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flag of Brazil

is green with a big yellow diamond in the center. Inside the diamond is a blue one (globe) through white stars the five various sizes and a white strip. In this white piece is the slogan created in green:

Ordem e Progresso

("Order and Progress"). The Brazil flag is sometimes referred to as Auriverde, Portuguese for "(of) Gold and Green". The colours and design the the Brazil flag are acquired from the flag that the Brazilian Empire; the royal symbol was changed by a blue world with stars and the motto. The existing flag of Brazil was officially embraced on 19 November 1889, 4 days after Brazil came to be a republic. A few small transforms have to be made because that time, many recently on 11 may 1992 once 4 stars to be added.

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ColoursEach color of the Brazil flag has actually a symbolic meaning. The yellow represents the riches of the Brazilian soil, consisting of the gold reserve. The eco-friendly symbolizes the flora and fauna, particularly the Amazon rainforest, the jungle along the Atlantic Ocean and also the Pantanal.By the way, this colors had a different symbolic definition in the flag the the Brazilian Empire. The blue and white colors stand for the Virgin Mary, symbolizing the Catholic nature of the Brazilian society.SloganThe slogan "Ordem e Progresso" is the ideal known motto of Positivism. That is mentioned in a quote of philosopher Auguste Comte: "L"amour et l"ordre to water principle pour base; to water le progrès but" ("Love as a principle and also order as the basis; progression the goal")."Order and also Progress" to be the justifying rule for numerous oligarchic and authoritarian energy in Latin America in between 1870 and 1930. They conceded that democracy is a much better form of government, however for a democracy to duty properly, the population had to be educated and also economic and also material progress have to be make first.

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FirmamentThe stars ~ above the Brazil flag make up the Southern Cross - symbolic constellation of the southern hemisphere - and some constellations around it. The flag reflects the stars (constellations) as seen from Rio de Janeiro top top the morning that 15 November 1889, the day the Brazilian empire was changed by a republic.Years after ~ the proclamation of the republic, it was chose that the stars would certainly represent the states, together in the flag that the united States. Then the flag was modified slightly to 21 stars. Every star to represent a state because then. The commonwealth District has its "own" star: Sigma Octantis, a star i beg your pardon is situated close to the celestial south pole, which is visible year-round in nearly the entire country.At times when Brazil got much more states by separating larger states, the flag of Brazil was changed by including a star. The last change took place in 1992, because then the Brazilian flag reflects the current variety of 27 stars.
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