L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 17 | 6-answer surveysName a factor a woman refuses to provide her date a good-night kiss.100REEKS/BUTT BREATH64SHE"S MAD at HIM4BAD DATE/NO MATCH17HE"S DRUNK3FIRST DATE/TOO SOON6ILL/ORAL GONORRHEA6Name other a male polishes until it shines.100HIS CAR/TRUCK46HIS GUN2HIS SHOES/BOOTS43HIS FACE/HEAD2HIS WATCH4HIS TOOLS3We request 100 married men...If you"re smart, you"ve learned come lie to her wife about her what?100WEIGHT/FIGURE45EVIL MOTHER5PUKEABLE COOKING25BUTTERFACE3HAIR/COLOR17AGE/YOU"RE no OLD5We asked 100 married men...Fill in the blank: mine wife"s bottom is so big, that at parties, we deserve to ________ on it.100PUT drinks ON IT26SIT/LOUNGE15BOUNCE/JUMP top top IT18PLAY GAMES/DARTS7DANCE/LINE DANCE17EAT top top IT17We request 100 women...Name a part of your body the looks much better lying down than was standing up.99MY BELLY/FLABS76MY JELL-O ARMS3MY DROOPY D-CUPS11MY THUNDER THIGHS2MY FACE/JOWLS4MY RAT nest HAIR3Name other a husband could find almost everywhere the bed that provides him suspect his wife is having an affair v a baker.99FLOUR70YEAST2SUGAR10DOUGH2BAKED GOODS/CRUMBS10ICING/FROSTING5Besides the height of her head, surname something rather you comb the hair on.99FACE/BUSHY BROWS69MY BACK5MY CHEST8MY LEGS4MY PET/DOG8MY BUTT/CRACK5We request 100 married women...Name something you can do and also then say to yourself, "My husband"s walking to kill me."99SPEND MONEY/SHOP60CUT mine HAIR3WRECK THE CAR21STAY out LATE3THROW the end SOMETHING8CHEAT/NIGHTLY4We request 100 men...Name miscellaneous Tarzan does the you can like to do as soon as you"re on vacation.99SWING/ZIP-LINE51SLIP JANE my BANANA2SWIM/SKINNY-DIP29RIDE an ELEPHANT2WEAR LOINCLOTH13SLEEP/IN TREEHOUSE2If you had a pumpkin for a head, what would certainly you worry someone could do come it?99SMASH/CHUCK IT46DRAW on IT2CARVE A FACE40GUT THE SEEDS2COOK/EAT IT6LIGHT CANDLE3Name a sport whereby you see males with large bottoms.99WRESTLING/SUMO43GOLF3FOOTBALL42SWIMMING2BASEBALL6BOXING3Fill in the blank: A wealthy woman would certainly hate to have someone wrong her brand-new husband for her what?99SON41BROTHER3HELP/DRIVER32GIGOLO2FATHER15EX6We request 100 women...Name something girlfriend fantasize her handyman will certainly do.99FIX THINGS/PAINT41WORK because that FREE6CLEAN UP21DO ME/"TOOL TIME"3BE NUDE/SHIRTLESS17COOK for ME11These days, females are getting fat injections to give them buttocks the shape of what fruit?99APPLE32CHERRY4PEAR31MANGO2MELON/WATERMELON20PEACH10We request 100 married men...Name something you great you could be honest about with her wife.99BUDGET/HER SPENDING31HER LOOKS/BIG BOOTY12SEX/YEARN for ORGY21HER HOUSEKEEPING3MY EX/STILL IN LOVE19HER VILE COOKING13We request 100 women...If your guy were a stripper, which among the seven dwarfs" names could his phase name be?99HAPPY29DOC3GRUMPY27DOPEY3SLEEPY19BASHFUL18We request 100 married men...Name something your mam would never let you bring to bed with you.99DOG/PET26COMPUTER12FOOD/PIGS" FEET23PHONE5A CHICK/UGLY ONE20MY SHOES13Name something done to a football you wouldn"t want someone to execute to your behind.98KICK/PUNT IT58SLAP/PUNCH IT5THROW/MAKE A PASS11GRAB/SQUEEZE/PINCH5DEFLATE/INFLATE IT10SPIKE IT9We request 100 men...Name something certain about a woman"s nightie that makes it a an excellent nightie.98SEE-THROUGH/SHEER51CROTCHLESS6SHORT/TIGHT21SILK/SATIN3OFF EASY/ON FLOOR11LACE6Name something you do when a driver cut you off that you wouldn"t carry out if it was a cop car.98FLIP "EM OFF49NOTHING5HONK19SWERVE AT/HIT "EM3YELL/CUSS13SPEED UP/TAIL/PASS9Name miscellaneous a policeman wears that his wife could ask him to wear in the bedroom.98UNIFORM/HAT46BILLY CLUB4HANDCUFFS25BULLETPROOF VEST3HOLSTER/GUN12BADGE8Before they can make it to the bedroom, what can newlyweds do love on?98THE COUCH45AN AIRPLANE2THE FLOOR/RUG31KITCHEN COUNTERTOP2TABLE/AT RECEPTION15CAR SEAT/HOOD3We asked 100 solitary women...Name miscellaneous you"d hate to see fall out of your date"s underwear.98A SOCK43DRUGS/"SHROOMS5POO/DAY-OLD TURD24A PHONE2CONDOM/SLIGHTLY USED13TOILET PAPER11If he were brave, surname a kind of plastic surgical treatment a man might tell his wife she should get.98BOOB JOB42VA-JAY SHRINKAGE7FACELIFT22NOSE JOB4LIPO13TUMMY TUCK10We asked 100 men...Name miscellaneous that"s essential in a girlfriend however not in a mom.98SEXY BOD/PERKY JUGS40COURAGE/INDEPENDENCE3HOT SEX/LOVES KINK27DUDS/BOOTY CUTTERS2BEAUTIFUL FACE23SPONTANEITY3We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: If you can have 2 husbands, one could be strictly because that what?98BOINKING39COOKING5CLEANING/CHORES22HOME REPAIRS3MAKIN" MOOLAH16COMPANIONSHIP/TALK13We asked 100 men...Name a location that"s to fill with bad girls.98STRIP JOINT38RED-LIGHT DISTRICT3BAR/BIKER BAR/CLUB33ALL-GIRL HIGH SCHOOL2JAIL/PRISON19LAS VEGAS3We inquiry 100 single women...If you were shopping because that a husband, what component of a man would you squeeze prior to you buy him?98ARMS/BULGING BICEPS36HIS WALLET3HIS CINNAMON BUNS31HIS HAND2KEN STIFFY, JR.16HIS rose CHEEKS10We request 100 men...Name something you"re not too proud come beg for.98COOCHIE COOCHIE!32"HELP"4MONEY/RAISE28NEW CAR3FORGIVENESS17FOOD/MA"S TATERS14Name other a son does to convince his parental he"s also sick for school.98COUGHS29WHINES/MOANS/CRIES10BARFS/FAKE PUKE23SAD FACE/MOPES5HEATS THERMOMETER17HOLDS HIS TUMMY14Name other you can judge by how an excellent it smells.97FOOD/MILK/COFFEE70PERSON/MY HOOK UP3FLOWERS12SOAP2PERFUME6WINE4Name miscellaneous that"s explained as sharp.97KNIFE69RAZOR BLADE5NEEDLE8INTELLIGENCE3TACK7PENCIL5Name miscellaneous a mrs will execute with a baby or a Chihuahua.97HOLD/CUDDLE/CARRY65KISS5BABY TALK/COO11PET/RUB3FEED/BREAST-FEED7DRESS IN CLOTHES6Name miscellaneous that could come the end of a person"s nose.97SNOT/NEST O" BOOGERS64A SNEEZE2BLOOD12SODA/A DRINK2HAIR10AIR/BREATH7If a male stripper called himself Tarzan, what can he do during his act?97SWING/ON A VINE60WEAR LOINCLOTH3YELL15CLIMB TREE/POLE2BEAT HIS CHEST14STRIP/SHOW BANANA3Name something the dog guests each did to the casket in ~ Fido"s funeral.97PEED top top IT56PUT PAWS on IT3SNIFFED IT22WAGGED TAIL in ~ IT3LEFT BONE/TOY/TREAT7LICKED IT6Name an office supply you"d use to choose food the end of your teeth.97PAPER CLIP53LETTER OPENER8PAPER/ENVELOPE12TACK/PIN6STAPLE9PEN/PENCIL9What would you execute if a coworker maintained flirting v you at work?97FLIRT BACK36ASK out ON DATE4TELL THEM to STOP29KICK/SLAP THEM2IGNORE/DISTANCE15REPORT THEM11We inquiry 100 men...Name a food that makes a woman look sexy as soon as she eats it.97BANANA35SUCCULENT PEACH4STRAWBERRY31SPAGHETTI3ICE CREAM/POPSICLE14JUICY WIENER10Name a factor you"d fairly be a steed than a cow.97NOT KILLED/EATEN29I WANNA be RIDDEN4RUN FASTER27SMELL BETTER2HOT LOOKS/HAIR/BOD18NO UDDER/MILKING17We asked 100 married women...Fill in the blank: i still love my man, also though he doesn"t have a very good what?97JOB/INCOME24PHYSIQUE/BODY10PERSONALITY/"TUDE24HEAD of HAIR7BRAIN/MEMORY18FASHION STYLE14If you dated a fireman, surname something of his you could like come play with.96HIS FIRE HOSE61HIS DALMATIAN4HELMET/UNIFORM17THE FIRE POLE2HIS TRUCK/SIREN8SMOLDERING BOD/ROD4We request 100 married men...Name something around a chicken that could remind girlfriend of her wife.96ITS LEGS/THIGHS51ITS STRUT3ITS BREASTS31ITS SKIN2ITS WINGS/FLAPPING6ITS NECK3Name someone that tells you to lie earlier and relax.96DENTIST/HYGIENIST49MASSEUR/MASSEUSE4DOCTOR/GYNO25DOMINATING HOOKER3MY SPOUSE/MATE8MY THERAPIST/SHRINK7Name other that might bite you for which you would certainly require clinical attention.96SNAKE/RATTLESNAKE48RACCOON2BUG/BROWN RECLUSE22RAT2DOG20ALLIGATOR2Name something the world"s smallest piece club might have only among inside.96POLE45EMCEE2STRIPPER37BOUNCER2BATHROOM7STAGE3Name something civilization run across their lips.96CHAPSTICK/BALM44FOOD/JUICY CHERRY2TONGUE26ICE/WATER2LIPSTICK/GLOSS19FINGER3Instead the a bouquet, what might a stripper bride throw at she wedding?96PANTIES/G-STRING42CONDOMS2GARTER/BELT20HER DRESS2BRA/PASTIES15DOLLAR BILLS/$15What"s the worst thing someone can notice about you as you walk out of a publicly restroom?96FLY"S OPEN38MESSY HAIR/SEX HAIR3TP grounding ON ME30WET/DIRTY HANDS3WET clues ON PANTS12SKIRT UP/IN PANTIES10When the boss"s door is closed because that an hour, what"s going on in there?96THEY"RE SLEEPING39CHEWING OUT/FIRING7MEETING/WORKING21ONLINE/GAMES3PRIVATE CALL14POKING/HOT SECRETARY12Name other a man loves to invest time with due to the fact that it doesn"t talk.96PET/DOG33BOAT3TV/REMOTE28BOOK3CAR/TRUCK24BOOZE/BEER5If a male swims naked in the ocean, what sea creature could mistake his manhood because that food?95FISH/SHARK/JELLYFISH80OCTOPUS2TURTLE6DOLPHIN2CRAB3SEAL2Name something linked with cheerleaders.95POM-POMS73FOOTBALL/SPORTS3HOT UNIFORMS11DANCE/GYMNASTICS2BOUNCING BOOBS3CHEERS3We request 100 women...When friend close her eyes and get a sloppy kiss, what animal does the feel favor you"re kissing?95DOG72MONKEY/APE2FISH8COW2HORSE8CAMEL3Name something in a bedroom you expect doesn"t get broken while making whoopee.95BED/HEADBOARD68THE TV2BODIES/"DICKIE JR."14CONDOM/PETER PARKA2LAMP/LIGHTS6MIRRORS/OVER BED3Name a ar a guy goes for some incredible breasts and also legs.95RESTAURANT/KFC63THE GYM2STRIP JOINT19PLASTIC SURGEON2BAR/CLUB5HOME/BEDROOM4Name miscellaneous a woman could put in her bra.95MONEY62SOCKS3KLEENEX/T.P.21HER YUMMY BOSOMS2PHONE4FALSIES/PADS3Name miscellaneous a man can name ~ himself.95HIS SON/DAUGHTER61A SANDWICH2HIS CAR/TRUCK15HIS BOAT2HIS DOG11HIS MANACONDA4We inquiry 100 married men...Admit that -- surname something of your wife"s girlfriend use as soon as she"s no looking.95COMB/BRUSH57LOOFAH5NAIL CLIPPERS12TOOTHBRUSH5TWEEZERS11APRON5We inquiry 100 men...Name other you"d hate to be wearing once you wake up ~ a wild party.95PANTIES/GIRL DUDS56A CONDOM/USED2NOT A THING20A desk lamp SHADE2MY CLOTHES/SHOES8LIPSTICK/MAKEUP7Name other a pets psychologist go to do his patient feeling relaxed.95PETS/SCRATCHES54PLAYS/TOYS3GIVES FOOD/TREATS21MUSIC/ATOMIC DOG3TALKS/SOOTHINGLY8DRUGS/PET PROZAC6We request 100 men...When the woman you"re dating claims she has actually something important to tell you, what"s the very first thing girlfriend think of?95SHE"S PREGNANT53SHE demands MONEY3SHE"S DUMPING ME28SHE"S MARRIED2WANTS come MARRY ME6MEET she PARENTS3We inquiry 100 women...Name something her boyfriend stops doing that provides you suspect you"re around to it is in dumped.95CALLING/TEXTING45"I LOVE YOU"6TAKING ME OUT17HITTIN" my HOO-HA4KISSING ME15HOLDING ME/HANDS8What"s a bad plant to grow in a nudist colony?95POISON IVY/OAK44VENUS FLYTRAP3CACTUS37STINGING NETTLE2ROSE BUSH6THISTLE3We inquiry 100 men...What would you execute if you found out your girlfriend was posing nude because that money?95ASK because that A CUT/HALF42BE PROUD/BRAG5DUMP HER31GET copies OF PICS5MAKE her BUY DINNER7GET UPSET/ANGRY5Name something you require to have if you want to open a disco.95GROOVY TUNES/DJ35LICENSES/PERMITS4DISCO BALL35FUNKY LIGHTS3MONEY11DANCE FLOOR7Name miscellaneous that follows the native "boy."95BOY TOY28BOY WONDER6BOYFRIEND27BOY GEORGE2BOYHOOD23BOY SCOUT9Name something friend would favor Steve Harvey to give you.94MONEY/$1 MILLION73A brand-new CAR3BIG HUG/JUICY KISS6JOKES/LAUGHS3ADVICE6A VACATION3We request 100 married women...Even despite he"s your man, what carry out you dislike watching her husband do in the nude?94PEE/LAUNCH A DOODY57STRUT AROUND2BRUSH & FLOSS17THE DISHES2SHOWER13SHAVE3We request 100 women...Name other you"re pretty an excellent at figuring out about a guy on a first date.94CHARACTER/INTENTIONS50HYGIENE/WASHES NADS5PERSONALITY/HUMOR23HIS NAME3HIS IQ7IF HOMIE"S RICH6Two men fight end a woman. What could two females fight over?94MAN/CHRIS HEMSWORTH46WOMAN/BEYONCE3CLOTHES/SHOES31JEWELRY/RING2PURSE/HANDBAG8MONEY4We request 100 men...Name miscellaneous Popeye has that you wouldn"t want.94HIS GAL, OLIVE OYL42ONE EYE/SQUINTY EYE6PIPE/SMOKING HABIT21CANNED SPINACH5TATTOOS11ODD/GIANT ARMS9Name other a church could do to encourage men to attend church on Super bowl Sunday.94SHOW GAME/BIG TV41GIVE AWAY video game TIX2FREE FOOD/BEER38SERMON about GAME2QUICK/EARLY SERVICE9TAKE BETS2What carry out chickens have that you"re happy you don"t?94FEATHERS34WINGS7BEAK30CLAWED FEET7THIN/DRUMSTICK LEGS8EGGS to LAY8Name other rabbits need to really discover sexy around each other to mate so much.94LONG SUCKABLE EARS31NICE JUNK/HOT HUMP8SOFT colorful FUR29HOT FACE/PINK NOSE6SWEET FUNKY SCENT12BIG BUSHY TAIL8Name other that would be hard to eat if girlfriend only had one tooth.94APPLES28CARROTS2CORN ~ above THE COB27SANDWICH/GYRO2STEAK/MEAT27CHEWY CANDY/GUM8Name the worst place to be recorded in a lie.94CHURCH25POLICE STATION/JAIL10JOB/INTERVIEW24PARENTS" HOUSE2COURT/WITNESS STAND18HOME/IN BED15Give me a word that rhymes v "lucky."93DUCKY54MUCKY6PLUCKY15SUCKY3BUCKY8YUCKY7Name something a pair might decide to gain that starts through the letter "D."93DIVORCE41DILDO4DOG32DISHWASHER3DIAMOND8DINNER5We inquiry 100 women...Name some info you would tell your best friend because that her very own good.93HER MAN"S A HO/JERK34SLIM DOWN, PORKY!8SMELLS/BUTT BREATH20QUIT BOOZING, LUSH!5FASH"N POLICE COMING14FOOD-FILLED TEETH12When you to be a baby, friend loved her pacifier. What carry out you love sucking ~ above now?92CANDY/LOLLIPOPS65LEMONS/LIMES3HANDFUL O" HOOTERS12ICE CUBES2POPSICLES/ICE CREAM7BEER/BOTTLE3Name miscellaneous a lonely guy likes come squeeze due to the fact that it feels choose a woman.92PILLOWS59DOLL/BLOW-UP4MELONS13ORANGES2BALLOONS9BALL/STRESS BALL5We inquiry 100 women...What would you execute if a man asked you as soon as you were expecting your baby and you weren"t pregnant?92"I"M NOT!"/CUSS OUT48DIRTY LOOK/FROWN6HIT/SLAP HIM16MAKE increase A early DATE5WALK AWAY9CRY8Name something particular grandpa would certainly hate to uncover out grandma did through his toupee.92CLEANED HOUSE45WIPED her BUTT2THREW it AWAY21GAVE to DOG/TO WEAR2WASHED IT19DROPPED IN TOILET3Name something that would certainly be hard to execute if you only had actually one lip instead of two.92KISS42TALK5WHISTLE23SUCK4DRINK9EAT/CHEW9We inquiry 100 married people...Name a quite four-letter word you call your spouse.92BABE/BABY40BOBO2LOVE34CUTE2DEAR12DORK2Name the occupation of who who could cut you.92SURGEON/DR.39KNIFE THROWER3BUTCHER22SPORTS COACH2BARBER/HAIRDRESSER21CHEF/COOK5We inquiry 100 men...Name a place you could run right into your boss where you"d both agree to save it a secret.91STRIP JOINT56EATERY/WAFFLE HOUSE5BAR/CLUB15THE BATHROOM/STALL2PORN PALACE7MS. KITTY"S CATHOUSE6We inquiry 100 men...Fill in the blank: dear God, you re welcome don"t let me die in the center of what?91SEX/WITH my PILLOW53DESERT/NEW MEXICO2PEEING/A stormy POO15THE STREET/ROAD2TRAFFIC/DRIVING12A huge GAME7Name something actual housewives throw once they space drunk.91THEIR DRINK45A PARTY/ORGY4TANTRUM/INSULTS22HEELS/SHOESS4DISHES10BOTTLES6Name a reason you"d have to speak to 911 as soon as you"re do love.91INJURY/BROKE WEENIE38LOVER CROAKED4HEART ATTACK34LOST HANDCUFF KEY3STUCK TOGETHER7HOUSE/BED ~ above FIRE5Name a component of someone the some could say is as huge as an elephant.91BADONK31TALLYWACKER6EARS22BRAIN/MEMORY4NOSE21EGO7Name something large that many women would like to have.91HOUSE29BEYONCE"S BUTT8DOUBLE G HOOTERS23CAR/SUV5BANK ACCOUNT14RING/DIAMONDS12Fill in the blank: You"d it is in shocked if grandma ever announced to the family, "I"m" what?90PREGNANT48ENGAGED2GAY/CRAVING COOCH30OUTTA HERE/TRAVEL"G2A MAN/NAMED ELMER6DYING2Name something dogs tinkle on that would be weird to see a human being tinkle on.90FIRE HYDRANT41POLE/LAMPPOST5TREE/BUSH24TIRE5GRASS/MY LAWN9CHAIR/FURNITURE6Name a word that rhymes with "soup."90POOP36HOOP4COUPE/COOP25GROUP3LOOP17TROOP5We request 100 men...Name a state her wife"s behind is as huge as.90TEXAS29OHIO5RHODE ISLAND25ALASKA4CALIFORNIA19FLORIDA8Name someone you wish were alive and also all your impersonators were dead.89ELVIS67MICHAEL JACKSON4ROBIN WILLIAMS6WINSTON CHURCHILL3ABRAHAM LINCOLN5CHARLIE CHAPLIN4Name an occupation for which you have to have great moves.89PRO DANCER/BALLET58SALES/MARKETING3PRO SPORTS15WAITER2STRIPPER8NINJA3Name a location it would just be wrong because that a woman to be seen wearing a thong.89CHURCH/NUNNERY53BUFFET/RESTAURANT3STORE/MALL17FAMILY REUNION2WORK/OFFICE9WEDDING5Name a factor you can"t sit down.89SORE/PAIN/"RHOIDS52TOO BUSY/WORKING4NO SEATS13PANTS too TIGHT3GOTTA PEE/LAY CABLE9NERVOUS/HYPER8Name something part women used to perform with their dolls that currently they carry out with their men.89DRESS/UNDRESS51PLAY/HOUSE5KISS/CUDDLE14BATHE4FIX HAIR8TALK/BOSS AROUND7If grandpa got a divorce, where could he go to look for a new wife?89SENIOR HOME/CTR.45BINGO PARLOR7WEB/HOTGEEZER.COM12STORE/MALL6CHURCH10BAR9Fill in the blank: Old sufficient to what?89KNOW BETTER43DRIVE3DRINK/BEER31VOTE3DIE6CARE/NOT CARE3What"s the many embarrassing thing a cop could find in the stems of your car?89KINKY TOYS/DOLL36DRUGS5PANTIES/DIRTY DUDS18PORN5BODY/MY DEAD UNCLE16CONDOMS/X-SMALL9Santa brings coal to cheeky children. What might the Easter Bunny lug to them?89ROTTEN EGGS35ROCKS/STONES8HIS POOP23BAD/DIET CANDY5GRASS9VEGGIES/CARROT9Besides hay, surname something a farmer and also his wife could have a romp in.89FIELDS/COW PASTURE34ON THE TRACTOR4THEIR BED22PICKUP TRUCK4BARN/HORSE STABLE20MUD/PIG PEN5If grandpa shed his glasses, what could he squeeze thinking is grandma"s behind?88PILLOW/SOFA57HER LEG/THIGHS6THE DOG/CAT7HER SAGGY BOOBS4SOMEONE ELSE/A NUN7ORANGE/FRUIT7We request 100 men...Fill in the blank: Every girl I accomplish tells me I"m what?88HOT/HANDSOME52OLD4FUNNY/FUN14BRAINY/A NERD3NICE11A difficult WORKER4Name miscellaneous a woman with a great body might also have that"s no so great.88PERSONALITY/"TUDE51A MAN/DOUCHEY ONE4PEA-BRAIN12HEALTH/OOZING RASH3FACE the A WARTHOG12NASTY MANGLED FEET6We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous you"re sorry to say no man has actually never bought.88JEWELRY/RING50PERFUME5CAR17HOME/MY very own ISLAND3LINGERIE/CROTCHLESS7TRIP/TO PARIS6If your best hand was broken, surname something you"d need to start doing v your left.88WRITING46WIPING mine BOOTY4EATING16PUTTING on MAKEUP3WASHING DISHES13DRIVING6Name an chance that provides a guy very nervous.88WEDDING DAY44PROPOSING3DATE/BLIND DATE26JOB INTERVIEW3MEETING her FAMILY7VALENTINE"S DAY5Fill in the blank: If a mrs meets a male on FarmersOnly.com, he might be also attached to his what?88TRACTOR/PLOW44GOATS6COWS19SHEEP4HORSES8FARM/LAND7Name something feather breakers execute in Florida the grandpa can like to join in on.88DRINK/BEER PONG42SUNBATHE5SWIM/SKINNY-DIP20WATCH warm CHICKS4SPORTS/FISHING10DANCE7Oh no -- you intended to send naked pictures to her beloved. But they accidentally checked out who?88PARENTS39KIDS4BOSS/COWORKER23EX4FRIEND9BROTHER/SISTER9Name a certain place where you hate to view couples do out.88RESTAURANT24STORE/MALL11MOVIES/THEATER19CAR/MY earlier SEAT3PARK/PLAYGROUND16CHURCH15Name a type of location that can have mirrors set up on the ceiling.87HOTEL/MOTEL45FUN HOUSE7HOME/BEDROOM11STORE/DRESS"G ROOM6STRIP JOINT9BAR/CLUB9Name something people ride the isn"t as basic as talk a bike.87UNICYCLE29BULL/MECHANICAL5MOTORCYCLE/SCOOTER25CAMEL3SKATEBOARD13HORSE12Name something males do just like a bear.87SLEEP/SNORE25EAT10GROWL/ROAR22POOP/PEE/IN WOODS7SCRATCH12HUG/CUDDLE11Name something in the home that a woman could use come murder her husband.86KNIFE56ICE PICK3GUN15PILLS3POISON5POT/PAN4Name miscellaneous a woman hopes doesn"t break right before going the end on a large date.86SHOE/HEEL40HAIR DRYER3FINGERNAIL30HER WATER3BRA6CAR4Name a part of her lover"s human body you"d like to eat a chocolate mold of.86BOOBS/NIPS/PECS40DOODYMAKER6WONDER under UNDER18BEATING HEART4HOT special LIPS11HANDS/FINGERS7Name a bakery product people use when referring to components of their body.86BUNS36DONUT7MUFFIN/TOP22BREAD/BASKET4ROLLS9DOUGH8Name miscellaneous some world are no hope to get out of.85DEBT/TAXES45JURY DUTY5WORK/JOB14BAD/BLIND DATE3MARRIAGE/RELA"SHIP11JAIL7We asked 100 women...Name miscellaneous you"d have to gain used come if you married a pirate.85HIS HOOK/ONE HAND36HIS SCRUFFY BEARD6HIS PEG LEG15HIS PARROT6HIS EYE PATCH13THE SEA/SAILING9Name something physicians should have actually in your waiting room to do the wait more fun.85GAMES/VIDEO GAMES25COMPUTER/INTERNET8TV/MOVIES18FOOD/MILKSHAKE5OPEN BAR15MAGAZINES/PLAYBOY14When a guy is on the phone with his wife, what does she begin talking about that would make the pretend the call is break up?85CHORES/REPAIRS21HIS IN-LAWS10MONEY19THEIR CHILDREN5WHERE R U/TIME HOME?17SHOP"G/GO come STORE13Name a state whose world have a lot of attitude.84NEW YORK45MICHIGAN3CALIFORNIA23TEXAS3NEW JERSEY7GEORGIA3Name miscellaneous your next-door neighbors can"t it seems to be ~ to execute without making a most noise.84HAVE A PARTY24FIGHT/ARGUE9YARD WORK23VACUUM/CLEAN6"SUGAR THE COOKIE"11COME & GO/DRIVE OFF11Name something a smuggler hides things in.84LUGGAGE/BAG/POUCH23A CAVE3CLOTHES/SHOES20BOX/CRATE3BODY/POOP CHUTE19CAR/TIRE/TRUNK16We request 100 men...Name other a woman does that reflects she likes you.84SMILES23KISSES ME7PLAYS through HAIR20COOKS DINNER6WINKS/BATS EYELASHES19DRESSES SEXY9Fill in the blank: A woman can knock a man out through her what?84PURSE/HANDBAG21SHOES/STILETTOS7FIST/HAND21SHAPELY BADONK4BEAUTY18SWEATER PUPPIES13Name something that might be strong and silent.83PERSON/MUTE BOXER50STEEL/METAL4ANIMAL/TIGER14A TREE3FARTS8A ROCK4Name something particular that you revolve over.83PANCAKES44CAR/ENGINE5HOT SLOBBERY PILLOW12EGGS5MATTRESS9PAGES that BOOK8Name a sea biology that a scuba diver wouldn"t want to look in ~ him romantically.83SHARK36SQUID5OCTOPUS25EEL5WHALE7DOLPHIN5Name a ar where you view a the majority of nervous people.83DOCTOR/DENTIST OFC.35IRS/TAX OFFICE4COURTHOUSE24POLICE STATION/JAIL3HOSPITAL/E.R.11JOB INTERVIEW/WORK6We asked 100 men...Name other a dog have the right to do that you can"t.82LICK SELF/BUTT42SCRATCH NECK W/ LEG6SLEEP all DAY13WALK ON every FOURS6RUN FAST9BARK6Name miscellaneous a mrs gets because that herself because she"s exhausted of wait for a male to do it.82JEWELRY/RING39CANDY/CHOCOLATE4FLOWERS12CAR4CLOTHES/SHOES12VIBRATOR/BIG "O"11Give me the surname of an expensive car that a male might also name one of his children.82MERCEDES38JAGUAR3PORSCHE20BENTLEY3LEXUS13FERRARI5We inquiry 100 married men...Name other you prefer to clock your wife do.82COOK27BEND OVER5DRESS/UNDRESS19CLEAN4SLEEP14SHOWER13Name something that some men like little and some choose big.82KNOCKERS/NIPPLES24BUTTS10CARS/TRUCKS18DOGS3TINY GALS/BIG MAMAS14FOOD/PORTIONS13If her dog construed you, what would it not want to hear you talking about?81VET/SNIP SNIP38POOP/SCOOPING3SEX/FAVE POSITION25MY LOVE of CATS3BATH TIME8ANOTHER DOG4Name miscellaneous it would be average to placed in someone"s shoe.81STEAMING DOODY34BUG/TARANTULA5A TACK15GRAVEL/ROCKS3GUM12SUPER GLUE12Name something native her an initial wedding a bride might use again for her second.81DRESS/VEIL32BRIDESMAIDS6SHOES17CAKE TOPPER4GARTER BELT12THE RING/JEWELRY10Fill in the blank: A wife who desires to obtain her husband"s attention need to stand in former of the TV holding what?81BEER/BOOZE22HER eager JUGS/BOD9HER CLOTHES/UNDIES17WEAPON/AXE5THE REMOTE15FOOD/WINGS13Young lovers placed whipped cream on every other. What go an old couple put on each other?80BENGAY/MED OINTMENT48ICE CREAM3COVERS/BLANKET11CHOCOLATE3CLOTHES11LOTION/ANTI-WRINKLE4Name something an 80-year-old male might carry with that on a day with a 25-year-old.80VIAGRA/HIS MEDS42OXYGEN4MONEY/WALLET13EYEGLASSES4FLOWERS11HIS CANE/WALKER6Name something a man would never get criticized for doing in public however a woman would.80GOING SHIRTLESS37SCRATCH"G/THE GOODS5TAKING A SQUIRT22BOOZING/KEG STAND4CUSS/YELL/ARGUE6FLIRTING/CATCALLS6Name other it only takes two minutes to do.80BRUSH mine TEETH34COOK/MICROWAVE5PEE/SNAP A YAM14SHAVE4NOONER/QUICKIE12EAT/A SNACK11Name something the gets traction off.79MY PANTIES/CLOTHES52STUNT/PRANK3BAND-AID/BANDAGE12HAIR/BODY HAIR3ROBBERY/SCAM6LABEL/TAG3Name one expression with words "bottom" in it.79BOTTOMS UP38BOTTOM LINE6ROCK-BOTTOM15BOTTOM OUT5BOTTOM-FEEDER8...OF THE BARREL7Name a place you"ve learned to save your mouth shut if you want to stay out the trouble.76WORK23SCHOOL10CHURCH13POLICE STATION/JAIL7COURT13HOME/BEDROOM10Besides "hooters," give me an additional word or words because that breasts the a bar might call itself.75JUGS18TA-TAS9BOOBS/BOOBIES15TWIN PEAKS7KNOCKERS15MELONS11Give me a word beginning with "H" a man could use to define his wife.72HOT/HOTTIE31HONEST7HAPPY12HORNY5HONEY9HAG8Name something that offers a mrs a lift.71A good BRA28A COMPLIMENT7FOOD/SWEETS15SPA DAY5FLOWERS8HOOKER HEELS8After she marries him, surname a particular activity a woman would hate to discover out her male likes to execute in the nude.71EXERCISE/JOG15CLEAN HOUSE9COOK/FRY CHICKEN14DANCE8WATCH TV/JUDGE JUDY13YARD WORK/GARDEN12Name other you execute to your dog that you wouldn"t perform to your best friend.69PET/RUB BELLY26MEDICAL STUFF/NEUTER7BATHE/GROOM THEM11FEED HIM/ON FLOOR7WALK THEM/ON A LEASH10KISS/LET LICK ME8A kid could say, "I witnessed mommy kissing Santa Claus.

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And I witnessed daddy kissing" who?69MRS. CLAUS22THE SITTER/NANNY7MOMMY17RUDOLPH/REINDEER6THE NEIGHBOR9AN ELF8Name a state where you see several guys through mullet haircuts.69ALABAMA21TEXAS8CALIFORNIA12NEW YORK5ARKANSAS12TENNESSEE11Fill in the blank: most men have learned to never come between a woman and her what?68CHILDREN23HAIR/APPOINTMENT5MOM/PARENTS17DOG/KITTY5SHOES/CLOTHES12CHOCOLATE/SWEETS6Name someone who"s a lot much less intimidating if you photo them in just their underwear.68MY BOSS23DAD5PRESIDENT/OBAMA17SPOUSE/MATE4TEACHER10POLICE OFFICER9Name other you"d hate to discover you slept on top of every night long.68BUGS/SPIDERS17IRONED/DIRTY CLOTHES6PEE/POO16MY GLASSES6PET/BOA CONSTRICTOR12PERSON/SOMEONE UGLY11Name something the gets pulled.67HAIR18TAFFY5PORK16MY FINGER4TEETH16WAGON8Name something civilization swap.67CLOTHES/SHOES16BOOKS8PHONE NUMBERS14RECIPES6STORIES/GOSSIP13SPIT/GERMS10Keeping it clean, name another word or expression for having actually sex.66MAKING LOVE35NOOKIE4DOING IT10ROLL IN THE HAY3MAKING WHOOPEE8INTERCOURSE6Name something of your you"d think about selling if the price to be right.65MY CAR/TRUCK31RECORDS/CDS/DVDS5MY HOUSE13MY BOD/TIGHT BOOTY4JEWELRY/WED"G RING7MY COMPUTER/LAPTOP5Name something yes, really old men wear that makes you laugh.65SUSPENDERS20HATS7HAIRPIECES14BOW TIES5SOCKS W/ SANDALS10PANTS as well HIGH9Name a mrs who has actually curve appeal.65KIM KARDASHIAN15MARILYN MONROE7BEYONCE14SHAKIRA4JENNIFER LOPEZ13SOFIA VERGARA12Name miscellaneous that"s harder to do when your hands room huge.64THREAD NEEDLE/SEW22BUTTON SHIRT5DIAL/TYPE/TEXT16GUITAR/INSTRUMENT4TIE SHOE/KNOT9FIX/CLASP JEWELRY8We request 100 married women...Name an pet your guy looks like when he runs.63APE/MONKEY14CHEETAH9TIGER12HIPPOPOTAMUS8HORSE11LEOPARD9Name something the starts with words "tax."62TAXIDERMY20TAX EVASION5TAXI/TAXICAB17TAXPAYER5TAX BREAK9TAX REFUND6Name a TV host who should be on everybody"s "best dressed" list.62STEVE HARVEY18PAT SAJAK4JAY LENO15OPRAH WINFREY4RYAN SEACREST12ALEX TREBEK9If you designed your own coffin, name something you can put in it just in case.59PHONE26BIBLE4TOOLS/SHOVEL11MONEY4OXYGEN/MASK9BOOZE/BEER5Whipped cream can be fun, yet name other you would certainly not want your girlfriend spreading all over your body.58PEANUT BUTTER17JELLY6HONEY14HOT SAUCE/TOBASCO4BUTTER9CHOCOLATE/HOT FUDGE8Name miscellaneous you"d need to be dead to sleep through.54EARTHQUAKE15SNORING7TORNADO10EXPLOSION/BOMB6SEX8FIRE/ALARM8Back come index