The protagonist that the novel, ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen is one outgoing and also ambitious young girl who maintains a cheerful outlook even as she Nazi-occupied hometown the Copenhagen becomes a dangerous ar for her and also her finest friend Ellen Rosen, who is Jewish. Annemarie remembers the plentiful and carefree existence her family members enjoyed prior to the war through longing—since the occupation and the fatality of she older sister, Lise, in a mysterious hit-and-run accident, nothing has been the same. Still, Annemarie believes the she and her family—“ordinary people”—will be able to wait out the war peacefully and also safely by keeping their heads down, and also will never ever be referred to as upon come fight or act. However, as soon as the Nazis start shuttering neighborhood Jewish businesses and rounding up Jews for objectives of “relocating” them Annemarie and also her family members take in Ellen, who resides downstairs, while Ellen’s parental flee through members the the Resistance. Annemarie and Ellen’s friendship turns right into something stronger as lock pretend to be sister in order to sanctuary Ellen from the Nazis. As soon as it i do not care clear that the police officers are suspiciously of Ellen’s presence in the Johansen household, however, Annemarie’s Mama and also Papa decision to lug Ellen to the landscape to look for refuge. Annemarie, she younger sister Kirsti, her mother, and also Ellen take trip to Mama’s brother and also Annemarie’s uncle Henrik’s residence at the seaside, and also there Annemarie learns the her household is no as plain as she thought. Henrik is a smuggler, deep entrenched in the Resistance—he helps hide Jews in his fishing boat and ferries them across the sea come Sweden, and to freedom. As Annemarie’s ignorance lifts and she learns an ext and much more about what’s important at stake for she family, she is referred to as upon to it is in brave in a way she never ever has before as she and her household work come ensure that Ellen, her parents, and also several other Danish Jews deserve to safely escape the country that has, in countless ways, turned against them. Together Annemarie learns essential lessons around bravery, solidarity, sacrifice, and sisterhood, for this reason too do Lowry’s readers.

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).Note: all web page numbers and citation details for the quotes listed below refer to the house Mifflin version of Number the Stars released in 1989.

“Mama, is over there anything come eat?” Annemarie asked, hope to take her mother’s mind far from the soldiers.

“Take part bread. And give a piece to your sister.”

“With butter?” Kirsti inquiry hopefully.

“No butter,” her mother replied. “You know that.”

Kirsti sighed together Annemarie visited the breadbox in the kitchen. “I great I might have a cupcake,” she said. “A large yellow cupcake, through pink frosting.”

Her mommy laughed. “For a small girl, you have actually a long memory,” she said Kirsti. “There hasn’t been any kind of butter, or sugar because that cupcakes, because that a lengthy time. A year, in ~ least.”

“When will certainly there be cupcakes again?”

“When the war ends,” Mrs. Johansen said. She glanced through the window, under to the street edge where the soldiers stood, their encounters impassive beneath the steel helmets. “When the soldiers leave.”

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