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1 Oz SilverCoins - can be fried Mints, arbitrarily Design

Our random architecture one-ounce silver- coins space the most economical way to buy silver coins. We obtain these 1 trojan oz .999 fine silver coins in a selection of designs and offer them at a diminished premium because that clients who desire to own a can be fried coin, however want to conserve money matches buying coins such together the silver American Eagle.

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All coins are produced by a sovereign mint and are official legal tender. Several of the more common designs have been issued bythe Republic the Chad, Republic that Congo, Republic of Ghana, and also the Cayman Islands.

These coins are completely tested and also 100% guaranteed for authenticity, weight and purity (.999 fine silver). Buy with confidence and save $$!

Product Specifications

Mint Facility:Various
Quality / Type:Bullion, Uncirculated

Sell come Us

We room buying this item back daily, and also we salary you promptly!

Our current buy pricing is $26.48 each and also we willbuy approximately 1,000 ounces in ~ this price.Simply contact us on any weekday come lock pricing in ~ 1-800-800-1865.

Learn much more about the procedure for selling to united state here.

Shipping Info

We take great pride in the way your bespeak is packaged and delivered.

You deserve to expect:

Prompt Shipping – us ship orders quickly after your payment has actually beencleared – generally within 2 company days.Fully Insured – We fully insure every shipments v Lloyd"s the London.Privacy – your package will have actually no exterior markings that carry out any clueas to the contents. Because we insure packages with Lloyd"s of London, we execute not declare avalue or insure through the carrier.Accountability because that Package Contents – her order will be packed under videosurveillance, weighed and double checked prior to shipping to ensure you obtain exactlywhat friend ordered.Professional Packaging – your order will be packaged securely andprofessionally.Tracking – us will provide you v the carrier"s tracking number because that yourshipment therefore you have the right to monitor that is progress and also plan because that delivery.

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Signature Confirmation – distribution carriers are instructed to inquiry a signature upon delivery.