One Tree Hill: 5 times Nathan and also Haley Were couple Goals (& 5 time They to be Toxic) One Tree Hill threw many obstacles at Nathan and Haley"s relationship during its run, but the beloved pair managed to endure it all.

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Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott One Tree Hill toxicity vs pair Goals
Opposites often lure in the people of romantic television, specifically in the civilization of high college drama One Tree Hill. Poor boy jock Nathan Scott and also proud nerd tutor Haley James couldn"t have actually come from an ext different worlds, and couldn"t have actually made less sense on paper.

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But over time, these two uncovered themselves drawn to every other, ultimately falling in love, marrying, and also building a beautiful family. While almost every romantic partnership in the series is disputed by pan to this date, the relationship fondly well-known as Naley continues to be one of One Tree Hill"s most beloved storylines, no issue their countless ups and downs.

Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott through baby Jamie in One Tree Hill
though Nathan and Haley"s relationship undoubtedly happened on a much less than ideal an individual timeline, it"s tough not to feeling sentimental and romantic around the bear of their first child.

Haley goes right into labor throughout their high school graduation, and also Nathan is there for her every step of the way through the delivery. Your tearful smiles and also joyful embraces upon the birth of James Lucas Scott stand the end as few of the series" many loving moments.

9 Toxic: Nathan"s sex tape

before Nathan met Haley, he was an ext than a small bit of a negative boy, and also quite a promiscuous one, too. During his previous connection with Peyton Sawyer, Nathan also slept v Peyton"s best friend, Brooke Davis, and made a sex tape v her.

This would have actually been negative enough if Nathan didn"t walk on to acquire married come Haley. But it"s made also worse as soon as Haley learns around the sex ice while pregnant, and also in an very humiliating publicly scenario.

While it was more than likely a poor idea because that Nathan and also Haley to get married as soon as they were every one of fifteen or sixteen years old, their 2nd marriage two years later on finds these two in lot wiser (if not much older) positions.

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The 3rd season finale wedding is what this young lovers constantly deserved, v their friends and loved ones existing to sign up with in the celebration. And though points go exceptionally wrong afterward, this one peaceful minute of romantic bliss is an ext than earn at the point.

7 Toxic: Nathan cheats in basketball and also Haley is injured

Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill Season 4
One Tree Hill is an end the optimal soap opera in countless ways, yet at the core, the collection is a drama around family, love, and also basketball. Because that Nathan and also Haley, those three points intersect in plenty of ways, but they perform so in an extremely painful means in the series" fourth season.

Nathan gets embroiled in a high school basketball gambling system with some very shady characters. When he refuses to throw a video game as he has actually been asked to, Haley (already pregnant) winds up being hit by a automobile and very seriously injured.

Nathan Scott spends nearly his entire young adult life working his means to the NBA. ~ a debilitating injury left him close to paralyzed throughout his college years, it appeared as though this dream was not meant to be because that the young man, no issue how completely Haley sustained him in his pursuit.

But through the end of the series" 6th season, all of that readjusted when Nathan gleefully educated a stunned and also tearful Haley the he had actually been signed by the Charlotte Bobcats. Their ecstatic embrace much more than states it all.

5 Toxic: Jamie almost drowns

Season five is a an overwhelming time because that Nathan and also Haley"s relationship, as they spend almost the entire season top top the outs in some method or another. Yet one of the most daunting times comes when, during an already heated argument between the married couple, they realize your young son, Jamie, is drowned in the family members pool.

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Nathan rushes in to conserve the young boy, culminating in an very emotionally fraught moment in between the family members where Haley, past overwhelmed and taxed, goes for this reason far as to ask for a divorce.

Kisses in the rain may not be appropriate or realistic for numerous reasons, but an ext than any kind of other television pair in current history, Nathan and also Haley have the arts of the rain kiss down to a science.

The two share a handful of rain kisses throughout the series, varying from its very first season every the way to the collection finale. It"s among their plenty of grand, scan romantic signature gestures, and it"s one that stays with fans even after all these years.

3 Toxic: Haley leaves for tour

One Tree Hill is hardly a human being where personalities have reality lives and career trajectories. That"s made abundantly clear beforehand when, simply midway v the series" 2nd season, onetime tutor Girl Haley James becomes a bonafide rockstar and also approached with the possibility to go on tour with Chris Keller and also The Wreckers.

Even despite Nathan and also Haley had actually just married, and even despite Nathan didn"t desire her come go, Haley decides to leave anyways, bringing a sudden end to the young lovebirds" marriage the very first time around.

As must be abundantly clean by now, the romance between Nathan Scott and also Haley James Scott is hardly one of television"s most realistic. It"s not often that high school sweethearts continue to be together forever, definitely not once they get married throughout those exact same high college years.

But native the really beginning, this two shared their vow of constantly and forever, reaffirming their commitment come each other time and also again throughout the collection with those very same words. And also no matter what obstacle came their way, the series never let fans truly doubt them.

1 Toxic: Nanny Carrie

Cheating is every too usual in Tree Hill, yet it"s never ever been much more toxic than during the poorly thought out and also terrifying Nanny Carrie storyline in the series" 5th season. It"s bad enough the Nathan hid the young nanny"s flirtations through him from Haley, and also lied to her about them together they grew an ext intense.

But it"s even worse together the plot spirals out of control, consisting of a naked Carrie involvement an unwilling Nathan in the shower and also Carrie kidnapping Jamie, all at the price of Nathan and Haley"s struggling marriage.

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