The Nintendo 3DS proved to be a well-known handheld console, and it also had some great limited edition designs. These room by far the best!

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though many can argue that the Nintendo 3DS console family members is currently dead, with it gift superseded by the Nintendo Switch, it is undoubtedly one the the best gaming consoles ever released.

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there are many consoles that fall under the 3DS banner; the original 3DS, the 3DS XL, the new 3DS and also 3DS XL, and the 2DS and the new 2DS XL. That course, the 2DS consoles don"t have actually 3D capabilities. As with any beloved console, pan absolutely adore owning a shining looking limited edition and also Nintendo delivered quite a few awesome editions during the 3Ds" lifetime. Examine out ten of the coolest limited edition designs simply below.

The Persona Q collection is a spin-off the the Persona and also Shin Megami Tensei franchises the offers much more of a dungeon crawl format, and also elements indigenous the key game. The an initial Persona Q game released in 2014 and featured characters from both Persona 3 and also Persona 4.

to coincide v the release, Nintendo introduced a restricted edition 3DS XL the takes top top the appearance of the Grimoire. Nintendo cleverly utilizes the open and close nature that the console to parallel the iconic book used in the Velvet Room in the game. However, this console walk not encompass a copy of the game.

once the new 3Ds version released, the received combined criticism. The removable faceplates expected that you might easily adjust the watch of her console, yet this likewise meant any limited edition console was in reality just minimal edition faceplates.

nevertheless of this, the Pokémon 20th Anniversary minimal edition brand-new 3DS brought plenty that nostalgia ago for fans through its retro Pokémon Red and also Blue faceplates, with each console include both sets. The console corresponded with the re-release that the generation one Pokémon games for digital console ~ above 3DS in 2016. This restricted edition came v Pokémon Red and also Blue pre-installed, together well as one exclusive residence menu theme.

because that the release of Monster Hunter 4 ~ above 3DS in 2013, Japan got two different restricted edition consoles, Airu White (as shown above) and Goa Magara Black, i m sorry was black with assorted gold emblem decorations. The consoles contained a physical copy of the game.

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The white variation is adorable, extended with the countless faces the Felynes (or Airus together they are well-known in Japan), and with two small Felyne characters in the bottom right. This much more muted architecture looks quite stylish when still offering out plenty of cute vibes.

This gorgeous black and gold Nintendo 3DS console was released especially for the 25th anniversary that The Legend of Zelda in 2011. It came bundled with a physical copy of The Legend the Zelda: The Ocarina that Time 3D, a remaster the the initial Nintendo 64 game from 1998.

This sleek and advanced design featured yellow emblems on the front and back, such together the Triforce and ocarina, and also featuring yellow detailing on the inside on the buttons and also sliders.

Super stop Bros. is among Nintendo"s most renowned franchises, so as soon as the series was set to obtain a brand-new title for 3DS in 2014, it come as no surprised that a restricted edition console released too. The design really pops with the monochrome personalities standing out versus the colored backdrop.

There to be actually 2 variants available, v the red variation releasing an initial and the blue one shortly afterward. Interestingly, if Europe and also Australia likewise received the red version, north America to be the only nation to relax the blue variant.

regardless of the fairly unfortunate placement of the cameras, this limited edition Pikachu console is still unbelievably adorable. The bright colour coupled with the iconic Pokémon mascot top top the front is a to win design, and pan love that Pikachu"s tail goes onto the ago cover also.

This vivid console exit in 2013 for phibìc America, with Japan and also Europe receiving a tiny earlier in 2012. Pikachu has graced the prior of a couple of limited execution 3DS/2DS consoles in his time, yet the bold architecture of this one provides it stand the end from the others.

This stunning console was just released in Japan, but its style is for this reason visually appealing the it absolutely made the rest of united state in other nations super jealous. The console coincided with the release of SD Gundam G Generation 3D, which additionally only released in Japan, in 2011.

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The console came bundled through a physics copy the the game, and a couple of cards that featured lover chibi Gundams. The former cover quotes the series" antagonist-turned-protagonist Char Aznable, "In war, to keep the top hand, you need to think 2 or three procedures ahead of your enemy."

In 2017, Nintendo made decision to gives fans a bit of a retro throwback with a SNES themed 3DS XL console. That wasn"t the an initial retro-styled 3DS, v Nintendo having previously exit one through a NES controller design. However, the great thing around this one is that as soon as opened fully, the 3DS in reality looks favor the retro SNES console.

there were actually three different variants of this, the north American one presented on the left, the european one ~ above the right, and the Japanese one the was the very same as the European yet said "Super Famicom" instead.

The Animal Crossing franchise has actually received a few limited execution consoles, however this specific model has to be the best one. It attributes gorgeous pastel green and also cream colors through etchings every over and also a hollowed-out Nook sheet in the center. This new 2DS XL was released in 2018, though regrettably the only introduced in Japan and Europe.

This console came through Animal Crossing: new Leaf Welcome Amiibo pre-installed and likewise included one AC Adapter. The new 2DS XL offered a slimline, sleek console through the same functions of the brand-new 3DS, such as amiibo support, faster handling power, C Stick, and also more, however of course, walk not include the 3D capabilities.

 The Legend that Zelda: Majora"s Mask minimal edition console exit in 2015 alongside the 3DS work again, please again of the Nintendo 64 location from 2000. However, fans criticized the this console did no come through the video game or one AC adapter for that matter.

This golden beauty was among the many sought after minimal edition consoles ever, v it offering out within hours of the product going live at various retailers. Unsurprisingly, this console fell victim come scalpers that were re-selling it in ~ extortionate prices online.

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