Hailing taxis of eternal torment, or even temporary torment, sounds like a bad idea to me. But I shouldn’t be so judgmental. So, on we go with the third chapter of Michael Reads Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

We Hail the Taxi of Eternal Torment

Okay, so this was actually a pretty quick chapter. We (i.e., me, but I like to imagine we’re all in this together) get a quick bit of rudeness from Annabeth, a wild taxi ride courtesy of the mythical Grey Sisters, and faster than you can say “don’t touch that eye, you don’t know where it’s been,” we’re back at Camp Halfblood.

And it’s under attack.

So I’m quite curious to move along to the next chapter to find out who’s attacking, or what, and why.

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But I shall be patient, because I have a blog to write!


If I can have a Muse can take up ping-pong in Zeus Is Dead, then I suppose it’s fair for the Grey Sisters to take up driving…

There’s not really too much that I have to say in reaction, though. I learned that the Grey Sisters now run a taxi service! I wouldn’t have thought that would be their chosen modern profession, but alrighty, then!