Are you trying to find the closest airport to the outer Banks? The answer varies relying on where girlfriend are staying along the 200-mile wire of obstacle islands. While countless of our tourists fly right into Norfolk international Airport or Raleigh Durham, over there are additionally several smaller sized airports the are lot closer to the islands. Here are several of our height recommendations! For more local tips about the area, make certain to request accessibility to our complimentary Outer financial institutions Vacation Guide!

Major Airports close to the outer Banks

Norfolk global Airport

If you prefer to fly right into a significant airport, climate Norfolk worldwide is the closestly airport come the external Banks. Just 82 miles north the the islands, the drive from Norfolk Airport come the Outer financial institutions takes about 2.5 hours. As soon as you land, you deserve to rent a auto from among eight on-site rental companies. Or, take an Outer banks airport spaceship to your last destination. Servicing most major cities worldwide, this is among the many popular options for flights to the external Banks, NC.

Raleigh Durham international Airport

Another alternative is Raleigh Durham international Airport, i beg your pardon is 192 mile from the external Banks. Back this airport is a further away, the drive to the archipelago is exceptionally scenic. Along the way, you’ll pass lengthy bridges, gorgeous waterways, and several fast food options. The journey from Raleigh to the Outer banks to take all over from four to 5 hours. Buckle up and enjoy the views!

Other small Airports in the external Banks

In addition to the two major airports in our area, there space several local airports here. Although smaller in size, the adhering to are much closer come the islands:

Dare County regional Airport

Located one mile indigenous Manteo, this public airport has actually two runways and also is owned by the ar of Dare. Operated by a nine-member crew, the plane is small but efficient. The operates with AWOS weather service, DME, VOR, and ADF navigational equipment. There is additionally an on-site museum located in the west end of the terminal building. If you pick to fly into this airport, make sure to protect against by and also browse through the WWII artifacts, photos, and documents on display.

Ocracoke Island Airport

This public-use airplane is just one nautical mile east of Ocracoke Island. Own by the U.S. National Park Service, the Ocracoke Island airport is situated on the Cape Hatteras national Seashore. On-site is a 3,000-foot-long runway and a helipad. The is activate by the phibìc Carolina department of Transportation.

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Billy Mitchell plane

Also located on the Cape Hatteras national Seashore in Frisco, NC, the Billy Mitchell airport is available for publicly use. This airplane was named after basic Billy Mitchell, a WWI pilot who is concerned as the father of United claims Air Force. It is also really close to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Own by the U.S. National Park Service, the has minimal facilities and is just open throughout daylight hours.

First flight Airstrip

Also called Kitty hawk Airport, the first Flight Airstrip is in Kill adversary Hills, NC. That is owned by the U.S. National Park Service and also open because that public use. Indeed the most famed airport closest to the outer Banks, this was additionally the website of the wright Brothers very first flight in 1903. Presently, this runway is largely used by tiny Cessna aircraft. However, it is quiet a wonderful place to visit! if you space there, make sure to examine out the nearby Wright brother Memorial for a important unforgettable experience.

Currituck County local Airport

This county-owned, public-use airplane is four miles native Currituck. Developed by the U.S. Air pressure in 1942, it to be originally offered as one emergency landing airfield for armed forces planes. Now, that is offered as a general aviation facility v one runway.

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Where space the ideal Accommodations in the external Banks?


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