The P0463 code activates when your fuel level sensor is giving too high a reading. As soon as this code is active, the fuel level indicator on your dash have the right to fluctuate or give false full and also empty readings, which is the main symptom you’ll notification aside indigenous the inspect engine light. While this password doesn’t stand for a risk to girlfriend or your vehicle, it have the right to be annoying not to know just how much fuel girlfriend have. Review on listed below to learn an ext about this code and also how you have the right to clear it.

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P0463 code Definition

P0463 Code definition (Generic): FuelLevel Sensor Circuit High Input

P0463 Ford password Definition: Fuel Level Sensor A Circuit HighInput

P0463 Jeep code Definition: Fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit High

If you desire to learn about the P0463 OBD2 code, this is the ideal place

What go P0463 Mean?

The fuel level sensor in your engine is exactly how your vehicle’s computer knows how much fuel is left in the tank. This info is sent along come the powertrain manage module (PCM) or engine control module (ECM) and adjusts the indicator top top the dash accordingly.

Functionally, the fuel level sensor is composed of a float attached come an arm. This eight is grounded with the tank or a dedicated circuit. Together it raises or lowers, the resistance come the ground changes, and also the voltage differ to suggest the fuel level change.

In plenty of cases, the fuel level sensor is developed directly into the fuel pump. If there are exceptions, you typically can’t change one without replacing the other.

The specific voltage of her fuel level sensor varies depending on the make and model. Commonly, the operates in ~ 5 volts. Friend can uncover a certain voltage for your car in her manual.

If the fuel level sensor speak the ECM or PCM, over there is an ext fuel in the tank 보다 it deserve to hold, the P0463 password triggers. Normally, the voltage has to be higher than the threshold for a designated length of time before activating the code.

What space The symptom Of The P0463 Code?

The fluctuation that the fuel level gaugeIncorrect north or complete readings indigenous fuel level gaugeIllumination that fuel light
The P0463 password activates when your fuel level sensor is giving too high a reading

What are The reasons Of P0463?

Defective or damaged rise in fuel level sensorFaulty fuel level pumpOpen or brief in the fuel level sensor signal circuitOpen soil or high resistance ~ above the soil circuitDamage to the fuel tankDefective or damaged wiring and also connectors ~ above fuel sensor harness

How major Is The P0463 Code?

The P0463 trouble password is of low severity. Your car will run without problems while the code is active. The most troubling thing about this code is the you won’t be able to trust her fuel gauge till it’s fixed. This could lead come you coming to be stranded as result of low fuel. For this reason, you should fix the concern as quickly as you can.

How come Diagnose and Fix The P0463 Code

Tools you’ll Need:

Use the OBD2 scan device to diagnose the P0463 code


Visually inspect the wiring top top the fuel level sensor wiring harness. Replace any type of that space frayed, corroded, or otherwise damaged. Ensure all relationships are secure, then clear the codes again and also take one more test drive to see if the problem has been resolved.In some cases, once a absent or various other road danger damages the fuel tank, that can likewise damage the fuel pump or fuel level sensor. Examine the exterior the the fuel tank for signs of affect or damage. Also, make certain the ground strap is not missing, corroded, or rusty. If the is, change it together needed.Check the soil circuit because that opens, shorts, and high resistance utilizing a digital multimeter. Attach the black result in the negative battery terminal and the various other to the fuel level sensor ground whereby it meets the tank. Turn on your engine and also check the reading. It must be reduced than 100 millivolts (.1 volts). If the is closer come 1 volt, there is an issue. Clean or replace the sensor ground and also test it again.If the code still does not clear, you most likely need to change the fuel level sensor. Electrical worries in rarely instances can cause this code; however, that can also be the result of the problems with the tool cluster. Together these problems are complicated for a non-specialist to diagnose, it’s recommended you take your automobile to a mechanic for further diagnosis before replacing any significant components.

Common mistake To prevent While Diagnosing The P0463 Code

Some mechanics change the fuel level pump prior to they’ve completely diagnosed the issue. Nothing forget to check the wiring and also ground for issues before replacing any kind of components. This could save girlfriend from making unnecessary and costly repairs.

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Quick resolve to the P0463 code

Tips To prevent P0463 In The Future

In many cases, the P0463 problem code outcomes from either a damaged fuel tank or damaged wires around the fuel level sensor. There isn’t much you deserve to do to prevent external damages to your tank, but you can avoid internal wiring problems.Anti-corrosion therapies can assist avoid common types of damage to her engine’s wires. Also, use care when you’re installation engine components. Take the time to make sure each wire is securely fastened, and check the no wires space rubbing against parts of your engine that could cause damage.