Mark twain Reader"s Award, 2009; BookSense peak 10 Summer Pick, 2006; VOYA peak of the peak Shelf Fiction for center School, 2006; and others

This book has to be reviewed by emphasis on the Family’s marriage and also parenting magazine. The is the second book in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series.

Thirteen-year-old Percy Jackson’s strange dreams tell that something’s wrong in ~ Half-Blood Hill, a summer camp because that demigods. He also receives no hope midnight messages from his satyr friend, Grover. Annabeth, a half-human, half-god camper, similar to Percy and Grover, shows up at Percy’s school and confirms his fears. She conserves him from a corridor of monsters trying come slaughter him on the dodgeball court. Then she it is intended him and also his hulking new friend, Tyson, come Half-Blood Hill.

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Percy, Tyson and Annabeth find the camp in chaos. Monsters room attacking, and also campers desperately try to defend themselves. When Zeus’ daughter Thalia turned right into a tree 6 years earlier, she spirit safeguarded the camp indigenous monsters. Now, someone has poisoned Thalia’s tree. Percy’s mentor, a centaur called Chiron, has been blamed and also fired indigenous Half-Blood Hill. A spirit from the fields of punishment called Tantalus has actually assumed Chiron’s place as assistant camp director.

Annabeth reveals the Tyson is a Cyclops, and also Poseidon himself claims Tyson together his child (and Percy’s half-brother). Percy and Annabeth ask the camp leaders for permission to seek the gold Fleece, which they believe will cure Thalia’s tree. The leaders offer the quest to another camper, a belligerent daughter the Ares called Clarisse. Urged on through Hermes, the messenger god, Percy, decides to uncover the Fleece himself. Annabeth and Tyson join him top top this unauthorized journey.

The trio soil on a cruise ship, only to find Luke, a former camper and Percy’s nemesis native the an initial book in this series, The Lightning Thief, is that captain. The is recruiting half-bloods to help him begin a brand-new civilization v Kronos in ~ the helm. Kronos, the Titan king and enemy come the gods, was previously cut into pieces yet re-forms a little each time a half-blood join Luke’s army.

After escaping indigenous Luke and subsequently battling a multi-headed monster, Percy, Annabeth and also Tyson are conserved by Clarisse. They all sail on she ghost ship full of dead Confederate soldiers toward the Sea of monsters (i.e., the Bermuda Triangle) trying to find Grover and also the Fleece. As they go into the Sea, monsters strike the ship. Percy and Annabeth, reasoning they’re the single survivors, sail into the lair the Circe, wherein Percy is temporarily transformed right into a rodent by the man-hating sorceress. Castle escape once an ext and sail towards the island that the Sirens. Annabeth desperately desires to hear them. She asks Percy to tie she to something therefore she have the right to listen yet not it is in lured by their songs. Percy plugs his very own ears v wax. Annabeth is therefore mesmerized that she cuts her means out of her ropes and swims come the island. Percy narrowly saves her.

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Percy and Annabeth reach the island the the Cyclops Polyphemus, wherein they uncover both Grover and the Fleece. They additionally discover the Clarisse and also Tyson space alive. The heroes battle and also trick the Cyclops, escaping through the Fleece. In keeping with the prophesy Clarisse received from the Oracle, the team sends her back to camp via plane with the Fleece. Luke recaptures Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson. Then Percy sends a article telling the Half-Blood campers the Luke poisoned Thalia’s tree. Chiron and also his family members save Percy and friends, returning them come camp wherein Chiron’s surname is cleared and he is reinstated. The Fleece heals Thalia’s tree, and also Thalia it s her emerges indigenous the tree together the half-blood she once was.