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"The Rain" is a 1986 crossover hit solitary originally performed by R&B singer Oran "Juice" Jones, i m sorry he exit on and also from his debut album Juice. The song"s smashville247.net include a long recitation in ~ the end; written by Vincent Bell, who also composed the music, lock involve a man confronting his girlfriend concerning her infidelity.

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I experienced you (and him) go in the rainYou were holding hands and I"ll never ever be the same.Tossing and turning another sleepless nightThe rain crashes against my window paneJumped right into my car didn"t drive also farThat minute I knew i would never be the same.I saw you (and him) walking in the rainYou were holding hands and I"ll never ever be the same.I witnessed you (and him) go in the rainYou were holding hands and I"ll never ever be the same.Now below you space begging to meTo provide our love an additional tryGirl i love you and also I constantly willBut darling right currently I"ve acquired to say goodbye"CauseI observed you (and him) go in the rainYou were holding hands and I"ll never be the same.I observed you (and him) wade in the rainYou to be holding hands and I"ll never ever be the same.(I observed you)Hey hey baby how ya doin" which in here(Walking in the rain)Got some hot coco on the stove waiting for youListen very first things first let me hang up the coat(You to be holding hands and I"ll)Yeah how was her day todayDid you miss out on me(Never be the same)You did? Yeah? i missed girlfriend tooI missed girlfriend so much I followed you today(I observed you)That"s right now close your mouth"Cause friend cold busted(Walking in the rain)Now just sit under here, sit down hereI"m for this reason upset with you ns don"t recognize what to do(You to be holding hands and I"ll)You understand my first impulse to be to operation up top top youAnd do a Rambo(Never it is in the same)I was around to jam you and flat blast both of youBut ns didn"t wanna mess up this thirt-seven hundredDollar lynx coatSo instead I chill -- That"s right chilledI called up the bank and took the end every dime.Than i cancelled every your credit transaction cards... I stuck friend up for every piece of jewelery i everBought you! Don"t go lookin" in that closet "cause every little thing youCame right here with isPacked up and waiting for you in the guest room. WhatWere youThinking?You don"t mess through the Juice! I provided you silk suits, blue diamonds and also gucciHandbags.I gave you things you couldn"t even pronounce! yet now i can"t offer you nothing yet advice."Cause you"re tho young, yeah, you"re young.And you"re gonna find somebody favor me among theseDays... Until then, you know what friend gotta do?You gotta get on outta below with the alley-cat-coat-Wearing, Punch-bucket-shoe-wearing crumbcake I witnessed you with."Cause youDismissed! That"s right, stunner rabbit, top are produced kids, Don"t friend knowThat. You there is no me is prefer corn flakes there is no theMilk! This is myWorld. You"re simply a squirrel trying to acquire a nut! NowGet ~ above outtaHere.

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Scat! Don"t touch that coat...

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Oran "Juice" Jones Oran "Juice" Jones (born 1959), frequently incorrectly cited as Orange "Juice" Jones, is a retirement American soul and R&B singer. An ext »