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Matthew Wosnitzer, MD, is a board-certified urologic surgeon and also physician scientist. He specializes in masculine infertility." data-inline-tooltip="true">Matthew Wosnitzer, MD

Matthew Wosnitzer, MD, is a board-certified urologic surgeon and physician scientist. He specializes in male infertility.

It is more common 보다 many world may think to have actually one testicle the is bigger than the other. In fact, according to a study top top genital asymmetry in men, the appropriate testicle is generally somewhat bigger than the left.

This is because, in person men, the testis ~ above the appropriate seems come develop much more quickly 보다 that on the left. In addition, development favors the advancement of the testicle top top the ideal in a fetus in utero. for women, this phenomenon is the opposite, through the ovaries developing very first on the left.

Not only is it common to have actually one testicle that is contempt bigger than the other, however it’s additionally common to have actually one the hangs a little bit lower than the various other one in the scrotum.

But it’s not always normal for one testicle to be bigger 보다 the other, and also it’s vital to understand the difference in between normal asymmetrical testicle size and what may constitute something more serious.


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Before one can display for testicular problems, it’s essential to learn about their typical structure and also function:

A testicle(also called testis) is a little oval-shaped gland.It to produce sperm and also male sex hormones (testosterone).

If you an alert that one testicle is bigger 보다 the other and experience pains in one of two people testicle, educate your health care provider immediately.

General advice on typical anatomy the the testes and also scrotum include:


Self-examination of the testicles have to be perform monthly. Testicular self-examination procedures from the Victoria State federal government in Melbourne, Australia, include:

The examination have to not an outcome in any type of unusual findings, such as:

PainLumpsSwellingChange in dimension or shape (since the last exam)Change in feel or consistency (since the critical exam)

Testicular conditions

Common problems involving lumps, pain, or swelling of the testicle that space not life-threatening, however do require clinical attention, include:

Testicular torsion may result in loss of the testicle if blood flow is no restored. This is a medical emergency and also must be seen for immediate evaluation.

Noticing or suffering symptoms of any kind of of these might feel frightening, but it's necessary to gain them confirm out quickly so that your symptoms carry out not progress.

Testicular Cancer

Performing monthly self-examinations is an essential part of early on testicular cancer screening.Symptoms that testicular cancer incorporate lumps, brand-new growths, and also sometimes pain.

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A Word from Verywell

Having one testicle that is slightly bigger than the other is totally normal. However, swelling, pain, redness, and lumps space not.