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The 49ers and Chiefs have both play in multiple supervisor Bowls ahead of your championship meeting in 2020.

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San Francisco has six Super key appearances, win five, while Kansas City is back in the large game for a third time, search the franchise"s 2nd title.

Most NFL groups haven"t been so fortunate, though. Twelve franchises have never winner a at sight Bowl, and also four the them have yet to even play in the large game throughout their history.

Below is a list of NFL teams there is no a Super key win. Check out on to discover out who has won the most Super Bowls by franchise and by player.

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How countless NFL teams have never won a at sight Bowl?

Team# of Super key appearancesLast Super key appearance
Minnesota Vikings41977
Buffalo Bills41994
Cincinnati Bengals21989
Atlanta Falcons22017
Carolina Panthers22016
Arizona Cardinals12009
Tennessee Titans12000
Los Angeles Chargers11995
Cleveland Browns0N/A
Detroit Lions0N/A
Jacksonville Jaguars0N/A
Houston Texans0N/A

Most Super bowl appearances without a win

The Vikings and also Bills have each appeared four time in the Super bowl without a victory to their name. The Vikings" many recent appearance come in 1977, although they have showed up in the conference championship game six time since.

Buffalo"s four Super bowl appearances all came in consecutive years from 1991-94. The Bills have actually won simply one playoff video game since. 

Which teams have actually never remained in the super Bowl?

Four NFL teams — the Browns, Lions, Jaguars, and Texans — have never showed up in the supervisor Bowl. The Lions and Browns both won championships before the NFL mergers in 1966. Jacksonville and also Houston have only been approximately since 1995 and 2002, respectively, and also are the league"s two newest growth teams.