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Phillip Downing


John C Abercrombie

Phillip Bell Downing is one inventor of a device that numerous of united state use frequently and also has remained mostly unchanged indigenous its initial form. That device is the mailbox the is a commonly seen in our cities and towns all around the country. It has 4 legs and because the its unique style features has actually made far-ranging changes in our whole mail system.

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Born in Providence, Rhode Island in march 22, 1857. The formal name of the state is ‘the State that Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.’ There’s a relocate now to change that to eliminate the Providence Plantations since of the link to slavery. Other than that, the does change the reality that the is now possible to compose the surname of the state there is no crossing state lines. OK, its just a joke however …

Downing to be born right into a prominent and also well known family. Phillip’s father George T Downing was a famed abolitionist and business owner. His mommy Serena l deGrasse’s household goes back to the mid 1600’s in new York, new York. His father’s household was born to emancipated parents in Virginia. He had owned Downing’s Oyster house in the financial district of Manhattan in 1825. The was one of the city’s best known dining spots. Thomas also was crucial part of the starting of the joined Anti-Slavery culture of new York in the mid 1830’s.

Phillip Downing invested a portion of his early years in Washington, DC together his father was manager the the joined States residence of Representatives’ dining room. They relocated to Boston in 1880. After relocating he married Evangeline Howard and also they had 2 children, Antonia and also Phillip Jr.

With an inventive mind, his an initial patent to be for an innovation in streetcar and train switches which permitted the move to be opened or closeup of the door by the brakeman indigenous the platform of the car. This patent ultimately led to the irradiate switch we know today.

October 27, 1891 Downing to be granted a patent that change the mail system forever. The patent to be for a Street Letter Box, basically the crate we see all about the country where friend can article a letter anytime that day. Close and also convenient. It changed the need to go to the article office in order to letter a letter. It included a feature that kept bad weather such as rain and also snow native damaging the mail and additionally a safety feature making the mail secure until it is picked up by postal employees.

There is some believed that he also owns the patent come the letter box typically used because that rural boxes.

Prolific minds proceed to produce and also 25 years later Downing obtained a patent for an envelope moistener which was a roller and small water reservoir to quickly moisten envelopes and also stamps. These are no much longer needed as we have actually self-adhesive stamps and also envelopes.

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African American Inventor | Philip B Downing – Mailbox (Part 1)


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African American Inventor | Philip B Downing – Mailbox (Part 2)

African American inventor, Philip Bell Downing was born in Newport on in march 22, 1857. Philip prospered up in a well-known household the Downing. His father, George thomas Downing to be a hotel owner and also had a catering organization in new York and also his mother Serena Leonora deGrasse had family tree in new York dating earlier to 1600. His father was additionally involved in the underground railroad which might have been the catalyst for his an initial invention the “Street Railway Switch.” He obtained the patent in 1890, the development was a move tongue activate from the within of trains to straight it before his invention the engineer had to acquire off the train and transition the bar on the monitor to change directions. He has actually a complete of 7 recognized patents. In 1891, he obtained the patent because that the “street letter-box”, and also the “letter-box”; those are what we call mailboxes today. He died on June 8, 1934.



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Black history Month Series: Philip Downing

Philip Downing is an inventor who lived during the so late 19th century. His best invention is as soon as he designed and also patented the letter box likewise known together the mailbox. Philip Downing additionally invented a switch system for railroads to assist guide trains to the tracks. Without Philip Downing’s invention of the mailbox, our resides would be inconvenienced when it comes to delivering and sending letter via the short article office. If you like my videos, you re welcome share and subscribe to the 411 talk Zone Radio display Channel top top YouTube. Tune right into the 411 speak Zone Radio every Monday indigenous 6 pm to 8 pm on blog speak radio. Guest call in number is 215-383-5785.


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Tehari’s speech on Philip Downing


We view in Phillip Downing a great problem solving mind. We additionally see the worth of a great education, but we store in mind that all education and learning does not come from school alone. It needs an capacity to make expertise relatable to the instance to resolve problems. Downing saw a require for convenience in the e-mail of letter and set out to resolve the problem. He to be able to acknowledge that the open up boxes go not offer the shelter from the weather and also security that a locked box. Thus, he resolved these difficulties with a equipment that has remained effective for 100 years. There is naught that prevents you native doing the same.