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"Don"t look Back" is a 1965 song recorded by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label. The flip next to their optimal 20 fight "My Baby", "Don"t look at Back" broke out and became a hit among the R&B audience on its own, reaching #14 ~ above the R&B charts. Taken into consideration one of initial lead singer Paul Williams" showcases, "Don"t look Back" was on regular basis employed together the closeup of the door number because that Temptations live performances. Return the original flip side, "My Baby", to be initially more popular with pop audience at the time, over the decades, "Don"t look Back" has proven to be the far more popular and enduring tune. it was also performed by the team on The Ed Sullivan Show. There room no well-known cover version of "My Baby". The tune inspired countless cover execution by Al Green, Phil Collins, Bobby Womack, The Persuasions, Teena Marie and Sugababes. In 1978 Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger covered it as a reggae track as "(You Gotta to walk And) Don"t watch Back". In 2008, Belgian singer Dirk De Smet covered it as "Walk and Don"t look at Back".more »

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If it"s love the you"re to run fromThere"s no hiding place(You can"t run it, girlfriend can"t hide it, you can"t run it)Love has troubles I know however they"re problemsWe"ll just have to faceOh yeah, yeahIf you just put her hand in mineWe"re gonna leaving all our troubles behindWe"re gonna walk and don"t watch back(Don"t look at back)And don"t look at back, five yeah yeah and don"t look ago baby(Don"t look at back) (The locations behind you, let them repeat you)If your first lover broke your heartThere"s other that can be done(You don"t run it, girlfriend don"t hide it, friend don"t operation it)Don"t finish your belief in loveBecause that what he"s doneSo if you just put your hand in mineWe"re gonna leaving all our troubles behindKeep top top walking and don"t look backForget around the previous nowDon"t watch back, infant (don"t watch back)Keep top top walking and don"t look back (don"t watch back)(The locations behind you, permit them remind you)Love can be a beautiful thingThough your an initial love let you downOh yeah, yeah"Cause I know we have the right to make love bloom, babyThe 2nd time aroundOh yeah, yeahSo if you just put her hand in mineWe"re gonna leaving all our troubles behindKeep ~ above pushing and also don"t look backNow, till i say, we won"t look back, girlKeep on walking and also won"t look at backForget around the past now, babyAnd don"t look backBaby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, don"t look back

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The Temptations The Temptations are an American vocal team known for your success in the 60s and also 70s in ~ Motown Records. The group"s repertoire has actually included, during its five-decade career, R&B, doo-wop, funk, disco, soul, and also adult modern-day music.

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Recognized for their recognizable choreography, distinctive harmonies, and also flashy onstage suits, the Temptations have been said to it is in as prominent to spirit as The Beatles space to pop and also rock. Much more »