teams are 0-142 all-time after falling behind 3-0 in best-of-seven series, the very same hole Denver find itself ~ Phoenix dominates game 3.


Behind yet an additional dominating performance from the backcourt duo of kris Paul and also Devin Booker, who combined for 55 points, Phoenix take it a commanding 3-0 lead in this best-of-seven series Friday through a 116-102 success in a video game 3 more lopsided than the last tally indicated.

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No team falling behind 3-0 in a playoff series has ever before recovered to advance (0-142 all-time) to the following round, and also Phoenix continues to prove it isn’t conceding anything going right into Sunday’s potential closeout game at round Arena.

“This is the an initial time in my career I’ve ever been up 3-0 in a series,” stated Paul, who has developed 34 assists in the series with simply three turnovers when scoring 30 complete points in the fourth quarter top top 12-of-13 shooting. “So, simply staying in the moment, understanding the prestige of every game and knowing, too, that also though its 3-0, as long as they’re end there being led by Mike Malone, that team end there is gonna keep fighting.”

The instance reminds us all of how Denver came to be the only team in history last year in the balloon to bounce earlier in the very same postseason from two deficits the 3-1.

The problem is the Nuggets need to discover a means just to obtain to the “one.”

“The atmosphere is absolutely one that frustration,” Denver coach Michael Malone said. “My just thing to our guys is, we’re down 3-0. Us can’t shot to win four games in a row in game 4. Our totality focus is on make the efforts to success a game. The last point I want to view is the Phoenix Suns advertise a broom across that court after video game 4. The one thing I don’t desire is for united state to go out just quietly into that good night. Ns hope we present some actual fight and also resolve and also force this collection to go earlier to Phoenix for a video game 5.”

Better third-quarter performances native the Nuggets could serve together a solid starting point. Phoenix has actually outscored the Nuggets by at the very least nine points in the 3rd of all three games.

Denver trailed by just 4 points at intermission in this one, just to clock Phoenix race away with an 8-2 operation over the final 1:58 that the third to go up 14 point out headed right into the last frame.

“It definitely wasn’t something on mine part, no a schematic thing or part clever speech,” stated Williams, who timeout preceded the surge. “I’m simply grateful we’ve had actually those varieties of third quarters. I wish I could give friend something come write about some chess item that I relocated or something. We’ve been able to acquire stops and consecutive stop in the third quarter and also that really gives us a the majority of energy and also juice since we can gain out in transition.”

The juice Williams described definitely dripped onto the pages of the last game book, together Phoenix outscored Denver 12-2 top top the break, in enhancement to pouring in 20 points off the Nuggets’ 14 turnovers.

It still wasn’t sufficient of a counterpunch come floor the Suns led through Booker and also Paul, that finished with 28 and also 27 points, respectively. Take it Jokic out of the equation, and Booker and Paul nearly doubled up Denver’s other four starters by themselves. Jokic and also Michael Porter Jr. Finished as the just double-digit scorers in the Nuggets starting lineup, shoot a an unified 18 the 42 native the field and 5 of 12 native deep.

All the Phoenix’s starters once again scored in twin figures.

Will Barton and Monte Morris tallied a linked 35 points off the bench for Denver, which can need the duo come play much more minutes in video game 4 to protect against elimination.

Having captured six right wins this postseason through an typical margin of success of 17.8 points, Phoenix is just one win away from proceeding to the west Conference finals for the first time because 2010. The Suns are 2-0 all-time as soon as they lead a collection 3-0.

Denver, meanwhile, is comes off three consecutive losses because that the first time due to the fact that early February.

“I think the mindset is, let’s try and leave whatever out there,” Jokic said. “If us lose, we’re out. So, we just need come go out there, fight and also give everything we’ve obtained in video game 4. That’s the mindset.”

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