We usually understand how various the manga and anime have the right to be. Fans of Ouran High School host Club weren’t also happy v the finishing of the anime. Haruhi and Tamaki dropped into a HUG rather of a kiss at the end, causing many fangirls to scream.

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Despite the various endings in the manga and anime, that did YOU want to end up with Haruhi?

Well, many of us understand who Haruhi’s finishing up with, however I personally am additionally a Kyouya Ootori fan. Out of every the personalities of the Ouran High School host Club, he’s the only one I might properly enhance up v Haruhi. Haruhi’s smart. She’s there at Ouran Academy because she’s an honor student. Kyouya Ootori, favor Haruhi, is an progressed thinker, therefore, he requirements someone choose Haruhi, who is one more intellectual favor him. Ns think the would allow for far better communication because that a major relationship.

Also, Haruhi can conveniently see previous the “cool and uncaring” former Kyouya constantly has up, ns think Kyouya demands someone that have the right to dive right into deeper water instead of just going v shallow appearances and status.

When I snapshot Haruhi v the various other characters, I have tendency to uncover a many reasons why they must not it is in together, which is why I think ultimately, Kyouya suits her best.


And the Others!

Tamaki, the second-best candidate, is much too dramatic and flirtatious. He also flaunts his money and also status… a lot. Back Tamaki occasionally has actually a shining moment or two where the acts favor a normal person being I just don’t think the fits Haruhi’s personality. I gain the whole opposites lure thing… yet in a real-world situation, lock wouldn’t constantly work. Basically, i think that Tamaki is a funny fling for Haruhi, but when the comes under to it… can I see them in a major relationship? No way. Because that high school… maybe… for a significant life partner… I just can’t photo it.

As because that Mori or Honey, well… castle together. Girlfriend can’t specifically have she paired v either because that method they’re no together. And also how can you maybe break up together an adorable couple? the ironic because the creators actually intended because that Haruhi to end up with Mori. I LOVE Mori-sempai as a character and want that to be happy, yet I think he’s gay for Honey.

Now as for the twins… I’ve simply never ever thought about them serious candidates, lock act more like brothers towards Haruhi than anything, also though Hikaru reflects interest and also Kaoru grudgingly accepts it. This is shown more in the anime than the manga, yet their character advance does assist them more.

Wouldn’t it be cute if the twins discovered a collection of woman twins the they dropped in love with?

One that my favorite fanfictions(I’ve mentioned this before) is a Karou and Haruhi pairing. This eventually sold me to it is in on among the pair sides.

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Each of the Host personalities has such special places in my heart. Ns can’t yes, really hurt any type of of them and also I wanted all of them to end up happy. Due to the fact that Haruhi finished up through Tamaki, I dropped into the Kyoya and Renge ship. Ns mean, she’s just a finish otaku and also I think she can keep that on his toes.

What execute YOU think? that is her favorite pairing/ship here? permit me recognize in the comment below!

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Keep Smiling!


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