Yes. The order of the east Star membership support internal and public charities. We offer strong scholarship programs and community college and also university scholarship awards come students of any race, creed, or color. We treatment for our senior members with our east Star residence in California and through ours StarCare outreach program. The stimulate supports several heart and cancer funds and also projects and a Benevolent fund for the relief of qualified indigent and also distressed members of our Chapters. Statewide, ours members each year participate in the Replay for Life. Each year the Worthy cool Matron and Worthy cool Patron have actually a special job to assistance a charity or essential project of your choosing.

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No. The order of the east Star is no a religion. Although us celebrate the resides of Biblical women and also we need a belief in a supreme Being, the bespeak does not take the location of religious practice, worship, or substitute for (or supersede) the spiritual beliefs that its members. Ours members come from every religions and denominations.

Eastern Star celebrate the lives of five Biblical women, Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa. Each woman exemplifies among the tenets of the Order--- Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith and Love.

The stimulate of the east Star (OES) is the world’s biggest fraternal company that admits both women and men to membership. Although the bespeak of the eastern Star is not linked with Freemasonry, the is linked through members’ personal relationships. The Order supports friendship and also fellowship amongst its members and also philanthropy in the community, including a solid scholarship program and cancer and heart study charities.

The initiation ceremony will certainly be scheduled in between one week after election to receive the degrees however not later than sixty (60) days. Each Chapter to plan the meeting calendar for the year. The setup includes versatility to accommodate brand-new member initiations but, sometimes the occasions scheduled for declared meetings cannot be interrupted or changed. Initiation and also conferring levels will be booked at the an initial possible date.

To uncover out an ext about joining, you can call the Secretary of a chapter close to you by making use of our chapter Locator ~ above the left side of our internet site house Page. You can likewise talk with any type of member the a Chapter about joining, or call the cool Secretary that the cool Chapter that California, for call information because that a thing representative in your area. Your regional Chapter will answer your questions and welcome your participation.

Your petition will be read in Chapter and submitted come an examination Committee written of chapter members. Within a few days of analysis your petition, each of the members of the investigation Committee will contact you to arrange a meeting. They will certainly each questioning a few very an easy questions, price any additional questions that you might have, and also verify her Masonic affiliation. These meetings also give girlfriend an possibility to meet several chapter members. The investigation Committee reports her responses to the Worthy Matron.

The thing you intend to sign up with will administer you v a Petition that you have to complete. It asks for call information, information about your Masonic affiliation and information about your general character. Complete the Petition and also return it to the thing Secretary through the appropriate fees.

The investigation Committee report will be submitted to the thing at a proclaimed meeting where members will vote on your petition. The Secretary will inform you the the results of the election. If favorable, the Secretary will certainly arrange because that you to it is in initiated and receive the degrees of the order of the eastern Star.

Long costume were the fashion, whether daytime or evening, at the time of our Order’s inception. Chapter protocol for meetings was to dress for evening. In some Chapters, the long, formal dress for members has carried to current day through interpretations in fabric and also style. In part Chapters, only the Chapter officers wear formalwear and the members attending the thing wear street length dresses and business suits. And in a couple of Chapters, formal wear is only supplied on unique occasions and also not worn at regular meetings. But even in those instances, we choose to display a certain level the decorum and also presence, expressed through ideal attire because that our events. You might want to speak to to represent from an ext than one chapter in your area to discover a great fit for your expectations and also preferences.

Fraternal life is an mindset of compassion and also concern in every little thing we do not just for our other Sisters and Brothers in the bespeak of the east Star, yet to ourselves, our families, our Country, and also our faith. The bespeak of eastern Star urges us in a way of life that each of us want for ourselves, our families and also our world.

Yes. Her financial situation is not considered in the Order. Our members come from all economic stations of life.

Yes. Us make no exclude, based on religious faith. World of any type of religion may belong come the order of the east Star. We only require the you organize a id in a confident Supreme Being.

No. An enig societies room underground and also hard come find. Us are straightforward to find in the community and also inclusive in our membership. We perform enjoy a distinctive method of identify one another. Only members are permitted in a close up door meeting.

There is no mandatory storage work except the means of do yourself recognized if you great to visit a thing in which you room not well-known as a member or if you come to be a chapter officer. One officer must find out the work linked with the office. A brief proficiency examination easily accessible to every members is encouraged however is strictly voluntary.

After her Initiation into our Order throughout a regular meeting, you may attend as your time permits. You might put in as much or as small as your other life commitments allow. Most chapters accomplish twice every month in the evening although part chapters satisfy monthly. Social tasks are scattered throughout the year to enable the members fellowship time external the continual meetings.

A petitioner must (a) be of good moral character, (b) think in a supreme Being, (c) have attained the age of eighteen (18), (c) think in the legislations of the United states of America, (d) be willing to assume the responsibility of the Order, (e) have the ability to participate, with assistance if needed, in the consciousness of Initiation, (f) be free from disqualifying mental illness, (g) it is in a resident of the State for six months, with some exceptions, and (g) be totally free of felony conviction (or judgment together a habitual criminal) under any type of State or national laws.

No. Membership calls for that women have a specific familial affiliation (such together daughter, wife, sister, mother, etc.) with a master Mason, or a personal connection come a Masonic Youth Group, and men need to be grasp Masons in great standing affiliated v a Lodge under the grand Lodge that California or under another Grand Lodge well-known by the cool Lodge of California.

The bespeak of the eastern Star consists of members native every race, religion, gender, and also economic status. History

Yes. The grasp Mason must have actually been in great standing at the moment of his death. Initiation needs a letter of confirmation from his Lodge prior to conferring the levels of the stimulate of The eastern Star.

have to the grasp Mason, whom a woman might be making use of for her affiliation, belong to the eastern Star prior to she can become a member?

No, he need not be a member the the east Star.

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What if I have no family link to OES or Freemasonry?

Majority members that the global Order the the Rainbow because that Girls or Job"s Daughters International, or members who have been active for three (3) years and also who have actually reached the age of eighteen (18) years, are additionally eligible for membership in the stimulate of the eastern Star.

The wives, daughters, legally adopted daughters, mothers, widows, sisters, half-sisters, granddaughters, stepmothers, stepdaughters, stepsisters, daughters-in-law, grandmothers, great-granddaughters, nieces, great-nieces, mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts and also daughters of sisters or brother of affiliated master Masons in good standing, or who were in great standing at the time of death, space eligible to membership.

The bespeak of the east Star support friendship and also fellowship among its members and also philanthropy in the community, including a solid scholarship program and also cancer and heart study charities., that encourages organization to our Order with Charity, Truth and also Loving-kindness because that the great of every mankind transparent the world.

Your husband have to be a member to to visit the chapter meetings. The is, however, constantly welcome at social or open events.

The more people you fulfill the more comprehensive your network. Our members stand for a variety of professions. Her membership in our Order and also attendance in ~ the meetings and social events enable you plenty of networking avenues with people of prefer interests.

Yes. Women and men join a Fraternal order to do friends and also enjoy the fellowship. Members and their families enjoy connecting with others who share their typical interests.

Yes. Every Chapter has plenty of fun activities for every members and their family and friends. Usually, the Worthy Matron appoints a social Enjoyment Chairman to supplement her to plan activities.

Your children are welcome at our social occasions unless otherwise proclaimed on the event invitation. Parents room expected to it is in responsible for the safety and also behavior of their children. Often there are members that the youth orders current who happily connect with the children. Youngsters under two years of period may to visit chapter meetings through their mothers. In such situations the mommy must certain the child does no disrupt the meeting.

The bespeak is a fraternal organization open up for member to both women and also men. Us are dedicated to furthering the values of Freemasonry and also enjoying these initiatives alongside our spouses and fraternal friends. We support countless funds that room for the advantage of ours members as they age or end up being ill and search out public charities to support either financially or with volunteerism. Because we are fraternal we have the possibility to kind and preserve close bonds come our eastern Star family. That household welcomes united state wherever we travel and also we open up our doors to fraternal visitors. Our ritual at the opened of every stated meeting is a combine of our obligations to be mindful of our attitudes, responsibilities and also loyalties come our God, our Country and also our family.

Many of us feel a need to do something for others. Sometimes it is challenging to identify just how to begin. The order of the east Star offers that guidance and provides one outlet as well as serving as a resource center and support group.

Whether you become a much better person is entirely up come you. The Order offers its members methods to serve in the Chapter and in the community. We offer many volunteer methods within ours Order and with our community. The charities we assistance through our donations and also our hands-on volunteer work provide aid and also comfort to both members and also non-members.

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Yes. The stimulate of the east Star offers support come members the the worldwide Order of Rainbow for Girls (ages 11 v 21) and also Job"s Daughters international (ages 10 with 20). The objective of these youth teams is to train young females to be leader in the community and also to be future members and also leaders in the order of the eastern Star. The Masons sponsor DeMolay for guys (ages 13 v 21).