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My side of the hill is a beautifully written book by jean Craighead George that is around a teenage boy, Sam Gribley, that decides to operation away native his residence in brand-new York City to live in the Catskill Mountains. The publication is said both through the eye of Sam and from various journal entries the writes throughout his time in the woods.

Sam starts his trip by leaving new York through nothing but a couple of simple implements and also $40. Throughout his an initial night in the woods he realizes the he is extremely unprepared because that a life outdoors and the next day that walks to the nearest town to uncover some books around wilderness survival. Over there he meets reoccurring character Ms. Turner, a librarian who helps Sam prepare come live in the woods.

Sam decides to do his house in a tree and painstakingly hollows the end a substantial hemlock. That learns just how to create traps to capture food and discovers which plants are edible. Together the plot moves forward, Sam slowly learns how to make it through in the Catskills v the help of Frightful, a peregrine falcon he captured and trained to capture food because that him. He i do not care close friends v numerous pets including Frightful, Baron Weasel (a weasel who often creates trouble for him) and Jessie Coon James (a fat, lazy raccoon that befriends him).

Later in the book Sam"s resourcefulness shines as he creates a jacket, pants, moccasins, and fur-lined underwear from deer and rabbit fur, yet he additionally realizes that he is acquiring lonely. That meets a university English teacher whom he call Bando and also they end up being fast friends because that the summer. As soon as the college year starts and also Bando has to leave Sam is content yet soon he starts to miss out on human call again. The walks into town and is surprised to discover how lot of an outsider he has actually become.

Towards the end of the novel Sam meets a boy named Matt, a rogue called Tom, and also his dad involves visit. Sam is incredibly happy and also stays in his new home because that the rest of the winter with success regardless of the isolation, however come spring he pertains to the realization the he can not live in the woods together. His dad returns v the remainder of his family as well as reporters and also photographers. As lot as Sam desires to run away and continue living turn off the land, the knows the going earlier to culture is the finest thing because that him to execute so the accepts his fate.

Throughout the novel Sam learned about himself and grew from a rebellious boy into a grounded young man who was prepared to rejoin the genuine world.

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