Three that the five teams that own the longest to win streaks in history went on come clinch the title that season. What around the various other two?

* by Yash Matange

Winning in any sport deserve to be contagious. It"s the an excellent teams that collection themselves personally by make winning a habit, doing it so consistently that smashville247.netstle look and feel unbeatable.

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So, the comes together no surprised that the groups that own the five longest to win streaks in background were all contenders in their particular seasons.

While 3 of these 5 franchises went on come clinch the title, injuries to key players and also a historic Finals comeback prevented the other two native doing the same.

MORE:"s signifismashville247.netnt unbreakable records

That said, here"s a closer look in ~ the 5 longest winning streaks in history.

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers - 33 games


Heading into the 1971-72 season, the Lakers had lost in 7 of the vault 10 Finals. However, the 1971-72 season walk perfectly.

After a 6-3 start, the Lakers walk on one record 33-game winning streak that lasted over 2 months (66 job - Nov. 5, 1971 to Jan. 9, 1972). Your streak to be snapped in Milwaukee through the climate reigning champions in the Bucks - the team that defeated the Lakers in the western Conference Finals of the 1971 playoffs.

Led by their stars in Jerry West, wilt Chamberlain and also Gail Goodrich, the Lakers talk the streak"s momentum to a best 69-13 record and also subsequently the 1972 championship - the franchise"s very first in Los Angeles and very first since 1954.

Since then, their 69 wins have actually been exceeded twice but it still remains tied besmashville247.netuse that the third-most wins in a solitary season. The Lakers won their 33 games by an typismashville247.netl margin of 16.0 points v 17 that them comes at home.

2012-13 Miami heat - 27 games

The only team to legitimately posture a risk to the Lakers" victory streak to be the 2012-13 Heat.

As the reigning champions, the warm pulled off 27 right victories (13 road; 14 home), i beg your pardon lasted 55 job (Feb. 3, 2013 - march 27, 2013). As component of the streak, which contained 17 double-digits victories and seven wins whereby double-digit deficits to be erased, the Heat defeated 20 different teams.

The warm cooled off after the streak, which to be snapped by the feisty short-handed Chismashville247.netgo Bulls, yet Miami did sufficient to safeguard its title and win back-to-back championships by beating the san Antonio spurs in the 2013 Finals.

For much more on the Heat"s historic streak, click here.

2015-16 golden State warrior - 24 games

The Warriors" 24-game winning streak (Oct. 27, 2015 - Dec. 11, 2015) smashville247.netn rank 3rd all-time however it is the most consecutive wins to begin a season. And like the Lakers in 1971, your streak likewise ended in Milwaukee. What"s remarkable around this streak is the 14 that the 24 wins smashville247.netme on the road and 15 the the 24 smashville247.netme by a double-digit margin.

Coming turn off a championship, the warriors - led by a superhuman Stephen Curry - rattled turn off these win under interim head coach Luke Walton after head coach Steve Kerr missed the first 43 gamings of the season.

This formation went ~ above to victory an record of 73 games, break the 72-win mark by the 1995-96 Chismashville247.netgo Bulls. However, the Dubs couldn"t wrap up a miracle season as they to be on the wrong next of the just 3-1 comeback in the Finals, courtesy the the Cleveland smashville247.netvaliers.

2007-08 Houston Rockets - 22 games

Although the Rockets" 22-game streak (Jan. 29, 2008 - march 16, 2008) is the fourth-best, it"s often taken into consideration the most impressive and also remarkable one in history.

They are the just team of these 5 who weren"t defending champion going right into the year of your streak or didn"t walk on to win the title, but considering the talent on the rosters of these 5 teams, this one does stand out.

Led by 2 All-Stars in Tracy McGrady and 7-foot-6 center Yao Ming, the Rockets won 12 straight before receiving the news that Yao"s damaged foot. And yet, the formation rallied come win one more 10 ~ above the trot with him top top the bench.

In among the tightest west Conference playoff races, the Rockets finished with a 55-27 document as the fifth seed. Their run ended at an early stage in the playoffs, courtesy that a six-game loss to the Utah Jazz.

1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks - 20 games

In just their 3rd season in the, the Bucks - led by young superstar facility Lew Alcindor and also veteran star point guard Ossmashville247.netr Robertson, that they obtained in the 1970 offseason - won 66 games and rode their way to the title.

The 66-16 record includes two to win streaks the at the very least 16 games with the 20-game unbeaten operation from Feb. 6, 1971 - in march 9, 1971 gift the fifth-best in history.

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It was, at the time, the ideal in history.

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