One if through Land 2 if by Sea

The beginning of the phrase

“One, if through land, and two, if by sea” phrase was coined by the American poet, Henry W. Longfellow in his poem, Paul Revere’s Ride. It to be a recommendation to the an enig signal orchestrated by Revere throughout his historical ride indigenous Boston to Concord ~ above the verge the American Revolutionary War. The signal was supposed to alert patriots around the path the brother troops decided to advancement to Concord.

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Few days before the historical ride, Revere to be preparing his mission and arranged with three other patriots to collection up a irradiate signal in situation if british troops began their advancement to Concord. To offer even more information, it was agreed the one lantern intended that the troops chose the much longer land route and two lanterns meant the much shorter route through water, leaving less time because that patriots come react. On the night that April 18, 1775 Dr. Warren dispatched his most trusted messenger come alert patriot leader in Concord, man Hancock and Samuel Adams the British plan to attack to arrest them and also destroy the ammunition gives prepared to stage equipped struggle against the authorities.


Revere being rowed throughout the river

When P.R. Started his ride, Robert john Newman, the sexton (custodian) the the Old north church and Captain man Pulling lugged two lanterns to the steeple of the church while thomas Bernard preserved the watch exterior on the street. The 2 lanterns were meant as the post that the British pressures left from Boston Common, which then bordered the Charles River, and also rowed over to Cambridge.

The location for the signal, the Old phibìc Church in Boston’s North end was preferred for two reasons. One was the the Old North was at the moment the tallest building in Boston. Even today the steeple is quickly visible from far away in numerous directions stand high in ~ 191 ft (58 m). The 2nd reason why Revere chose this particular church was since of the cooperation of Robert man Newman, the sexton (custodian) of the church that was a other patriot and had accessibility to church in the middle of the night.

Despite its historical significance, the “One if by Land two if by Sea” signal was just a back-up plan. That was supposed to warn patriots in Chalrestown, a borough throughout the flow from Boston in case if the messenger himself can not do it there from Boston to begin his ride. V so numerous British troops current in Boston at the time P.R. Can easily it is in arrested through patrols. But at the finish he had the ability to safely leaving Boston by boat and also ride himself so the signal was in truth redundant. V this a popular myth was created that the lanterns to be intended for Revere himself who was waiting for the signal across the river.


The initial Paul Revere"s lantern

This is exactly how P.R. Himself described his setup to use “Lanthorns” in a letter come Jeremy Belknap, corresponding Secretary of the Massachusetts Historical society dated in 1798.The Sunday before, through desire of Dr. Warren, I had been come Lexington, to Mess. Hancock and also Adams, who were in ~ the Rev. Mr. Clark"s. I reverted at Night thro Charlestown; there ns agreed v a Col. Conant, and some other Gentlemen, that if the brother went the end by Water, we would certainly shew 2 Lanthorns in the phibìc Church Steeple; and also if by Land, one, as a Signal; for us were aprehensive it would certainly be dificult to cross the Charles River, or git end Boston neck.

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If one were to think of a perfect symbol of American Revolutionary War, perhaps quick of the declaration of freedom itself, if would probably be the Paul Revere’s lanterns. In an exciting twist, the “Official Paul Revere Lantern” currently displayed in the Old phibìc Church is historic yet not the original. It to be created plenty of year later on for a commemorative ceremony that because then had been held every year in Boston ~ above the day of the ride. To view the genuine lantern, one will have to take a pilgrimage to Concord choose Revere himself and also visit the Museum that Concord where among the lanterns is currently on display.