Some spelling considerations are less about clear rule to follow 보다 frequency and also expectations. Such is the situation for order the lengthy o sound. O-e is the most usual spelling for the long o sound in the middle of a word, but oa isn’t much behind. Ow is the many common means to assignment the lengthy o sound at the finish of words. What then of oe? Or what around o through itself?

Roe heat Ro the Boat? Let’s Talk around Long O Sounds

Rather 보다 teaching the usage of oa, oe, and ow together a separate lesson, the is something the I typically introduce when teaching each phoneme and also revisit that often during dictation and also SOS. It may be valuable to do a certain lesson on usage down the road or to keep a graph of known words for each assignment pattern. This type of frequency-dependent order is well suited come creating photo stories together a way of remembering.

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This is a spelling generalization you would certainly teach well after VCe syllables, long o together an open up syllable and also vowel groups OA, OW and also OE. This is also a time once homophones and homographs are really going to come in handy. Producing homophone dictionaries wherein students deserve to write the words and illustrate them is a good way to assist the meanings and the spellings stick. Read, “Building An understanding of Homophones” for an ext tips.

If we emphasis on the vowel teams, the an initial consideration for selecting a long o assignment is position in the word. Once the long o sound is in ~ the start or middle of a word, oa would certainly be the logical choice. In ~ the finish of native ow is the most frequent choice.

Some words that follow this generalization include:

Oat coach watercraft soap toad

Throw window pillow thrive snow

While this is quite straight forward, it is essential to keep in mind that there is no method to phone call without reading the indigenous in context even if it is ow is pronounce as long o as in eye or ow as in cow. And in fact, this raises a perfect chance to resolve homographs (words that space spelled the same, express differently and that have a different meaning). You might introduce row as in one argument and row as in rowing a boat and sow an interpretation a mom pig and sow definition to tree seeds. This is where having that homophone dictionary can come in handy.

A notable exception to ow at the end of indigenous is once an irregular previous tense is developed with n as in:thrown get an impressive blown

While oe is likewise typically uncovered at the end of words, or indigenous as part of longer compound words, it has actually a very minimal and particular usage. I generally teach students that there space not a lot of words that end in oe and also that they are typically quick three and also four letter words. I make it a suggest to display students that those exact same 3 or 4 letter words can be component of a link word.

Some words that follow this expectation include:toe roe hoe enemy woe tiptoe toenail

Long o is written as a single o in ~ the end of many short words like no, go, and also so. It is also used in ~ the end of much longer words, yet typically those native come from other languages and also are animals, food or musical terms. Part words that follow this pattern include:hippo dingo mango taco banjo alto

In order to teach this order convention, the is valuable for college student to be able to:

Segment 4 or 5 sounds,Be acquainted with the collection team syllable form and have already learned the multiple lengthy o collection teams. I imply teaching the phonogram ow together in plow very first before tackling the finishing long o phonograms. I likewise find that is useful to teach ow much earlier than oe, based on frequency. It is important that students make their spelling choices for the base word before adding suffixes.

Students have the right to use some guiding questions to help them do a decision as soon as writing a new word:

What is the base word?Where perform I hear the collection sound?

Is this word or syllable one of the brief words that might end in oe?

Some teaching concepts include:

Sorting – You can sort indigenous by spelling or sort pictures by vowel place to develop phonemic awareness skills.

Start indigenous the recognized – countless students have actually a arsenal of vision words such together no, go, toe, boat, and snow the they are already familiar with. These words can act together anchors to aid students apply the order considerations.

Review activities – Playing gamings with spelling choices where students must pick oa or ow to complete a given word likewise reinforces this concept.

Dictation – once using long o words in dictation, that is helpful to carry out some scaffolding v prompts letting students recognize if a word contains a collection team or is composed as an open syllable. It is in aware and also cautious of utilizing homophones and be prepared to market support come students together necessary.

Games – combine words with oa, ow, and also oe collection teams commonly in testimonial lists and games.

Spiral and Review – i recommend maintaining the oa, ow, and oe vowel cards as part of the card drill, blending drill and also incorporating it right into dictation often. Be conscious that back students may be skilled with writing one syllable native such together toe, grow and also float, they may not have the ability to make phonogram decisions together readily when spelling longer and also less familiar words such together toadstool, approach, marshmallow, shadow, and also mistletoe.

Verbalize – that is valuable to have students verbalize how they recognize which assignment of the /o/ sound they room going to use based upon its place in the word.

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While learning around the lengthy o order lacks the sort of predictable character of some various other spelling rules, the complexities elevated by homographs and homonyms do this a perfect time to assistance your college student in becoming adept at making use of spell check tools, even if it is a dictionary or hand held spell check device. GO HERE for a funny freebie video game your children might enjoy!

If you space seeking much more advanced practice, you’ll want to inspect out this assignment Generalizations bundle.


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