I"m looking for an excellent adjective to define a perkid who loves suffering nature, as in a perboy who has actually remained in the Boy Scouts for a lot of of his life, loves fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, resting under an open up skies, ice fishing, canoeing, crosscountry skiing and also other things alengthy those lines. A true-born “nature freak.”




Tright here are the majority of adjectives which describe the physical activeness of somebody:

bdanger, alacritous, yary, jaunty, evelié, exilient, sprack

And to modify these words, you have the right to use adjectives which relate to organic wilderness, such as:

bucolic, fielden, agrest, rural, predial


A biophilic is a person thrust by curiosity, never wasting an possibility to recognize somepoint even more around creatures in his neighbourhood.

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The Biophilia Hypothesis is a space of study that comes to such civilization and also units.


A nemophilist. Maybe it relates to what you require.

One who is fond of woodland or woodland scenery; a haunter of the woods.

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Nature enthusiast

Outdoors enthusiast

Enthusiast: someone who is exceptionally interested in and also associated through a specific subject or activity: a computer-games enthusiast

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Motivation for my answer: the outdoorsman that was proposed does have actually a feminine version, outdoorswoman. I"ve checked out it used in the hunting and also fishing column in my regional newspaper. But having the 2 versions renders things awkward.

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