About Crush:

Other Names: Mr. Turtle, Dude.

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Voice: Andrew StantonFamily: Mr. Turtle – Father. Squirt – Son.Species: Pacific eco-friendly Sea Turtle.Home: Coral Sea, Australia.Quotes:

“No hurling top top the shell, dude, okay, simply waxed it.”

“OK, seize shell, dude!”

Crush theatre the personality of a sea tortoise in detect Nemo. Those who room not acquainted must walk ahead and also watch this animated film premiered in 2003 – wherein Crush has a supporting role.

With a friendly, helpful, and also fun loving personality, Crush and his other friends Marlin and Dory room on an expedition to uncover where Nemo is.

Irrespective that his laid-back and easy-going personality, Crush has actually numerous an ext realistic quotes when you watch the movie.

Background Information 


Crush, the sea turtle that speaks choose a surfer dude, helps Marlin and Dory reach Sydney Harbour to rescue Nemo. That portrays a wise, polite, resourceful, and kind personality in this film. When he transports his buddies to your destination, Marlin turns about to questioning Crush how old that is, to which he states he is 150 and also still young.

No one enjoys traveling v the ocean currents as lot as crush does. This 150-year-old sea tortoise with eco-friendly eyes, dark brown patches, and also moss-colored scales is young at heart. The laid-back attitude of this surfer punk enables him come go with the flow.

He likewise portrays the photo of a loving and caring dad to his son, Squirt. Like loves to walk for trembling rides in addition to his offspring with the boisterous eastern Australian existing (EAC). When Crush meet his allies, the is an ext than happy to aid them. However, they end up having to go on the wildest rides of your lives along with him.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is an American computer-animated adventure movie exit by Walt Disney Pictures. Pixel animation Studios created it in 2003. With Andrew Stanton together the director and also co-writer and also Lee Unkrich as the co-director, detect Nemo was written by David Reynolds, Andrew Stanton, and Bob Peterson.

The story talks around an overprotective clownfish – Marlin and Dory are on the hunt because that his missing son Nemo. Under the road, Marlin learns exactly how to take it risks and understands that Nemo will certainly be taking treatment of himself. Crush gets to satisfy this pair and also offers a help hand in recognize Nemo.

Crush In finding Nemo

Marlin and Dory find themselves in the eastern Australian current, whereby they satisfy Crush ~ above escaping indigenous the jellyfish forest. Here, Crush tells Marlin to stay concentrated while in the current and explain the the escape indigenous the jellyfishes was no easy. Crush then introduces self to Marlin and Dory, and also Marlin speak him the he requirements to reach the EAC. Crush defines that they room right now on the EAC and asks the to check out the various other sea turtle swimming with the current.

Next, lock come across a solid current approaching them, and Crush notifies Marlin to cave on together with the various other turtles. When the solid current passes by, Marlin asks like to discover his child – Nemo, at the Sydney Harbour. Later, Crush finds Dory playing in addition to the young sea turtles in the EAC. Crush climate asks Marlin to clock the solo performance of Squirt, that is planning to obtain into the sea every by himself.

When Crush watch his kid entering the sea current, he beams through pride for his boy as he conquers the are afraid of start the sea current without any assistance native an adult sea turtle. Next, to like proudly introduces his son, Squirt, come Marlin. That further defines to him the sea tortoise lay your eggs top top the beach for hatching. As soon as they hatch, the young sea turtles discover their method back to the feeding grounds in the ocean on their own.

Hearing like explains about the young ones, Marlin thinks around his son, Nemo. He climate tells the sea tortoise the tragic story around his absent son. To assist him in his search, to like transports Marlin and Dory come the Sydney Harbour the complying with day. He tells them to cave on and also get all set as castle are around to challenge another strong current. Squirt advises the two fishes on the proper means to leave the strong current and hang on very closely while in the current.

When both the fishes leaving EAC, Crush tells them to have actually a great time browsing the Sydney Harbour. Along with the other sea turtles, like bids farewell to Marlin. In reply to this, Marlin tells Crush that his son, Nemo, would have took pleasure in this experience. He additional enquires about how old crush is, to which like replies he is 150 years old. Marlin keeps this in mind come tell his son about his incredible endure meeting through an old laid-back green sea turtle.

Disney Parks


Those planning come visit the Disney parks will come across this simple to discover the personality -Crush, who has his show, ‘Turtle Talk through Crush.’ The show appears at all the resorts other than the Disneyland Paris park. Crush likewise makes his illustration in the adhering to places.

The Seas through Nemo & Friends.Finding Nemo – The music at Disney’s animal Kingdom.World that ColorCrush’s Coaster.Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasmic.Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Lastly, Crush likewise has a large statue of himself at the Walt Disney World’s Disney’s art of animation Resort.

Interesting Facts around Sea Turtles


The interesting aspect about sea tortoise is the they spend many of their lives immersed underwater. They need oxygen for breathing, just like humans. Wondering exactly how they breathe? because that breathing, sea turtles stick their nose over the water surface and take in every the oxygen they call for within a issue of seconds. They are qualified of hold in a substantial amount that oxygen when they continue to be submerged. This help them to stay in the water for roughly 5 come 6 minutes.

Another cool facet is that – these creatures love sleeping underwater. While resting underwater, oxygen is supplied by the bloodstream throughout your body. They tend to sleep underwater for around a couple of hours at a time. However, once under too much pressure, these sea turtles are not capable of holding their breath underwater. As a result, numerous turtles finish up drowning when recorded in shrimp trawlers or fishing nets.

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Parting words:

Hope you had actually an enthralling experience reading about these wonderful species. Next time you spot a turtle perform cross inspect the truth and try to learn much more about them.