10.1 get in the Water Temple

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTokens
New in this sectionGold Skulltulas:#71

~ Lake Hylia ~

Now that we have actually both the stole Boots and also Zora Tunic, us can enter the Water Temple. Play the Serenade the Water to conveniently warp end to Lake Hylia. Prior to entering the temple, there is one optional gold Skulltula the we have the right to collect, over at the Lakeside Laboratory.

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Enter the Lakeside Laboratory and also use the iron Boots to sink under to the bottom of the little pool. Roll right into the wood crate here and also and a Skulltula will pop out. Use the Hookshot to defeat it and grab the token.



Now, as you’ve currently noticed, the water has actually drained the end of the lake and also some that the damages are now much more readily viewable. Merely follow the damages to the lowest point of the lake and sink down to find a grated enntrance gate to the temple. To open up it, stay the steel Boots and also Zora Tunic and stand right prior to it, then usage the Hookshot come hit the crystal thing right above the doorway. This will cause the gate to elevator up. As soon as you’re ready, enter the temple.



10.2 Water Temple

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTokens
New in this sectionEnemies:Spike, covering Blade, Dark Link, MorphaGold Skulltulas:#72, #73, #74, #75, #76Items:Dungeon Map, Compass, Longshot, boss Key, heart Container, Water MedallionLocations:Water Temple

~ obtaining The Dungeon Map ~

Lowest Level – east (Ruto Room) – as soon as you get in the dungeon, to walk forward and you’ll uncover yourself in the large main chamber. We will certainly be return to this room an extremely often and I will refer to it together the key room.

Jump right into the water and sink to the really bottom using your iron Boots. We want to head with the opening on the bottom floor come the right, just in between the two torches. Along the way, you’ll likely have actually an encounter v the enemy Spikes. Usage your Hookshot to kill them and also then go into the eastern passage entrance in between the torches. In the 3DS variation of the game, this will be highlighted by some green lines. As quickly as you ring the “S” shame corridor you’ll witness a reduced scene with, *gasp*, the adult Princess Ruto! She’s every grown up!


After one awkward and surprising one-way conversation in i m sorry she reminds you the she is her fiance, she will start floating up. Take it off your boots and also follow her all the method to the top to find that she’s disappeared. =(. Go ahead and head with the door.

Dungeon Map Room – In this tiny room, you’ll be thrown right into the midst of 4 Spikes every at once. Shot to death them native afar to avoid taking damage. Have to you decision to obtain close, Deku Nuts are easily the most reliable weapon to shock them every at once. After they’ve every been killed, a big chest shows up containing the Dungeon Map. Nice.

~ an initial Triforce prize And vital ~

First Triforce Symbol – Go back to the previous room and also stand in former of the Triforce symbol on the wall. In instance you haven’t caught on yet, every time girlfriend see among these icons throughout the game, you’re supposed to beat Zelda’s Lullaby. Doing therefore will reason the water level come go down to its lowest level. This is the an initial of three places you can adjust the water level that Ruto was talking about.

Jump down all the means to the lowest floor and also you’ll see two torches against the door. Currently that there’s no water, the single torch in the center of this little room is lit. Hmm… one of two people shoot arrows through the one torch to irradiate the other two or simply simply use Din’s Fire. Once both torches room lit, go into the tiny room.

Shell tongue Room (1st Key) – Inside, you’ll find a brand-new enemy known as the shell Blade. You can target them from afar and also use the Hookshot or Bow to loss them once their mouths are open. Alternatively, just acquire close to every one of them and kill lock in one go v Din’s Fire. Snag the Small key in the chest that appears, then go back to the main room.


~ Optional Skulltula ~

Lowest Level – South – currently take the southern entrance, which is straight to her left and you return to the key room. This leader to a dead end, however you’ll notice the floor has a crack in it, so whip the end a Bomb and blow open hole in the floor. Sink down and also you’ll automatically come throughout a covering Blade. In ~ this point, you have the right to either death it with your Hookshot, or take it off your boots and swim end it. In either case, go up ~ above the various other side and also pop out above the water.

Get ~ above the tiny platform and also step ~ above the switch to progressive the water level in this room simply a small bit. Climb up one level and now the statue that was submerged has raised, revealing a Hookshot target. Zip across and kill the two Tektites. I discover it much easier to maneuver previous them prior to facing off since I don’t need to worry around falling in the water.

NOTE: This puzzle has actually slight distinctions in the N64 and 3DS version of the game. In the N64 version, the decision switch is beyond the gate, where as in the 3DS version has actually the decision switch in former of the gate.

In the 3DS version, just slash in ~ the crystal switch to open the gate. In the N64 version of the game, walk up to the gate and also use a Spin attack to activate it, for this reason opening the door. Snag the Skulltula token and also goodies, then go back to the main room.

Optional: gold Skulltula #72

On the shortest level the the main chamber, walk with the southern path and bomb the floor. Travel to the next room, step on the switch, and also hookshot end to the target. Fight the decision switch and snag the gold Skulltula.

~ Small vital And The Dragon ~

Lowest Level – West


Back in the key room, we want to make our method through the west entrance, where there is a block the is preventing you native passing. Stand on the platform here and push the block all the way back until it drops into a hole and clicks in ar underwater. Sink down and ago up on the other side.

First Water shaft Room – In this tiny room, you need to obtain to the various other side. Have to you autumn down right into the pit, you deserve to Hookshot your way back up. Smack the surrounding crystal switch v your sword and also jump onto the water obelisk that raises up. Jump across to the various other side and run right previous the Tektite come the door.

Spinning Water Room – This little room has a huge pool the water that spins around rapidly. Run in and also you’ll easily see the the water will certainly take you through it if you’re not hefty enough. There’s an iron dragon statue-like thing underwater the weaves in and out the the walls, shot to soil on its human body in the opposite corner of the room indigenous the door making use of your steel Boots.

Once you’ve safely landing there and aren’t moving, fight the decision switch in the dragon’s mouth with your Hookshot to open up the surrounding door. It’s only open because that a couple of seconds, therefore Hookshot to the target top top the wall in the alcove and also run in the direction of the door.

There space two Shell blades in right here that do this process terribly annoying. Your finest bet is to merely avoid them. To do so, simply take off her boots as you’re pull close the entrance and float up into the small area.

Once you make it, climb up and also open the chest for a tiny Key. Nice. Now hit the crystal switch in here and also swim ago to the entrance of the room. I choose to usage a Bomb come ensure ns have enough time, but using your sword works simply fine together well. As soon as you acquire back, go v the door.

First Water pillar Room – earlier in the room indigenous a minute ago, death the Tektite and also Hookshot come the target across the means or just shoot the decision switch through an arrow. Occupational your means back to the key room. At the end, you’ll have to use her Iron Boots and also Hookshot to obtain onto the platform.

~ 2nd Triforce Symbol and also Hidden Small an essential ~

Center Pillar


You should have actually two tricks at this point. At lengthy last, get in the locked door in the center pillar the the key room. In the 3DS version, this door is surrounded by part red lines, describe it will certainly lead to an additional location wherein you can readjust the water level. Inside, run forward, revolve around, and also Hookshot as much as the target top top the side of the platform above you. When you climb up, beat Zelda’s Lullaby because that the 2nd Triforce to bring the water to the mid level.

Now, this is the component that stumps many people: In that tiny cut scene whereby the water’s rising, it confirmed that platform listed below rises v the water, and it expose a hidden hole that you deserve to sink under into. This is do much much more apparent in the Nintendo 3DS variation of the game. Acquire on top of either of the communication here, equip the iron Boots and also step in between the platforms to soil safely ~ above the communication below. Sink down into the hole below.

Temple’s flooded Basement – round the corner and also you’ll find a lone crystal switch. Hit the from afar with your Hookshot, which will open up a gate over it, dropping under baddies to confront you. Loss them one at a time while slowly inching your way forward until they’re every gone, which opens the gate over on the various other side.

Float up and also snag the Small an essential from within the chest. Nifty. Work your means back to the room whereby you just adjusted the water level and also go v the door.

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~ obtaining The Compass ~

Mid Level – eastern (Compass Room) – now that the water’s at the mid level, there are a couple of more rooms we have the right to access. To help in finding every the keys, let’s snag the Compass, i beg your pardon is entirely optional of course. Go into the east wing, v the two lone jars, and also it’ll result in some spikes.

Hookshot top top the platform across from the spikes top top the floor, then revolve around and Hookshot come the farthest target from girlfriend on the ceiling. This will take you all the way up. Now, we should open the chest, yet the decision switch’s timer doesn’t last really long. One of two people lay a Bomb or shoot that from across the way with an arrowhead to open up the chest in time. Go back to the main room; just be cautious when you jump down no to floor on the spikes.