You could have just got your 20 mainly scan done and also know the you’re going come be parental to a darling little baby boy. In addition to scheduling checkups, planning approximately work and organising her finances, the one point you most likely think about a lot is what to name your baby boy. We imply you go for among these names on our list of best Japanese baby boy names!

Why pick A Japanese name For your Baby?

You want a name that’s meaningful, catchy, and also unique. Japanese baby young names happen to be simply that! Not just are castle unique however they additionally hold definitions that are either strong, beautiful or both.

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If you choose one through the meaning in consideration, it can even reflect what her child’s personality or characteristics will be like when they prosper up. Having a deep definition to your tiny one’s name can also make them was standing out.

This is why we’ve do a list of the 193 best Japanese baby boy names girlfriend can choose from.

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193 finest Japanese Baby boy Names


Check out these wonderful names top top our list of best Japanese baby names. | Source: Max Pixel

To obtain you began on picking a surname for your tiny boy, we’ve made whole list that Japanese baby young names along with their meanings. The list is substantial with end a hundred selections to provide you a lot of of options in what come name her baby.

Japanese baby young names


Aitosea, ocean
AkioBright man, manly, hero
AsasPhysician and a healer; a beautiful morning
BenjiroEnjoys peace
ChibiShort person or small child
ChiharuSprings and also clear skies
ChikafusaThe near one
ChikaoA clever and wise individual
ChikoA pledge
ChimonGate that wisdom
DaichiFrom the earth
DaidoThe best means possible
DaikiThe noble one; filled through radiance and light
DaisukeThe big one
DannoGathering; to put together
DenjiOne who has electromagnetic power
EitoA an extremely prosperous person; they room kind-hearted
EnmeiBright circle or life-sustaining
FumihiroRefers extensive condemnation
GenkeiThe one that deserves honour and integrity
GiichiOne Rule, the righteous one
GinjiroGood silver
GouStrong and an effective just like a mountain
HabikiEcho, sound
HachirouEighth son; A variant warrior is Hachiro
HakakuWhite, older brothers (Japanese) lord
HansukeA very helpful friend
HaruBorn in the Spring; clean up; Sun; sunlight
HarueSpring bough; sunshine
HarukiSpring wood; clear up; radiance; sunshine
HarukoSpring child; sunshine; clear up; radiance; firstborn child
HayateFresh breeze; smooth
HibikiEcho; sound
HideakiBright, excellent
HidekiExcellence, esteem, excellent
HideoExcellent masculine child; fantastic Man
HideyoshiExcellence, esteem, an excellent luck
HiroakiSpreading brightness; radiance and also gloriousness
HirohitoPlentiful benevolence or goodwill; numerous benevolence
HirokiLarge sparkle; numerous joy and strength
HiromichiBroad street; Wilde street
HiromitsuLarge light; extensive radiance
HironoriBenevolent ruler; tolerant ruler
HiroshiGenerous; benevolent; tolerant
HirotoFly far; big flight
HiroyukiA many happiness; large happiness
HiryurA dragon who flies; a versatile and also spontaneous individual
HisahitoVirtuous; calm and also everlasting
HisaoStory of life; life story
HisashiAlways through you; a long time intention
HisatoOne through a lengthy life
HisokiSecretive; reserved; a variant of Hisoka
HitoshiEqual; level; even-tempered
HyousukeEven-tempered; a soldier who is really helpful
JiroSecond Son; following son
JobenEnjoy cleanliness
JobonThe one that enjoys cleanliness
JomeiAlways bring joy and love music
JunichiroHe who takes
JunpeiPure; genuine; innocent; considerate; kind
JurouTenth Son; a different of Juro
KaitoSea, ocean
KaiyoTo forgive
KaminThe one filled with joy
KatsuroThe win of the son
KazuThe an initial one
KazueThe favour that harmony and peace
KazuoThe firstborn child
KazuyaThe calm and also peaceful one
KazzHe who renders peace
KeijiRespect, two, or governs with discretion
KeitaroBlessed, huge gift
Ken’ichiHealthy, strong
KenjiStrong and vigorous, a wise second son
KentaroBig man, large boy
KenzouStrong and healthy
KeolaKanzou way wise and three
KiyoshiHe is pure
KoTo plough, or to cultivate
KoichiHappiness and one
KojiTo light the way
KojiiAbundance and also two
KouichiHappiness, one
KousukeClear and inlet
KoyaA clever and also quick-witted leader
KunikoThe child from the country
KuraimDark and gloomy
KurapatiA residence of treasures
KuroThe 9th son
KyosukeWith respect
LawlietName the the personality in the Japanese series Death Note, a made-up name
MareoHe who is rare
MariseOne that is infinite, endless
MaruSomething precious; supplied to suffix in Japanese names
MasaTrue sand
MasakazuFirst child of Masa
MasaoA saint
MatsuA jaw tree
MichiakiRoad, path, way, lane, street
MikiA tree
MinoruThe procedure of a tree when it bear fruit when fruit grow on a tree
NamikoA kid of the tide or a surfing child
NaoAn ethical person, who never ever lies
NaokiTruthful and also open tree
NaoyukiStraightforward and also glee
NaozumiFrank and cheerfulness
NatsuoThe one who concerned this people during summer season
NoboruIncrease or increase or triumphant
NoburuGetting wider or bigger
NoritakaCommandment and dedicated virtue
NotinOne which is round and nothing less
OshinA surname from the titular famed television series
RadenGod that thunder
RaedenThunder God
RaiThunder and lightning
RaidonGod of thunder
RaijinA spirit of thunder
ReijiCourteous child; A well-mannered baby; kind and also well-behaved
RenzoThe 3rd son in the family
RikiA man of power and strength
RikutoA human being of the land
RingoOne who is favor an apple
RukaBright blue flower; spiritual
RyoOne that is a survivor; come exceed, survive or excel
RyotaClear, refreshing or other good
RyotoA person who is prefer a dragon
RyuTo it is in mighty together a dragon
RyuuDragon; a variant spelling is Ryu
RyuuseiOne who is reborn together holy and prosperous
SaburoJapanese name definition brightness
SachihiroA wide happiness
SamuruHis surname is God
SasukeA helper
SeiichiA firstborn son
SeiuaName because that an arrow star or the almighty pure father figure
SetoSurname, way white
ShichiroA saturday son
ShinA human being who is real, genuine
ShinjiroOne that is a pure and true person
ShintaA human who develops, cultuvates things
ShiroThe 4 sons
ShoOne who will soar
ShohtaA thick, large person
ShomaReaching because that truth
ShouOne that soars and also glides
ShoutaA huge person who soars
ShunsukeHe that is a sagacious help
ShusukeOne that learns to meditate
SoujiOne who is a general director
SoutaA sudden sound of the wind
SuguruAn eminent person
SuzuA man who resides long
TadaakiFaithful light
TadashiA servant the is loyal and faithful; right one
TaemonOne with good morals; well-behaved person
TaichiA special or large one
TaigaBig and also well-mannered person
TaikiBig, an excellent tree; complete of brightness
TajiThe yellow and silver colour
TakahiroAbundantly respectful and also loving
TakaiThe next world
TakashiDevoted piety
TakatoPrecious measure of exaltation
TakayaOne who has much respect because that someone
TakeoWarrior, one that fights because that his kingdom
TakuYoung, living just for a tiny time yet
TakumaAn open truth
TamakiA boy that is a true gem
TaroHe who is a huge boy
TarouA huge son
TatsuyaSign of the dragon
TeijoA righteous boy
TetsuyaAn smart philosopher
TohruA transparent person
TokyoThe capital to the East
TomicheA wealthy and prosper person
TomiichiOne that is wealthy and also prosper
TomohiroA huge or large wisdom or knowledge
TomoyaA wise or an clever person
ToshiroA talented or smart person
TsukiyaResembles the white moon

Inspired to name your baby native our perform of the finest Japanese baby young names? allow us recognize in the comments!