Work/School(33 points)Party(18 points)Shopping Center(13 points)Gym(12 points)Church(10 points)Park(7 points)Beach(6 points)

2. Name A location That Gets crowded At The finish Of A occupational Day(7 answers)

Bar(26 points)Highway(20 points)Bank(18 points)Public Transit(9 points)Shopping Center(9 points)Grocery Store(7 points)Restaurant(6 points)

3. Surname A Public place That you Can nearly Never Park appropriate In prior Of.(7 answers)

Hospital(26 points)Police Station(18 points)Courthouse(12 points)Shopping Center(11 points)Post Office(10 points)Bank(10 points)School(7 points)

4. Name Something A Person might Accidentally leave Behind In A Taxicab.(7 answers)

Purse/Wallet(36 points)Cell Phone(17 points)Coat(13 points)Keys(9 points)Briefcase/Suitcase(9 points)Umbrella(9 points)Shopping Bags(3 points)

5. Surname A Public ar Where You’re most likely To capture A Cold Or Flu Bug(7 answers)

School(41 points)Hospital(21 points)Airplane(10 points)Doctor’s Office(9 points)Public Transit(6 points)Shopping Center(6 points)Work(5 points)

6. Name Something world Don’t prefer To Start(7 answers)

Fight/Arguement(29 points)Housework/Cleaning(20 points)Diet(18 points)Books(7 points)Homework(6 points)Job/Work(6 points)Xmas Shopping(5 points)

7. Surname Something You might Find In A person’s Shopping dare If lock Planning A Romantic Dinner(7 answers)

Bottle the Wine(45 points)Candles(26 points)Whipped Cream(5 points)Strawberries(5 points)Champagne(5 points)Oysters(3 points)Flowers(3 points)

8. Surname The Month Most world Start shopping For vacation Presents.(7 answers)

November(48 points)October(20 points)September(9 points)December(8 points)August(6 points)January(3 points)June(3 points)

9. Surname A location That Gets crowded At The end Of A work Day.(7 answers)

Bar(26 points)Highway(20 points)Bank(18 points)Public Transit(9 points)Shopping Center(9 points)Grocery Store(7 points)Restaurant(6 points)

10. Surname A form Of keep You’d find In Just around All shopping Malls.(7 answers)

Clothing(26 points)Shoe Store(16 points)Bookstore(15 points)Toy Store(14 points)Food(13 points)Department Store(11 points)Videogame(5 points)

11. Name Something males Enjoy shopping For.(2 answers)

Tools(44 points)Cars(30 points)

12. Name The Month Most human being Start shopping For vacation Presents.(2 answers)

November(48 points)December(8 points)

13. Surname a type Of Shopping the Many people Dislike Doing.(2 answers)

Grocery(58 points)Christmas(26 points)

14. Surname A kind Of keep You’d uncover In Just about All purchase Malls(2 answers)

Clothing(26 points)Department(11 points)

15. Name Something A human being Pushes That has actually Wheels(4 answers)

Shopping CartStrollerLawn MowerWheel Barrow

16. Name An price That Goes increase In The Month that December(5 answers)

Grocery BillGift/ to buy BudgetTravel ExpensesHeating BillElectric Bill


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Surname Something girlfriend Take through You as soon as You walk Shopping(5 answers)

Money Purse / Wallet List Bag The Kids 

18. Name Something girlfriend Buy A box Of as soon as Shopping(6 answers)