Windows Movie device is simple video editor, user can edit the video and audio, then upload to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube come share with friends. Can you image that your wonderful video no sound as soon as you room happy to enjoy video clip on home windows Movie Maker? In fact. It"s not a large problem, it"s a tiny trouble which can effect your the atmosphere in the town hall the video. Over there are plenty of reasons can reason these concern and also there are different solutions to resolve this issue. By collecting the most substantial solutions and do the trustworthy test, this post will carry out user the best way to play to settle the no sound concerns on windows Movie Maker.

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Frequently-used solutions to settle the No Sound worries on windows Movie Maker

I can"t make all the ways have the right to work 100%, due to the fact that different computer system configuration and also different home windows Movie maker version can get different results, Don"t ignore it and if a patron comes with such type of problem, shot and offer it a test. Expect one method can assist you to fix the no sound concerns on home windows Movie Maker.

Way 1) Restart the computer

As an easy as it sounds, most usual Windows issues gets fixed on restart, it"s deserve to be all-purpose way, therefore user can shot it! basic operatin: Shutdown the computer and also restart. Try working on home windows Live Movie Maker. User may be surprised that the audio concern is currently resolved. No clear reasons to describe the magic phenomenon, simply enjoy the video on home windows Movie Maker. method 2) inspect the video volume is turn off or not

Sometimes, use are struggled to solve the no sound problems on windows Movie Maker, one important details that you might ignore:Video volume? If the video volume is off, any kind of ways can"t work.

1. Add a video clip to edit

2. Click on the video clip Edit devices tab

3. Check out if the video volume is every the means down (off)


Way 3) Run home windows Live Movie an equipment in Compatibility Mode

This is particularly for home windows Live Movie device users running the regime on home windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Try running the windows Live Movie an equipment in compatibility mode. This systems solves the audio/sound trouble for some.

1. Run windows Live Movie device in compatibility mode (NOTE: Close windows Live Movie maker if currently open)

2. Walk to "C:Program files (x86)Windows LivePhoto Gallery".

3. Look for "MovieMaker.exe" file

4. Right-click ~ above "MovieMaker.exe" document and click "properties"

5. Then click "Compatibility"

6. Under Compatibility Mode, check "Run this regime in compatibility mode for:", and then choose Windows 7 in the autumn down.

7. Click Apply and close the windows.

8. Restart home windows Live Movie machine and inspect if the problem is resolved.


Way 4) Restart the windows Audio service

1. Start Task Manager. You can do that by pressing Ctrl + shift + Esc on her keyboard.

2. Walk to services tab.

3. Locate AudioSrv (Windows Audio), and right click maker sound problem

4. Pick Restart indigenous the list of choices and after ~ 10 secs this company should it is in restarted.


Way 5) revolve off DTS Sound

1. In the search bar form DTS sound and also click DTS Sound from list of results.

2. When the DTS Sound window opens click the power button icon ~ above the left to turn it off. Currently the DTS Sound home window should end up being gray meaning that it has been turned off.

3. Go ago to Movie an equipment and shot if the audio works.

Best means to fix the No Sound concerns on home windows Movie Maker

If user try all above ways and also still can"t settle the no sound concerns on home windows Movie Maker, exactly how to do? This is not the straightforward click issue, user have to fine a far better and professional way to do. Video files holds video and audio codec, id the audio codec is incompatible through Windows Movie Maker, user will get the no sound result on home windows Movie Maker, actually, user just need to uncover a windows Movie maker Video Converter which can help to adjust the audio codec to WMV acceptable layout codec and work on home windows Movie maker without any kind of audio problems in Movie Maker.

Here, ns high introduce video clip Converter i m sorry is the fastest and the many elegant windows Movie maker Video Converter, this osftware have the right to solve every the troubles that no sound on windows Movie Maker. User don"t worry about the windows Movie an equipment version and PC construction problems.

This windows Movie device Video Converter allows user to import any video clip format come ot, together as: H.264, H.265, MPG, MOV, video, MP4, AVI. MXF, and also so on. Additionally user can pick any video format together the output video format, 250+ video formats space waiting for you. User aldo can readjust the video clip and audio codec at the setting menu.

User also can reap the video clip on this software, just at the preview window, best of all, this software deserve to be good video editor, user can change the video clip effects, like: video clip background, video clip brightness, video clip length, etc. Additionally user can include the subtitles, watermark in video. More editing functions are waiting for you. Mac user can download Mac version. Desire to know an ext about the great Windows Movie maker Video Converter? this short article may be useful.


How to use Windows Movie machine Video Converter to fix the No Sound Issues

Step 1. Install and import video clip to windows Movie maker Video Converter on your computer, click "File" > "Add Video/Audio" come load video clip files to the program.


Step 2. User simply ned to readjust the audio codec, this facility issue will be solved. Get in the "Setting" menu to set the video and audio codec to home windows Movie machine best sustained codec.


TIP 1: Other video and audio parameters girlfriend can readjust too, like: video clip frames, video bitrate, audio sample rate, audio channels, etc.

TIP 2. Also user can adjust the whole video clip format. Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down list, select video clip to home windows Movie an equipment supported format, like: MPEG-1, AVI, WMV .etc.


Step 3. Begin Conversion Process

After every the format and codec setups are done, go back to main interface, fight right-bottom "Convert" switch to begin the conversion. Just wait because that a while, girlfriend can obtain a brand brand-new video file, the income the video to home windows Movie machine and enjoy.

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TIP: home windows Movie device Supported Formats

Video file Types (format)File surname Extensions
Windows Media video (WMV) files.wmv
Windows Media files.asf and also .wm
AVCHD files.m2ts, .mts, and also .m2t
Apple QuickTime and .qt
DV-AVI files.avi
Microsoft recorded TV show and also .wtv
MPEG-4 movie files.mp4, .mov,.m4v, .3gp, .3g2, and also .k3g
MPEG-2 movie files.mpeg, .mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .mp2, .mpv2, .mod, .video, and also .m2t
MPEG-1 movie files.m1v
Motion JPEG files.avi and also .mov

Audio documents Types

File surname Extensions
Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.asf, .wm, and also .wma
Pulse-code Modulation (PCM) files.aif, .aiff, and .wav
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files.m4a
MP3 files.mp3

In general, this article provides 6 means to aid user to settle the no sound worries on windows Movie Maker. The final means can be the best safe way. If user want to settle the isue quickly, pick Windows Movie maker Video Converter come convert video clip to WMM format is a wisdom choice. Good luck to you.