Full list of car Brands That begin With the Letter "B"

Finda automobile brandalphabetically.Use our A-Zcarfinder to browse different manufacturers and discovercarsthat right your particular needs. On this page we have focused on vehicle manufacturers and brands that begin with "B". We think it is the most complete of worldwide car brands that begin with the letter "B" yet if we are missing any, let united state know. If you desire to skip directly to the group page because that a certain brand beginning with B then just click below links.

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Car brands That begin With the Letter B


Following the Baldwin-Payne Special, Willis Baldwin developed this race auto for usage in SCCA’s modified classes on the brief tracks the America. It competed from 1949 to 1959 and also made the on the cover of road & track in might 1950.


The many insane builder of true street muscle cars to be Baldwin-Motion. Baldwin-Motion cars to be on a whole different level v their made-to-order practice builds. The original group (1967-1974) stood for a partnership in between Baldwin Auto agency (a franchised Chevrolet dealership) and Motion performance (a high-profile rate shop).


Ballot to be a French manufacturer, originally of engines, that also made automobiles between 1919 and also 1932. Édouard Ballot ended up being well well-known as a designer of reputable engines. He assisted Ettore Bugatti in emerging his an initial engines. Learn an ext about Ballot car here.


Beck is a Swiss car manufacturing agency that specialization in building top-class sports cars. The company is recognized for arising concept cars and prototypes. They introduced the Beck LM 800 at 2007 Geneva engine Show. A 650 hp supercar with a human body a human body construction based upon a Formula One car. The chassis and also body were made indigenous Kevlar, carbon fibre and aluminium.


Founded in 1919 byW. O. Bentley,Bentley Motorsis the ultimate British engine company. Designing, building and deliveringhandcrafted luxury cars with tremendous and also effortless performance, it is one of the many historic and also revered automotive brands on the planet. Bentley is british luxury car icon with symbol cars including the Bentley 4½ Litre, Bentley rate Six, Bentley R kind Continental, Bentley Turbo R, and also Bentley Arnage. Learn an ext about Bentley.


Benz, Benz & Cie, or, Benz & Companie Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik to be a German automobile manufacturer established by knife Benz in 1883. The company was responsible for the first-ever commercially easily accessible automobile in history. Over the years, the firm continued come expand and grow till in 1926 once it merged with Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft to come to be Mercedes-Benz.


Berger is one American premier dealership the Chevrolet cars. The agency was most listed for the production of very restricted and special Camaros the ran indigenous 2000-2002. Throughout those years, a total of 150 Berger Camaros were produced and also sold come enthusiasts everywhere the USA.


Founded in1912 through Giovanni Bertone,Bertoneis the standard Italian car styling and coachbuilding company. The iconic Bertone styling cues are straightforward to spot throughout some that the most renowned cars ever. Bertone has functioned for every significant car firm over the years, penning designs because that Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lancia, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and also many more. The company went bankrupt in 2014. Learn more about Bertone cars.

BF Performance

BF performance is a German automobile tuning firm which specialization in editing Lamborghini cars. They deserve to modify any kind of Lamborghini car to your personal needs or taste.

Bisimoto Engineering

Bisimoto engineering is an American tuning firm founded by Bisi Ezerioha in 1995. The agency specializes in emerging engine designs and also has operated with Honda, Hyundai, and also Porsche to construct some exceptional hybrid and turbocharged cars. Because of its technologies when building automotive masterpieces, Bisimoto engineering is widely well-known as among the finest engine design and also tuning suppliers in the world.


Bitter is a premium sports-luxury marque because that automobiles developed in Germany and also Austria. The agency focuses on producing cars by rebodying various other manufacturer’s cars. Bitter at this time produces deluxe versions that the Opel Adam, the Opel Cascada and also Opel Mokka.


Blake was the brand name provided for Avanti cars from 1982 come 1986. Stephen Blake, a real estate developer, bought the rights to the Avanti II in 1982 and also took end the company. However, Blake’s firm declared bankruptcy in 1986 and also he resigned indigenous the job.


Turbocharged Inline-4 concept that never saw the irradiate of day. Quick lived version from one aftermarket focused brand the souped increase Japanese sports cars.


Bavarian Motor functions (or BMW come you and I) is a German car and motorbike agency founded in 1916. It is among the most well known and respected car makers in the world. BMW has developed some that the most amazing sporting activities cars in history via the BMW M division. BMW moved right into the world of sporting activities cars that space plug-in electrical cars under the BMW i sub-brand. Learn more about BMW.


B.N.C. Or Bollack Netter and also Co to be a small French automobile agency headquartered in Paris. The company was successful for producing cyclecars in the 1920s. They additionally produced some an excellent racing models such together the BNC 527, B.N.C. Super Sport, and also the B.N.C. FCD.


Bobsy gyeongju Cars is the name of the firm where Jerry Mong designed and produced gyeongju cars native 1958 to 1976. Mong began emerging race cars throughout the 1950s and also his initiatives came right into fruition once he built two the same cars from 1961-1962. Because of the success of the two identical cars, it triggered him to oversee the production of Bobsy gyeongju cars complete time.


Bolwell is an Australian agency that originally designs and produces sports cars between 1962 to 1978 such together the Bolwell Nagari and Ikara. The agency went top top to build concept and also show cars because that a number of years till in 2009 once it began production again of new cars.


Bonspeed is one American tuning agency based in California. In partnership with Jaguar, they produced the 2004 Bonspeed X-Type ide which brings a new range of body styling, suspension and also braking tools to Jaguar’s all-wheel-drive X-TYPE premium compact sedan.


Borgward is a former vehicle manufacturing company based in Bremen, Germany. That was established by Carl F. W. Borgward and produced cars under four different brands: Borgward, Hansa, Goliath and Lloyd in the 1950s. The company ceased its to work in 1961 early to details insolvency issues however was later on on restored as Borgward group AG in 2008.


Brabham is the common name used by motor Racing advancements Ltd. It is just one of the most successful british racing automobile manufacturers and also Formula One racing team. The firm was founded in 1960 and has deserve multiple successes in Formula One. Brabham is well-known to use and introduce various kinds that technical innovations when occurring their cars.


Breckland innovations is British firm founded in 200. They specialization in structure love-volume specialist sports cars such as the top Edge 240 RT and Mosler MT900. The company, however, urgently in 2009 after castle announced the brand-new Beira.


Breyton or bd breyton architecture is a German firm founded in 1982. It specializes in make wheels using high top quality aluminum. Breyton wheels are one of the best and lightest in the world. The firm has likewise delivered amazing modifications to part BMW cars such as the 2003 2003 Breyton 530i.


Bricklin is the brief name provided by Bricklin Canada Ltd. General Vehicles Inc., a vehicle manufacturing firm founded in 1972. The firm was started by Malcolm Bricklin since of his dream of building a safe and also economical sports vehicle which will certainly be exclusively sold in the united States. The agency is notably recognized for the Bricklin SV1 which has gull-wing doors.


Bristol car is a british manufacturer that hand-built luxury cars. Despite being a low-volume manufacturer and also having one sales showroom, the agency still maintains one avid and loyal clientele.


Brooke is a British company based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The firm is associated with the british engineer, Robert Nicholl "Scotty" Matthewson, who was responsible for developing the Brooke Swan Car. The vehicle is remarkable for that is swan head and body whereby it it s okay its name.

Brun Motorsports

Brun Motorsports to be a Swiss auto racing team established in 1983 by Walter Brun. The team was initially a Porsche privateer team in sports vehicle racing prior to it came to be a full-fledged chassis constructor in 1992 ~ a collection of multiple worldwide championships.


Bucciali was a French auto manufacturer indigenous 1922 till 1933. The agency was started by brother Angelo and Paul-Albert Bucciali, automotive visionaries who pioneered modern-day technologies such as front-wheel drive and independent suspension for their cars.


BRABUS is among our favorite tuners ever. Started in 1977 in Germany, BRABUS was usually an all-Mercedes shop that built some of the most extreme machines around. Claiming lots of human being records, the last remained in 2012 once the V12BRABUS Rocket 800accelerated indigenous 0 come 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, took just 23.8 secs to 186 mph and also had a optimal speed the 230 mph. Learn much more BRABUS here.


Bufori is a Malaysian automobile company known for developing hand-built automobiles inspired by the American coupes that the 1930s. The company has its basic of operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and also employs over 100 professional craftsmen. Every Bufori vehicle is made come order and also can be modified follow to the customer’s preferences.


Founded in 1909,Bugatti began out together aFrench car manufacturer the high-performance automobiles. Bugatti dare were recognized for their architecture beauty and also for focusing on the an extremely high finish of the market. Famed Bugattis include the form 35 cool Prix cars, the kind 41 "Royale", the kind 57 "Atlantic" and the type 55 sporting activities car.Volkswagen AG obtained the Bugatti brand in 1998 and also began structure the Bugatti Veyron, 1001 BHP supercar with an 8-litre W-16 engine with 4 turbochargers and a top speed of over 250 mph. Learn much more about Bugatti here.

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Buickis the upscale auto brand forGeneral motors (GM). For lot of its existence in the north American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling deluxe vehicles positioned over GM"s mainstream brands. Learn an ext about Buick.