The 4 steps for staining concrete are: surface ar preparation, stain application (pictured), residue removal and also sealer application.

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Staining concrete is a great way to include color to an otherwise dull surface. The concrete staining process takes around 2 days, is moderately complicated and fairly affordable. Brand-new concrete have to be completely cured before staining, which takes between 21 and 28 days.

Whether you"re a professional wanting to include staining come your arsenal or a homeowner who loves a DIY challenge, here are the actions for staining concrete:

Clean and prepare the concreteApply the concrete stainClean up and also neutralize the stainSeal your concrete for long-term protection

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Before obtaining started, you’ll should decide ~ above the kind of stain you will do it be using and also what color. Acid stains are an excellent for developing rich, variegated earth tones. Water-based stains offer more color choices, are user-friendly and also safe.

There are a couple of differences in between how acid and water-based stains space applied. Mountain stains need much more time to react with the concrete and require neutralization, if water based stains need added surface preparation to open up the concrete.


Concrete stripper (sealed concrete only)Concrete cleaner or degreaserEtching equipment (water-based stains only)Neutralizer (acid stains only)SealerRoller or sprayerMask or respiratorGlovesGogglesRubber bootsScrub brushPlastic bucketBootiesPressure washerScraperHose with spray nozzleShop vacuum Plastic sheetingTape



Apply the Concrete Stain

After the concrete has actually been cleaned or ground, that is time to use the really stain. Here"s how:

Mask turn off area to safeguard door frames, walls, etc. Dilute stain v water to desired ratio (see your manufacturer’s recommendations for specifics). Permit the newly used stain dry. Dry times will certainly vary based on temperature, humidity and air flow. In optimum conditions, the concrete will certainly be dry to the touch in 15-20 minutes; however, the total cure time is 24 hours. Repeat if an ext color strongness is desired. Most stain manufacturers recommend waiting a few hours in between applications.

Clean increase & Neutralize the Stain

Once the stain has been applied, cleanup is required. Right here is a typical cleanup process:

Rinse the concrete v clean water until the water runs clear.

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Usage a soft bristled brush or broom to loosen any kind of stubborn residue before the final rinsing.