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so you want to know an ext about Peterick…

I acquired a inquiry from an anon for much more info around Pete and also Patrick’s friendship, including pics and videos. Right here is one (incomplete) overview written by me in an hour. For pictorial Peterick, examine here.

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Interview Quotes “But a the majority of things probably will never readjust — prefer our friendships and our functioning relationships. As far as me and Patrick and every one of Fall the end Boy, it’s in a vacuum.” – Pete in day-to-day Pressfrom the pure punk interview: do you or any type of of the other members ever before feel a sense of jealousy towards Pete? Patrick: No, we’re pretty defensive when it concerns the way he’s to be portrayed. Pete’s my ideal friend, ns was the best man in ~ his wedding, i love that male to death. I’d take a bullet for him. But, I hate the method that the Pete Wentz that actually exists never ever gets covered, it never ever gets talked of. There’s so numerous accusations that are so ridiculous about the male that space taken as the gospel—people simply assume that he posted photos of his prick on the internet. That is the stupidest fucking thing thing I’ve ever heard. Why on planet would you ever do that? His parents were gonna watch that, come on. Have actually some common sense. That is actually a human being. Would you desire your dick all over the internet? probably not. He probably doesn’t either. This is another small interesting factoid around Pete: the quit the band. I had to talk him ago into the tape after those pictures got out. It almost broke the tape up he was so devastated. He had actually to nippers his method back increase from massive depression to even make fun of it. Anyway, no, we space not jealous of him. If anything, I would certainly want world to understand the genuine Pete Wentz. I acquire the impression that civilization don’t really desire to know him, because he’s no the bad guy top top the reality show. He’s the most loyal man I know, to a error actually. He’s one of those males who will never stand against his friends. Here’s an analogy. If he’s gonna make part money turn off shoveling coal, he’s gonna carry his friend on v him, and his girlfriend is gonna shovel coal. If the friend’s not great at shoveling coal, Pete will shovel more coal come make certain that male gets his share, even if the male is doing destructive work. The guy could sit down, relax, and also open increase a book, and also Pete’s tho gonna be shoveling charcoal for the guy. He is the most loyal guy I know. The reminds me a most the portrayal that Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys just in the way that in Jersey Boys, and I don’t understand if this is the true story, one of the various other singers in the four Seasons racks up this vast gambling debt and also Frankie Valli is like, “We’ll pay for it, we will never ever ask because that it back, we’ll simply pay for it, he’s just gotta not execute it again,” and that’s the type of male Pete is. Ns will never be jealousy of him.
AVC: The cult of personality approximately him might sink another band. Exactly how does autumn Out Boy attend to that?PS: The thing is the we understand each other an extremely well. Pete’s more than likely my ideal friend in the world; i think the understands me much better than a lot of people, and I recognize him much better than a lot of people. And that’s the method we get over it. If they do you into a wrestling character, into that good mythical sort of poor guy, it’s really basic for people to make you right into something, to decide who you are. In ~ the finish of the day, the Pete that I review about, yeah, ns don’t like him ‘cause I’ve review he’s a complete dick. However the point is i actually recognize Pete Wentz, and also he’s a really an excellent guy, he’s a really quiet guy, he’s a really polite guy. He’s a yes, really mellow, honest, loyal guy. He’s not this cold-hearted mogul. It’s the funniest thing; if Pete Wentz really cared around money, he’d probably make more. He wastes and loses an ext money than anybody ns know—he gives it away. At any rate, whatever, i don’t want to gush about him, yet that’s just how we overcome that totality cult that personality. At the finish of the day, they deify friend or demonize you, but you’re really just some guy.
we just do it because that the attention. I’m just a broken emo record. Time to retreat to various other areas. You understand where to find. Or maybe you don’t. me and also patrick are gonna go cry and hold hands. Wink. Smile. Peter

from January 11, 2005:

p.s. Today i said patrick he necessary to revolve down the patitude.

January 12, 2005:

ive got my darn stitched, ive gained my fixes resolved so an actual update. So pretty lot our dates consist of: i dream. Ns wake up at approximately 10 and also watch life time movies because that an hour. Then ns yell into patrick’s room cause i to be pretty much his mother out here. We then acquire into the car, not talking since we’re both sort of the personality is bad in the morning. Luckily the oldies terminal is badass out here and we become best buds again once we sing follow me to UB40’s “i can’t aid falling in love…” and tony bennet’s “it’s not unusual” or every little thing it’s called. The automobile pretty lot becomes this sweet vegas lounge. When we gain to the studio, i go right to computer and also pretend to work on lyrics but pretty much just play this game called runescape where i obtain to kill goblins and barbarian women. Patrick goes and also works top top guitar. We eat deltaco i m sorry is favor taco bell only far better (if thats also possible). Us then go and work top top vocals whcih greatly just is composed of me and patrick making funny of eachother and also doing imitations the eachotherback and also forth. We have actually some cool guest on the record, some suprises. One is paris in native chicago tommorrow, we are pretty excited. We finished a song today called “my surname is david ruffin and also these space the temptations”- girlfriend either gain it or you don’t. The record is gonna it is in called: indigenous under the cork tree. Again, it describes something we think is pretty amazing. I need to get back to eat burritos and killing goblins. pete

April 16, 2005:

Patricks birthday is tommorrow. Ns am in love v him so provide him presents.

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In an entry title “fall out boy girlfriend appreciation day” date November 18, 2005:

patrick: probably my ideal friend in the totality world. Us can finish eachothers sentences. The strange reason ive never had actually a relationship choose the one we have with a friend, ever. People try to do a big deal the him and also my interactions and also relationship. Yet honestly in ~ the finish of the day as soon as the spotlights and also flashes go away this kid is tho gonna it is in here, and we’ll still be friends. I can give a crap what friend say, this is one of the only human being in the civilization that i would certainly take a cartridge for. And he has an ext talent in his small finger 보다 i have actually in my entire body.

Pete’s Q&A answersPete offered to execute Q&As top top the every falloutboyrock site. I’m certain someone has actually a complete list of these elsewhere but here are some Patrick-related ones: