Oak Hill Academy the Virginia showed today against St. Vincent-St. Mary High college of Akron, Ohio, that seven an excellent players can beat one good one. Yet Oak Hill did it just barely.

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Oak Hill, which will send seven players to major colleges following season and also perhaps one to the N.B.A., jumped to very early lead and held top top to defeat LeBron James and the Fighting Irish, 72-66, in the attribute game the the prime Time Shootout in ~ Sovereign bank Arena.

''This was critical game for us, and we played like it,'' Oak Hill Coach Steve blacksmith said. ''LeBron James might be the best player I've ever coached against, however we have a lot of of great players on ours team, too.''

This game did not have the feeling of a normal high school game. That might be because questions linger regarding whether Oak Hill need to be considered as a high college program. There room students at Oak Hill who remain for all 4 years, but few of the basketball players stay for much more than one, offering the regime a reputation for being something the a basketball finishing school.

This season's team is no different. That the 7 Warriors who have signed commitments to attend division I colleges next season, just two, safety Justin Gray and also forward Antywane Robinson, moved to Oak Hill before their an elderly year.

But the talent level rarely drops for the Warriors, that last year sent five players to division I colleges and one player, DeSagana Diop, to the N.B.A.'s Cleveland Cavaliers. Oak Hill's Carmelo Anthony, a 6-7 swingman from Baltimore, is one of the top-rated football player in the country, and also Sani Ibrahim, a 6-10 facility from Nigeria who is in ~ his 3rd school in 3 years, is intended to walk to the N.B.A. Next year.

''I came right here basically due to the fact that there were too countless distraction because that me increase in Baltimore,'' claimed Anthony, who has actually committed to attend Syracuse following fall. ''In Baltimore over there were simply too many world hanging on and also hanging around. Under here, there's nothing to do however study and play basketball.''

Few high school teams in the country play the level of basketball that the Warriors, whose 66-game win streak was broken earlier this month, play. Oak Hill (27-1), located in Mouth the Wilson in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has currently traveled come 15 claims this season for games, including trips come Oregon and California.

''We take trip on weekends and also during the winter break, but it's no unlike anything the these kids will need to go through when they gain to college,'' smith said. ''College coaches call me all the moment that as soon as they obtain my kids that lock are prefer sophomores already because they have the right to handle the travel and the schoolwork and also they have been away from house before.''

Today's video game was among the rare times that the Warriors had actually been challenged. The much anticipated matchup in between James, a 6-8 swingman and also the agreement top small in the country, and also Anthony lived as much as the hype. James scored 36 points and also Anthony 34.

But Oak Hill's stronger supporting actors was too much for the Fighting Irish. Oak Hill take it a 12-2 lead, however St. Vincent-St. Mary (15-2) rallied behind James and took a 26-25 command midway v the 2nd quarter. James soon tired, however, and had come come the end of the game. Oak Hill then closed the half on a 9-3 run to lead, 34-28.

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In the second half, James and also Anthony ongoing to put on a show, but the Warriors, who likewise got solid manufacturing out that Ibrahim and guard Chadd Moore, never shed the lead. Ibrahim had 18 points and Moore added 12.