb / Kelly Clarkson's new Christmas song

Is Murphy making weird plans because that Jodi for your anniversary?

How to pick a an excellent Airbnb.

Sam's obtained a sample of Kelly Clarkson's new Christmas track - i beg your pardon is really a slam of her Ex.

New partnership advice friend shouldn't provide / Halloween candy galore / who dog is about to walk over the rainbow bridge?

The advice you need to NOT provide to a girlfriend who's in a brand-new relationship.

Food Dude: All the Halloween candy you require for under $30

Whose dog is around to walk over the rainbow bridge?

True Crime addiction / Murphy let go of this item native his parent's house / that keeps walking into Murphy and also Jodi's bedroom

Why are True Crime story SO addictive? Why space women more drawn come them? and how to tell if you're consuming also much.

The one thing from Murphy's parent's house that he determined to give away.

Who keeps walking right into Murphy's and also Jodi's bedroom every night unannounced?

Why Jodi's Yellowstone "problem" is gaining worse.

How Sam's girlfriend is an altering things up at his house.

Sam needs girlfriend advice / how to handle tardiness / Jodi's class from their school's open house

Sam currently needs aid with this girlfriend.

How to manage the human in her life who's always late.

The great Jodi learned in ~ Open home this school year.

Murphy stops watching Jodi's display / Sam's lengthy distance relationship / How plenty of steps in a day come walk

Murphy is around to back out that the display he's to be binging v Jodi. WHY?!

Sam defines the pain of a long-distance relationship.

Find the end how many steps you have to be taking in a day.

Are your youngsters ready because that haunted houses? / rolling Stones changed their logo design / Murphy's eye problem

How to tell if a boy is prepared for a haunted house experience.

In Music News: Why the rojo Stones are transforming their long-time logo. 

Why Jodi is having actually a tough time looking in ~ Murphy this week.

What were the finest Kid TV shows?!? EVER.

Why does Jodi store sneaking right into Murphy's office?

How to turn your brain OFF so friend can acquire some sleep. 

Why did Jodi do her grand cry during the sweet visit they've ever before had?!

Sam claims his new girlfriend Tanya gave him the ideal belated date of birth of his life!

How to use the 5 minute rule to get an ext done.

Make certain "the one" checks this boxes / Jodi thinks something is in the attic / Sam's new girlfriend meets his ex

Find out what "4 boxes" must be checked for the person you're date to be "the one."

Jodi think there's who or something life in the attic.

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We'll discover out if Sam survives his new girlfriend conference 1 the his ex-wives.